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  • 10.Engage: Exchange ideas with the online community. Never underestimate the value of brainstorming.

    9. Simplify: Divide difficult and comprehensive tasks into more simple ones.

    8. Think: What are the learning resources that are relevant to your learning requisite and learn accordingly.

    7. Comfort: Organise your personal space and surrounding taking into account your comfort needs.

    6. Organize: Manage your learning process through proper planning with time management.

    5. Connect: Access learning with the available learning apps or software whichever is convenient to you.

    4. Focus: Eliminate any possible distractions, which can decrease your concentration and attention.

    3 Diversify: Learn in multiple ways, using different learning materials and resources.

    2. Systematize: Approach your learning process in a systematic way.

    1. Personalize: Identify your personal learning style and customised learning according to your particular learning habits.

    10 Smart tips for effective online learning