baby shower ideas, baby shower games, themes, cakes and gifts

Download Baby shower ideas, baby shower games, themes, cakes and gifts

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Baby Shower ideas, Baby shower games, themes, cakes and gifts

Friends gather up and decide for the big day Baby shower! Decide on a baby shower theme

For boys its going to be blue or white or yellow fill the baby shower theme with legos, star wars, sesame stars or solar system planets and stars

For girls baby shower theme have many imaginations too. Colorful pink and orange or red and white princess from the fairy tales, Dora or hello kitty! Decorate the baby shower venue with small crafts and artifacts that the baby would love to grab and play

Baby shower gift ideas can include sweet little tiny woolen socks or gloves or caps. Beautiful frocks or tees or bodysuits can adorn the new born baby for a picturesque memory

Beautiful pictures captured during baby shower function or baby goodies can be wrapped with cartoons or mesmerizing chocolates can all be part of best return gifts for the guests

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