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  1. 1. Top Ideas For Baby Shower FavorsIts not every day that one gets a chance to celebrate the arrival of a new baby. It is a joyful event,both for the new parents as well as for friends and relatives. So, its no surprise that parents like toinvite friends and relatives to the baby shower in anticipation of all the joy that the baby will bring thenew parents. But, when your guests are ready to leave, it is fitting to hand over a token of yourappreciation to these lovely people who have made the time to come and share your joy.Baby shower gifts do not need to be insanely expensive. The idea behind the gift is to give somethingthat reminds your guests of the baby and the great time they had at your party. These days, with newthemes and an abundance of visual pops, baby showers rock! Here are some rocking favors to gowith such a splendid event.Edible baby shower gifts for guests: Who can resist a bar of chocolate or a cute little tub ofcrunchy cookies? Edible baby birth party favors are appropriate for just about any guest because theycan be eaten by anyone. Also, guests can carry these favors home and share them with the rest ofthe family. So, it is a heartwarming gift. To stick to the baby theme, it is a good idea to buy candiesand chocolates that are shaped like baby ducks, baby blocks and so on. The more colorful and funthe item is, the more popular it will become.Baby shower favors that are useful: Your guests will be delighted by baby shower favors that theycan use. Some of the most useful baby birth party favors include perfumed soaps that are shaped likeducks, pacifiers and so on. Since everyone uses body soap, this is one gift where you cant go wrong.Other choices include lotions, body oils, bath salts and so on. Oh, and it helps to remember that manypeople really do not pamper themselves with a favorite massage oil. So, if you get them one, theyllappreciate the gesture all the more.Personalized baby shower favors: Gift giving is probably as old as man itself. The idea behindgiving gifts is to express your love, warmth and appreciation for a particular person. So, if you go onestep further and personalize the gift, the impact you create will increase manifold. Some examples ofpopular personalized baby shower favors include candles with the name of the baby and date of theevent, bookmarks with the name of the guest, personalized bags and so on.Cost effective baby shower favors: If you are on a budget, you will naturally want to reduce theexpenses by getting favors that are inexpensive yet mind-blowing. Decorative candles, bookmarksand bath items may be bought from online stores in large numbers to keep costs down.