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  • 1. Amiyahs Baby Shower

2. Nana & Pau-Pau hosted the Shower 3. but I was the Star of the Day!!! 4. Ummmwhat am I supposed to do now? 5. Oh yes, yes just look cute and take pictures. Ive got that part covered. 6. Some of the guests 7. Some of my Aunts 8. Game time Aunt Nora won the grand prize! 9. I think people were having a good time. 10. Some of the gifts 11. Pau-Pau & Nana even got a giftAfter all, it WAS Grandparent's Day! 12. When it was cake-time, I just couldnt stay awake. Dont tell anyone, but Mommy gave me some later! Yepeverything she eats, I eat. 13. Mommy got a gift too Nana made her a scrapbook from the time she was born to the time I was born. 14. I think she... loved it. 15. Well, thats it. Thank you for all of my gifts!!! 16. Youll see me next time.