the role of the pharmacist presented by the alberta pharmacy students’ association

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  • The Role of The PharmacistPresented by the Alberta Pharmacy Students Association

  • QUESTIONS:How many of you have been sick before?How many of you have seen a doctor when you were sick?Did you need medicine to help you feel better?

  • QUESTIONS:Did you get your medicine from a pharmacy?How many of you know a pharmacist?What do you think a pharmacist does?

  • What Does a Pharmacist Do?The pharmacist fills prescriptionsPharmacists work in pharmacies. Its their job to make sure that the medicine the doctor prescribes for you is the best for you!

  • What Does a Pharmacist Do?Pharmacists can make suggestions about non-prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines to peoplePharmacists also have to know lots about diseases to answer questions for people.Pharmacists demonstrate medical devices.

  • What Does a Pharmacist Do?Pharmacists help people stay healthy.

    They deal with medicines to make people feel better and to prevent people from getting sick.

  • Pharmacists Can Provide Tips For Using Medication:Only take medicine that is prescribed for you. Dont share!Follow the directions the doctor or pharmacist gave you.Take old and unused medication to the pharmacy for disposal.

  • More TipsAlways ask an adult you trust before taking any medications.If you take more than one medicine, make sure you ask the pharmacist if they will mix, making you sick.Keep all medications away from small children. Lots of medicine looks like candy.

  • Where Do Pharmacists Work?PharmaciesHospitalsUniversitiesDrug companiesThe governmentThe military

  • How Do You Become a Pharmacist?Finish High SchoolGo to university (for 5 years)Practice as a student in a pharmacyWrite a national exam

  • How Do I Know If I Would Like To Be a Pharmacist?Do you like helping people?

    Do you like talking to people?

    Do you like learning new things?

    Are you a problem solver?

    Do you like science, language arts or math?



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