trends and directions of technology in elementary schools

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Paper presented at The Fifth TCU International E-learning Conference 2014 “Overcome the Uncertainty of Technology in Education”.


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2. Trends and Directions of Technology in Elementary Schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan AdministrationDr.Poonsri Vate-U-LanGraduate School of eLearning,Assumption University,Bangkok,Thailand (poonsri. vate@gmai| .com)www. e|earning. au. eduThe Fifth TCU International eLearning Conference"Overcome the Uncertainty of Technology in Education" 59.99.51 5-2 924.Hotel Windsor Suites I (onvenon,Sukhumvll Sol 10, Bangkok,Thailand This full artitle can be found in the - ' 3. A maga 4. Agenda of Trends and Directions ofTechnology in Elementary Schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Admnistration 1. What is a focus of this research and why is it so important? 2. What is the finding?3. How to predict future from this research finding? Prezi 5. 08 What is it and why is it so important? - | t is crucial to study the demand and the confidente Ievel of e-Iearning implementation in the schools from an administration perspective. - Factors such as teachers ICT competency,teachers confidence Ievels in using ICT,and teachers satisfaction with ICT training programs play crucial roles in terms of ICT integration in educational contexts,the higher confident for using ICT,the better e-Iearning practice (Tasir,Mohammed EI Amin Abour,Halim,& Harun,2012). 9""'f"1 '. . . a3 Prezi N19* 6. m:iaurmng,gigigirgiciczi-igrgi:Fpltlalji iiammriuni cinici Eliancjiauji iaqirnnug,Eicjiucqitflciaicll lClIlCtlfJ; -{; b: ICIIIICCIIi cinici Augunanxacl iacllltx/Hwiji i iuAUGMENTED FIEALITY Pia;clslgiczicnmz Eznctltctkat,Icgxcmcjicxcds smcji Zcicicitiiai 7. 2x.Research Result3.2 Level of interest towards e-Iearning approach and Educational technologyTable 1: Level of interest Blended Leamln;56 4.07 0.76 |Verylnterustlng Flipped se 4 11 o 75 v ' t t classroom ' ' "y m c5 ma Augmented RealityRange:4.21-5.0=Extreme| yinteresting 3.41-l.20=Very interesting,2.61 3.40=ModerutE| y interesting,1.B1-2.60=S| ightIy interesting 1.00-1.80=N0t at aII interesting EndickuYoondua zoohurn AuranuFigure 1: Selected Free Applimtion in the future3.1 Demogru The population:120 School administrators,Sample:56 participants,3/li= Fema| e,1/4=Ma| e, 89.29% earned masters degree3.3 Plan and readiness of the School Tuble 2: Level of demand and confidenceQuestlon:Whcn ls the qunlllv 0| Infrusnucture such us Internet speed,mumr and hardware ln N M Descpa" order h:lmpiement e-Ienming! 11 500d QUUHW Dcnmnd for c-lcarnulg 5b 4 27 U 75 xuenel) 2) m, be good dusuaibli: 3) muy wark bui not guod quaiity - ,, ,(Jundcnl 01' c-lcamuig S0 J 2) U 7} hmTR)Result:The uverage result of this issue was 1.8i w" "(SD:0 70} nul nf three which (un be descnbed us Femnps gon. Range:10.21 5.0=ExtremeIy desimbIe/ positive,3.A1-b.20=Verv desiruble/ positive.Z.61-3.A0=Muderate| v desiruble/ positive,1.81 -2.60=5|ightIv desirable/ positive1.00-1.B0=Not ut aII desiruble/ positive -0r "m",m. una. " m useFigure 2: Saciul Networking 0t School 8. 1i>1*i. icn1ni1;J1n: iwni- cwirrnvftvnfp1'1n-M": %n%in1Tt1fH-dirci. :+'1i= !3:wim1w" f F l" . " 11=1M1cd2: {*%wi9"%. g1riwrc91:!g.I 7 25 Prezi 9mm: n; li__ r A]_ _ q:, ffICE7R%17. *i%41*'v 9. ri1rj! iEi7 owrw: i1*i:1 >3v1 f IfIi"iI


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