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  1. 1. The perfect three course dinner for me ! KAROLINE.Atlanten school. Kristiansund, NORWAY
  2. 2. The best starter I coud get is scallopsThis is what you need to make my favoritt starterScallopsButterSalt Roast the scallops 3-Pepper 4 minute andCucumber grateall theLettucevegetablesCarrot
  3. 3. Beef in bacon with creamgratinated potatoes To make beef in bacon you need this: 2 beefRoll the beef into the bacon. Roast it in 12 slises of bacon6 minute and set the pan into the oven 10 potatoes and start to cut the potatoes in thin 0,5 liters of cream slices. Take the cream in a casserole 100 g chees and take the sliced potatoes in the 1 cauliflower casserole. Thake the potatoes in a 1 broccolifireproof pan and grateall til chees over. Steam the vegetables lightly and serve.
  4. 4. Oreocake Notch the cookies into 450 g Oreo cookies small pices and take the 100 g of butterbutter into the cookies. 50 g icingsugarLay it in to a tin. Whip the Creamcream and the 1 pk of chocolate mousse philidelphia and the 1 pk of philidelphia icingsugar and lay it on the notch cookies. Whip the chocolate mousse and lay it on the cake. Finish with som notch cokkies on the top if you have some. Lat the cake stant in a refrigerator over the night.


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