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  • Injured in Chicago Car Accident?Get the help you need today!Call or click for a free consultation(312) 346

  • Experienced Car Accident LawyersServing Chicago Area for Three Decadeswww.fltlaw.comFriend, Levinson & Turner Associates

  • Injured in a car accident in Chicago?Get the facts you need to knowwww.fltlaw.comMany types of injuries can occur in car accidents. Common injuries include:-> BRAIN INJURIESfrom blows to the head, jolting of the brain, or piercing head injuries.-> HEAD AND FACIAL INJURIES, including eye, ear, jaw, and dental injuries.-> NECK AND BACK INJURIES, such as whiplash and damage to the vertebrae, ligaments, and discs, or to the spinal cord itself.-> CRUSHED LARYNX OR TRACHEA-> CHEST INJURIES, including broken ribs or sternum.

  •> DIAPHRAGM RUPTURE from blunt or penetrating trauma to the lower chest or trunk.-> HIP FRACTURES AND ABDOMINAL ORGAN INJURIES, particularly in front and side-impact collisions.-> LEG AND KNEE INJURIES from crushing or impact with a part of the car.-> FOOT AND ANKLE INJURIES, including strains, sprains, and fractures.

  • www.fltlaw.comDAMAGES IN CAR ACCIDENTS

  • www.fltlaw.comAll drivers have a duty to exercise reasonable care on the roadways. If someone failed to do so and caused your accident and injuries, you have a right to seek compensation for your losses. Damages may include medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning potential, pain and suffering, and property damage.At Friend, Levinson & Turner Associates, we offer a free case consultation, and we can advise you of the damages you may be entitled to claim.

  • www.fltlaw.comWere here to guide you every step of the wayCall us today to get our skilled and dedicated legal team working on your car accident case.FLT Law Office

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