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<ol><li> 1. Tips for cooking BBQ chickensPeople love chicken but they dont know how to cook it properly. If anything doesnt cook properly thenit loses its taste. Some people pre-cook the chicken in microwave firstly but I think it is not compulsory.If you know the rules of cooking chickens then you can cook well and can enjoy your food. Have youheard about BBQ chickens? Mostly people dont know about it. Now I am going to introduce with it. BBQis actually barbecue, means it is just like an oven which is best for cooking chickens. For restaurants,company picnics and other events, chickens are used a lot in much larger ovens that will handle 30-50chickens at one time. But now we are focusing on smaller ones. Here are few tips by following which,you can be a well cook.1. Cook for exact time because a food can never be delicious either it is undercooked or overcooked. It will take 2-3 hours for cooking best.2. Your grill temperature must be low. If it is cooked slowly then it will be tastier. Dont think that it will not be well-cooked. Give it time and you will be happy at the end. Have patience while cooking and your food will be delicious.3. Spices should be spread on your chicken before putting it into barbecue because rubbing spices in the beginning will be tasty at the end. You can add some vegetables also for making it healthy meal.4. Use sauce at the end. When your chicken is ready then apply the sauce at the end. It will take only five minutes to cook on chicken. Remove your chicken from the oven when you see it starts charring.When your chicken is ready then you can also put salt and pepper on it. It will add flavor and salt willhelp to crisp-up the chicken. While cooking you need some patience. It will not only make you learn bestcooking but also provide you delicious food. Personally I prefer the method of using barbecue. BBQchickens are the best in taste and so much beneficial for health.</li></ol>