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  • The number of construction accidents in

    Chicago is huge, and yet, a number of the

    victims dont get compensated at all. The sad

    thing is people neither seek help nor want to

    involve lawyers. To add to the woes, many

    insurance companies have their ways to deal

    with claims, which can only make things


  • Don Jaburek and his team intends to reach more people, so that more victims can

    help and legal representation at the right time. Construction accidents often can be

    fatal, which is why taking action is kind of a moral responsibility.

  • Mr Jaburek is a known Chicago construction

    accident lawyer, who has handled all kinds of

    cases. He is known for his amazing work and

    incredible experience in personal injury cases,

    and he works on all cases with a very personal

    approach towards the clients. At his office, we

    are constantly trying to make things simpler for

    the victims and their families, because it may be

    hard to deal with the financial issues, paperwork

    and other things. We will also guide you with the laws related to construction

    accidents. If you think you know someone needs help, call us today. We do take

    email requests for appointments as well.