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Top 5 Chocolate Brands In India

Top 5 Chocolate Brands In IndiaPresented by,Madaline R. Hayes

Chocolates:-Chocolates were mostly loved by everyone in this globe, especially for its creamy and chocolaty taste.

Chocolate is the first one, which strikes in our mind, during functions or some other celebrations.

There are different kinds of chocolates in various rates are available, sales rate is based on customer tasting level.

Top 5 Chocolate Brands In IndiaNow, Find out the top five lists of chocolate brands available in India. They are,

Dairy milkKit KatTemptation5starMunch

Dairy MilkDairy milk is one of the top lists chocolate in India.

First, Dairy milk was introduced in the year of 1905 in UK.

Its very popular among all age group people in India and it was manufactured by Cadbury India actually a British multinational company.

In 1914, Dairy Milk bar became best chocolate selling product in the world.

Kit KatKit Kat is the second most famous chocolate brand in India, due to its popularity.Now, its branded under Nestle "and was marketed under Hershey company in USInitially, it was named as Row tree's chocolate Crisp, later on it was renamed as Kit Kat chocolate Crisp in 1937.It is four-finger wafer Choco bar created by Nestle

TemptationTemptation is brand name of Cadbury.

This chocolate is mostly liked to present someone as Gift , to share their happiness.

It is available in four different flavor such as,

Almond Treat chocolateRaisin ApricotRum raisin chocolate andCashew Appeal

5star5Star chocolate brand has the unique feature for its popularity i.e., The taste of this brand is the combination of Chocolate and Caramel.

This Choco brand entered into India in the year of 1969

It is an awesome example for localization of international companies for understanding Indian Choco flavor

MunchMunch was launched in the year of 1999.It is the brand name of Nestle and it become well-known for its four layer unique structureIt creates a remarkable images among the youth all around India.Its tagline is Mera much Mahaan

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