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Special Alumni Issue: Greetings To You Defenders


  • Coeur d' Ale:?e


    1 :::

    ~ :=~ .. , .,, ...

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    ,- :! :.: ...



    CROSS rN

    COUNT RY Fl YI N ~

    In ~orch , 1943, the collP.r,e WO~ given a contr ct by th'? Wc.r Service to house , feod , and {"i ve the gr oun~ in-str uction to somo 47 c r oss- countr y st..i-' dent:; p'lr month . There wero 94 s tl~~nt.s in rc&ul4r nttenJ11n

  • .,_ s .;,.,!'\~ o" :-ublishnd by tac .. u ... _ "" 1 Coeur d' ;,ler:; ' s

    ;c r th Ide.ho Jur~icr Collc~e cnly Junior C llebe in t.~e !dnho

    p n:-.he.r-:!!e

    ....... ~- I ;:, ,H\!'l' "c.rv Ellc:-i u hlethr.! :r, Cl!lrn Poin~ner9,

    tn.-- ar. Vir i .ic For'! , ::>cLori ba ck round !or::"tlr col lo teochini:; nml of!'icie1 school lcnde:-shil' thnt ~rk r him., 11 qialifiod to (;\the th d stini s of the J"..UliOr Col:og

    cos nnd

    l!is mnjor fio lds in th o:-:nct sci onaole him to inatruct mnth r.iatlc1

    ch nistry '' hi.lo o th r rooulty in tho \llr ocror t .

    )If "' Pointnor t:oll:J this ctory ev ry opp or t\lni ty :

    A nut o t the who 1. J. pooch ot th rl ~ht ,

    A turn in the r ood , Fr uit soled that nleht.

    .. . . . . . ..... .. ..

    :cry Eller: .uehlethnl r , sittinr, at t.M o!'fic d sk : Do you \ant :::om dic tsti tnk'Jn- - :Jr.:m thin c~nniatin of "ond, ot, o..nd th_ ."


    ! i:reciic~ 't.he r a..:-id &!" Ci'fth Of ":.he J . C, i~ t~e i:.:!ledia-:C ~-s~-~~r period . !~ wcn't be ~oo lon~ b~fcre c~e trill ~ee n bee.uti!"ully le:dsccped c~ .is v.: th :-.nn:r ~od~rr. buildi~~:; . A~ our su~er "i -h~ey: e r e cccpleted ~o th,; arth s.nC. 2o.u t : -c is lik-ly tho~ a SJ-pesse~&er bus ~-ril: ~e!".s:-c. r ': s-.uden"t:; f r o:n ~!:e ;:~l!.og;~al lace rea and f r o::': Sendpoir.~ ~o ~~e College end r~rurn each cey .

    r eT.':":CC~ ~o b ir. b~ i s ir. COiii' .'2 1 'l d 't' of I~i..o ..S "' " C!"!e an c ner or !., -1'.U' .1ill suppcrt the Colle ~ . Stua nta dl-

    :::irir~ edditionnl p r&o~~l r f r nc s !'u't re vec..r~ c v CIC~!'"C.G:S tho!""l to 1re cot-

    le '3 -.'it..1! e "Pcracm'd -pl ose fcMfard, not ~ion or. th rn. I shell willingly til

    ~ romptly r Sp ~d to ~11 r wqu ~tG .

    Orrin E. Lee



    The In~~rn~t~oual Ruio:ionz c:ub .of the north !co.ho Ju.~ior College at~~ded a northwas~ ?(; con.ference of J:n~ernational P.u la ~;.onR Clubs at Ho l y ::a.::ies colldge , , '.7a shin to:l , ?.~arch 24 and 2~ , 194~ .

    ThQ first d~/ of the co~f ~ronce waz s?en~ in robist~rin& c.nd a~t~nd1ng round tabl ~ discuseions . In th~ ~vening a bar.quot was held at the Spok!ln~ Po'tel. At thit tino , l.!iss i .r:.y He::iingway Jones of the C!l rno i;;ie E.ndowr:iont , 0:: 'Fr arik Lu.nk and Dr. Godshall were guett spoar.e r s .

    Sa tu r do.y the convntion wa r, concluded with odd1tionnl round- table discussions . MiGs Uo.ry Elli:in Murhlethaler !l.nd Hiss Donelln llor t on , .l . I.J . C. otuccnts, gavo popor s on "Glob~l W~r ~nd Its Consequen-ces. " Uiss Ford , ulso J . C.,

    pa rtic1p~tod in a panel di~cussion . Lur.cMon follow:.;d at tne co.fcte r ia r.hore ell dolcGntus w~rc guo&t3 or the Holy Namec Colhgtj .

    Tno Ho r tn Idaho Junior Cnl h t;C H~s reprosan tod l>y nor( ' lq;a tt.s than a:-iy oth r par ticiputir._: Bchoo l. rs . :::il ter Gridloy and ~r1 . 1arl Ogg utt_nd~d as club eponsors . The s~ulonts present wer e the followinl": Geno Mc lHllun , chainnttn ; Ma.ry Blli..n iruehluth!llor , o retary : Don Ila t!o r ton , DoLoris Hanson , Virg1n 1Ll Ford , Cl i. r:i Pointner , Roy Apl t , ilcliti flt\ Prosse r , wid Phlll lo H11men:: .


    Nor th Idnho Junior Coll c go campus on tho wost l!lkooho ra is :slowly but surely bo i n~ develop d . Woll - surfoccd r Clnd wulks now lttd into the p:-1 01-r.: buUdinc:;s nd u.rour;h the o.viution . Tho utility li:i s n r c in:;tolled ; the b"'ach htos hud s. pnrtinl cl on- up and th l ,000 t r ees plantod (\ long the dike uro growing Wi311 . Some day it wil 1 be n beautiful c~ mpus. Studllnts who h ve lltt\>ndod will be proud of their pnrt i!l thh dove l opml.nt .

    ., ")




    --- - ---- .


    If I) TEACHE R

    ?:. r; E!!rn ! !euhle~'lo.l~r nn.d Do!le 11 ~ l!ort~c cc~?let~~ ~ semast~r of ?ract:ce te:iching th:s yec.r .. ndor the sun ... rv~ sion of Hrs . L:aude :: . Lc\cbc . They- 4l-0 ahed b3ck a..11 fo rth f r o= ~he City Hsll to Cen--;:-:::.1 sc.100 l seve r al t i::':e s n do.~ . ':'hey did their ? r ectice tc~chir.b in the sixth

    &r~db , and were ~opt bu~y trying to keep !lha d of ci1c pupils- - espec.:s.11:, i.e. a r i th-mctic .

    ::or., e~er the:; go, it 's o. t;.roe t -!.n6 of "ffello, Uiss ;.!- -- . '' So they now haYe th.a tradenar7. of ''teacher s . "

    Since the dcpnrt~re of ~~e aviation progr am , a net:" eourso in fa:-:: c~chinery and out.omobile : eoai r hns occupied th~ c s~ s:ction o~ the indu~trio.1 nrts buildi - . :-he r.GGt ond h9s been o .-cupi~d duri11g tho school yon r by :,n O."" iation muchnnics course de~i gned ? r it:inrily for hiGh school juniors or.d seniors . !hirty-fi ve stucents corollvd.

    The s~et.e vocQtional leaders h~ve i~ciectcd th~~ ~ho col !GG CC~?~S is : bocO!:li.: tha for e.cV".!nced ocndon-

    1 ~~aininb ir. ~or~h !do.~o . ?os~ mlr ple.ns indic~te th-t eoch nigh 6Chool will or~er tc aom exton~ spccicl shop courses with tr.e o.dvur.c .. d t.:rid.!'lini; re-ser ved i o r c lo.q;e, well - equ!p;:>ed cente r, ~s t~e Col l ege cs:.~~ Cl!Y ba .

  • e.., r...:.n-; el< stu~ nt~ an ;o~tc~ ~cquair.~d .

    - - -



    The second ~cjcr event on tho cal~ndar wr.s the Ecllmn:;cn ;iarty held in the Junlcr Colle; e t1u.ditoriur.i, October 30 . An orgJlbo Ono oi' the mo:it ::iucocHisful ttothering1

    ar.d bl eek 'th .. ra lfU.3 c.rrS.j "' by tht W"S o hauso pa.r ty nnd p icnlc at Mr1. dee oration co::::ni, composed o!"' OeDe - Gridley Is on Htty 6 and 7 . Hi kl~. boat-Mc!.!il l &n, Relph Dulin, 1.!elis:.o Prosser, ing c.nd dMcinG providnd ontorttinment Phyllis Hii;gl:r.s, Clara ?oinwer, ~d for the :itudcnts ~d thoir Nnvnl cueata, OeLoris He.Mor. . Ji. black a:itl orange aellim.g while sa:10 c f the hcrdier soula ventured corn stalk:; c.nd be.l~s o~ hay produced L"l into tho icy cl11tchos of Lnko Coeur d eerie effect, truly i:i keepi~ \Tith the Aleno . The bouutiful sprin:; moon found H&l loween spirit. Severd sc.ilors t.ed the men "ccmfortcbly" r upot'l ln5 on the fro::i the u.s.o. halc~d cor..sume th - cream rocks of Silv"'r Dc.nch Vlh1.le tho WODell puffs , coke imd pickles, end contributed wero doir>e their best to olumbor through to the evening::; !'un. {. otc : ?;'ino bt.les the inhuman crW'lch of numoroua appl11 of h!:y were up via the fire b"'in;; conswed b:,r DeLor is Hanaoh . After escop.!--make ye ~r :-wn conclusions 1) a rci;ul ~tion throe hc.ur a , inte rrupted b)'

    Turkey imd sll the ~in:::lin~s . ~ervcd ct Mrs . Gridluy's ho:;re consti-c:.it1::d Thnnksgiving per~/ on Noveober 21 .

    Christrncs til:ie found the eolle&e students o.t the hor.e of the Christianson~ for th~ traditions! Christl:les celebretio~ The food committee COLsisted of U~lissc

    Prosser and Clar~ Pointner . "mazing cs it ncy sounl, dishes were done by Pr~& Le-e und Deon Christic;nson.

    $~ of the other 9Vents Of the y~ar inclu:Ld Q tht..ctcr pe.rty to 5pd:cr.. to me

    t~.s natine.;:; -:>c.rfornr.nco of "Tho OO\.lf'h Gf r ls " held : t 'the Fox th& 1 os t ~!' Octol::E~ n 1fo,, Year 1 s formal dnnco i.n th~ eudi-toriwn which followed a T.intt,~green theoe , e heyride on Februcry 16 that emdi"d t".t !!r s . GridlE:y 1 s f'or refreshr.en"";s ru:d de.ncin;;, an fun session et t.i-\,. ho;n.c, of Mr . c.nd l!rs. O. E. Lee in~arch A going cwr.y pcr ty ~...s held for ~'.r .

    the cea.scloss screuchin~ of n cuckoo clock, the thron~ eroei b r ii;ht, shining, end r~venously hun~ry, reedy to cons\111 the hu:;e brcnkfrst pnpc r t:d by Vininia Ford, DcLorls Hanson, Claro Pointn~r, ud Mrs . i;ridley . Followin: en c.r.tive day, the tired but contented 11 ttle party s tag ger"d ho:r.e to collup1r;; in the tir1t conver.ient spct.


    Uond'-y,. Ui~y 15, the r.nnunl boat trip to Er ston wrs m!'dc vii. th s tud enta end f~cul t"J vth.C' enjc:yr,d ".n ott6rnoon tf

    ~cn'!s c.nd swiJ::mlin;; . A picnic supper ,,., held on the bcoch cornnlctc with the "tru'! " toles furnish!.d by Pres idont Lee.

    The hst event of th-, yenr was the trcditic.nal fo?'T.Wl &r~dU'tir.n cinner d the h ct: of Dr . Md !~s . O;:;,. Uay lk Dc.ncin~ vrc.s -:njC'.f

  • -- =-


    S UJ'/J1'vl f\ SESS JO fJ Bocau!ie of tho cor:tinuous ee::i~"lci or.

    the port of bus!neaS?:le~ fo r trci~dc ~ecrctarisl help, the Junior College ~h~s sum.m:.r is p. ;r.i.~s a six- weeks 1 s~e :ae saion froc J~ne 5 to July 14. Class~s will bo held in the ~ornincs fro~ a un-til noon, with apucie.l night cours~n o:i Tuesday nnd Thursday e v\..ning3 f r o:n 7 to 9 o'clock.

    Pr - or. r oll:nc.nt prospects look VJSry good . :: ~ro will bo se~1eral r egular

    st~e ?: ::: who wil 1 continue thoi r studies and r;.,.n.; Ii vy vrlvco will "tuke o.d1a.r.t!lgc.. of' tn opportunity to g t speciuL :: .. d t: h1inG in sho r thund , typ ,;-ri tin&, cx:dc-kecping nnd offico mncnin

    H!gh cchool c~nior3 ~ith :;o~:sfactor~ rccor do wi ll also ~e rer~~tt.ed to atte~d thiD specinl rJmn-r ~r-~~ n .

    .-\-==-=-....,--,o 0 0 OC'01- ~-:--=:-7

    BU~ sonos ==~=:... 1o - -. .:>- d-- _ _ , EVENI NG CLASSES

    PROVE POPULAR ln October , 1943 , i.:ho Horth Idaho

    Junfor CollOGO took over ~lhl tney College o l;onl < rco . All oquipmont \71\8 t:-a.ns -f rrucl to th tutr d floor or the tity ~":l wh re both businctrn coll ge nnd 11 r; couroos hu vc been offer ed .

    Cl~ wCG aro uloo hold ovary T~cscny en Tu..1 r dny o ... cninc;a . This occamoan-t en '3.'i i.ntondod for th working p oplc

    1-:---~ ----;.~':;";'>=- -I ~- .:1!::l:.l ;=a: - =-= - -= I \

    '$evcra1 o! ~he ::orth Idaho Junio r Co._eTe WCQ~n atten~ regJlarly d-e Coeur d 1Alc~e USO ic the Civic ~~ditoril.Oln. Each or.e GOO: as a junior hostess one d~ty nitht ench waek 8.!1~ donau;s he r ti:c to t.hc e~te:-~nin:.ent d' :Eivice r.i,..n .

    !n:'or.:!l~l cnci~ and ga::.os ar& usually in progress .

    On /\?rll 22, 19 44, tre J . C. spons:red 4 se::ii -1cr::rl aa~ce at ~he GSO with the College junior hoG~esses in cha rge of enterU\i!U:len~ and decorations .

    J . C. m~~bers of i:ho USO junior hos-tess group nre : Clnro Pointne r. DeLoris Hanson, V~i.1' Fo:-d, l!n:-:-r Ellen !Juehle-

    thalor ~ Donelle. . fo:-ton . Oorcthy Lt..ona. rd and .Jiss Porter.

    _ \ ___ _ \o c aL. 1

    STUOEnT j B~OY

    :J94 3-1944 JFFIC ERS

    \1'11> .1 .. hod t:o inc ronso ":h 1 r sk11 l 1n tProe 1deu t l!elissa ?rosse r ~ rp "'lri ting, choJthnnd , bookk epin& , O; :' ico ranchlnos nnd buaincss English . Vice Prc-siden:

    ~1ss Lucile Portor Mii1t Mn r ion l'.cGu i10 n"so l-llcl i oh nnd .1r. lint; bo kkcopint_; .

    i!! 1n charGe , wi-ch Sec. - Traasure.-t t nch inG the bu~i -Christil.IJ'lson hnnd- Soo .

    P. l . Du1 ~ I .a p~ __ n

    C lc.n. Po im:ne :-

  • -1 ' i t ' s tA:S l l S:T"T ssi t\l~ FACU l TV

    SERVES p . A Christianscr., dear. of ::ie~ a~d

    f or::ier coordir.ator or the aviation f ro-gr am in the rcrth Ide.ho Junicr College , accepted n po~d ti on vi t.11 the Boei~ com-PMY SeEttle . He rill inst.ruc't Ar.:i.y officers in c..~ echelon school , wher~ they are learnin& ~he ~echanics of t.he ncY: 529 slper-bo:::ibe r . The Colle&e ~ce.rd g"TO "r . Christl&r.sco a l eave : f absence fer t.'h.e "duratior . "'

    J . L 'cl'ullen, head of t.'1C biolo~ 1cal i;cie:;c dopart::imt a~d Engli:-h it:

    s~r~c:=r, is t.~e l~tb General Hos citel Squadron 1~ Engla~d. Technicel Se:-gee?:

  • Dick Acar.:s Devid ~ndcr~on (C6rlson) Louie 11.nder:;on Jee k Ef.l f"ui; E.-i:::ett BortJO.a Richard B&r nes

    ~:or~is Beras ley

    E:-n1l.G t Beck Jae~ Bec:C Orul Behunin ;iou;lc:; B'"'l l

    Charles Bert Ctuor t fH orl-rell CE.lvin 81.i r

    ::>rucc F.cna 11 o

    ?.obort Ueohe r i1cl vbc Booth Lor!l r Bor r;c tro=. tubcin" Boughton Churloy Bove:.'

    ~lchor~ Dr undvold Jotn Bnuno

    Boyd ~rii;gcr Rex Br u!. her Poul Buhr enc:; tor Don' ld Cn1ipbo1 l Hol>crt Co.:ipbel l

    Joc;h CfJruy r.rn nt Co r l son

    Eugene Curt r Donald Chua1

    Gordon Chueo

    Gl e11 Chouhn rd

    Louis Ch riv t. n

    Juc\t Crowl y r>om.o ld Guh Cuf .r Jock I cnby Oscor DtJnnul t John 1 i:tGh r Tlon nurdy

    fJonuld Vut.:h io

    Utol Dricsboch

    Hsvy V- 12 Io'.'f& Stete Coll~ce A::les , Iowa . [:1sign, t1 . S . : Las .. r.or d is duty in South P&cii'ic .

    Infc:n:ry .

    Butte :--chcol U. S . '. . ::eCL:a!'. 1/c t:~ec'"::ridon . ;.; . ~ . :: : er.~es:;eE: . i3r .- erton , ~&shi?:t;tor.: .

    Csptsin n .~ . ? . I~eliaL ?~oatrE . :ecor &ted .

    At~cndcd W. S . r . o~ Prby S- ci~:ized P~c~rw-' . Dou~ r a d secr:- c h:.:h in crti:-e D"~"'? at .. S . C . - 194:~

    Po~~~~~ , r~~\J' c 1 Aler.~ . Se "!:er, C. i:>f Ide ho . r.. :.t- fo r ~. S . .. . .u.':.6 , i 9.;4 . U. : . ;, . : ,, ~ r;occ t:~ .:r boo

  • R uben Ed:inster Ronalc Eggart Frank t:llersick Don al d f.rd.:::la!l

    '(1il lis Erickson brthur Fairchild Lee Fossuz:; Robort Frundsn Alfred Fredekir.d

    'it d Gcr1on Friber Charles Fu:l,, .. Dick f llwL er ITilli - G lbroith Roy G :rdn :r J :: rh Gfrow lli 11 ! s Iron ""C::-Mi le .Jo:-tor.: V&rle;1 Gr oves

    Dclb-rt G".lrnec L!!Jr .. jn Fs- r: 1. il OUT n.~=ionC Rebert Rsri;is George ful:-t:r.n:i 1:il li Ec.rris E'-rt ?.orr.:.scn

    Fr~:klin liortsock He: rv~ y Rcni .. g:;vo y Francis F.c!'lc: Iro Iiil l ii111

    l!oson !till ~aurice Hin~kley Jes pc r }to .cide \1il1iti.n Hol:e:-Bcrt Hud~on

    Ji::i F.uc!son Pr.ilo Hul s o Chcr:es Hu:-~~ey iiillifi.."'!. Pu'tchison

    Robert Jocobsen E

  • Joe Johns t;o:i Joseph Donald Ka.o?S Warren Keat;ln~ Will io.""l ,\eating J6ck R. r:ellcy f.:>bor t Kell:r ?.!itc.:holl l. ib.!en Charles :t:il.!.c.n Walte; King Wayne 7.ltiln Arthur 7.nutson Jo.r.:es f.oct . .:l P.obert ::r use

    Cl~ r ence Le.r.r: I>?nnld !.aVoio llcil Lf'9.Ch P.obert; Lindely John Lindn;ren Pr iL1o Lu~hini g,t;ondo :.ui:"'.in! Chi.;.rlos L~ncoford J,.,,j Lund Johr. .r. llcCo.11 Ro: .lc:JJrr&.y

    Cl "re .1ce i.k?he-r non ClODt-3 Uad1ox l"n.i. tor ..:u t~on f'Gi l:>.s ..!iller L;) .. cn i.;u 1-;ir Fil lip Uilll) r D'i'l .~ills ,r. .. hu:- i&unloy t'\d !forkon Phi llp !.fot'oe C'.. rltu1 Muehlothalor John s. nunn Ancun Mur phy Hvyd lleloon J?lin 11cl :Jon Dm 'llcke:rson 5 \imoo Ui shio L11wronco !Ii :rnon Gl 2111 llogla G orr:;v Nova;: C1urlt n Onks a >or i:' On.Y. :r P.ohcrt Orr ,r hur Onl und G rnlcl Pt.r;ons Ci u:n J . P11d r son Boo Pcr-r; [I :miG Perk ins G;orgo Potors Hmry Phllltps Hob Pointn r Jnhn Pointnor A thur Poloson

    ~h1 tin Pol e son F.4;.r Portor Guorgo Preston

    14Bth Field Ar~i11ery , South r.est ?ocific .


  • Rober~ Quarles 7iillia=. ~uarles Jam') s fol e::i stua.c T.i tso F.o.snJssen C:i tel P.o:u;ust Frank Reis

    Dono.ld F.eis lillia."'J ? cha:; /c:.llace Rudd

    Geor& S gli S-=:pson Den.'1is;e

    i'ill~O..":l S!i.VC.f; B .ju:.Ji~ S=h:iidt E..:r: ne :~.cict R ch .:-d Sr.-.rar Curti Rob rt


    uarr'?n Shepper d

    Chru-: 1s Shiple~te Do:::.a!.:l Sb?eo::i F'ra ~i...