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  • Leung Pui Hong, EugeneResident PharmacistDepartment of Pharmacy

  • Safety Solutions for High Risk Medications6th series: Hypoglycemics and insulinHAHO Drug AbbreviationKCC Drug AbbreviationHAHO MSC visitKCC audit in Mar 2010Standardization of label on multiple dose vialsGood Practice on known Drug Allergy AlertFuture issues

  • HypoglycemicsLASA(Look-alike/Sound-alike)

    Tall man letteringmetFORMINmetoPROLOLStrip packingFacilitate differentiation

  • InsulinLASA(Look-alike/Sound-alike)Humulog/Humulin

    U vs 0 vs 4

    Use Unit instead of UTall-man lettering

    Quick access to antiboites, e.g. D50

  • Jan 2010 KCC MSCApproved/Standard Drug Abbreviations of KCC

  • Pharmacy reserve the right to withhold dispensing

    Criteria based on:HA approved abbreviationsVitaminsChemical name acronymAbbreviation well established in medical literatureLow risk of misinterpretation with other abbreviations / drugs namesCommon knowledge of abbreviation by all health care professionals within organisation(HA)

  • QDDailyDexamethasone + chloramphenicolD-CDexa-CDecadron-CDecadron-N

  • MYDRIN PMP - Not approvedG NaCl 0.9%

  • 9 Sep 2010

    Do Not use After Label on multiple doses vialsGood Practice on known Drug Allergy Alert

  • Do not use after labelExpiry Date and TimeFor multiple dose vials e.g. NS, WFI

  • Assess patients drug allergy history in each hospital admission and outpatient visitComplete drug allergy information on ALL MARs prior to drug prescribing dispensing and administrationEnter NKDA if there is none

  • Future issueStandardization of MAR(Medication administration record)HKE - oral/perenteral only

  • Administration Time schedulesQID, TDS, BD

  • Documentation of MO code in MARNo code no drugs

    QEH only

  • Future issues:Standardization of MAR and time schedule, Dr. Code*