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    The Jungle Drums


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    4The Jungle Drums - Tel: 965 99 66 66

    May 2013The Jungle Drums

    May Day, May 1st, is celebrated in many

    places around the world. The traditions and

    stories surrounding May Day vary from place

    to place. There is, however, one thing that is

    similar in most celebrations, the use of flow-

    ers. One of the most popularly known May

    Day traditions is to hang a basket full of

    spring flowers

    and/or other

    small gifts on a

    neighbours door-

    knob. The trick is

    you don't want

    the neighbour to

    see you! If you

    get caught, you

    are supposed to

    get a kiss.

    Another popular

    activity on May

    Day is to decorate

    a pole with

    brightly coloured ribbon or paper streamers.

    Some also add flowers and balloons. The

    Maypole was set up on the village green,

    which was typically the centre of the village.

    The Maypole was made of the trunk of a tall

    tree, such as birch, and was decorated with

    bright flowers of the field. In celebration of the

    season, the villagers danced and sang around

    the Maypole, accompanied by the music of a

    piper. Often the dance was performed by

    dancers wearing colourful costumes upon

    which hung sev-

    eral small bells.

    The fairest

    maiden of the vil-

    lage was chosen

    to be the Queen

    of the May. In

    some regions of

    England a May

    King was also

    chosen. The

    Queen and King

    of May led the vil-

    lage dancers and

    ruled over the

    May Day festivi-

    ties. During the Elizabethan period the king

    and queen were called Robin Hood and Maid


    May Day TraditionsFit For A Queen

    May Day TraditionsFit For A Queen

  • The Jungle Drums



    The Jungle DrumsMay 2013

    These festivities reached their height in Eng-

    land during the Middle Ages. They were heav-

    ily influenced by Italian forms of celebration

    dating back to the time of ancient Rome. On

    the first day of May, English villagers arose at

    daybreak to wander the countryside gathering

    blossoming flowers and branches.

    An old English custom, still observed in some

    areas, involves a house-to-house visit by chil-

    dren, who bring flowers in exchange for pen-

    nies. Once the pennies are collected, the

    children toss them into a wishing well. Today

    the pennies are donated to charity.

    Here in Spain the May 1 celebrations were es-

    tablished after the end of Franco's dictator-

    ship in 1975; before that, it had been

    celebrated during the Spanish Second Repub-

    lic period (19311939), but it was banned af-

    terwards by the Franco regime. The first time

    it was celebrated was in 1977, when the Com-

    munist Party of Spain was legalized. Since

    then, it has become an official holiday that

    has been traditionally used by trade unions

    and leftist parties for social and labour vindi-

    cations. Commonly, pacific demonstrations

    and parades are made in most big cities.

    In France the month of May is sacred to the

    Virgin Mary. Virginal young girls serve as May

    queens and lead processions in honour of the

    Virgin Mary, carrying a statue of the virgin

    crowned with flowers. Cows appear in French

    May Day festivals, possibly as the remnant of

    a forgotten mother image or symbol of fertility

    and nurturing. Bundles of flowers are tied and

    draped around the cows tail as they are led

    along in street parades. To touch one of the

    cows is believed to bring good luck, and

    everyone makes the attempt. An old custom

    that remains is to drink warm milk directly

    from the cow on May Day morning. This is

    said to bring good fortune throughout the

    coming year.

    In Germany, one tradition is for boys to se-

    cretly plant a May tree in front of the window

    of the girl they love to ensure fidelity and the

    return of love.

    In Greece the acknowledgment of the May

    season begins with a custom linked to an-

    cient omens. Greek children set out early in

    the morning to search for the first swallow of

    spring. When the bird is located, the children

    go from door to door, singing songs of spring.

    The neighbours in turn offer special treats to

    the children such as fruits, nuts, and cakes.

    On May 1st, people in Hawaii celebrate their

    own version of May Day; they call it Lei Day.

    People give Hawaiian leis to each other. They

    put them around each other's necks and

    sometimes give a traditional kiss. Lei Day

    began in 1928 and is mixed with traditional

    Hawaiian celebrations complete with pag-

    eants, a Lei Queen, and her court.

  • The Jungle DrumsThe Jungle Drums


    PAGE The Jungle Drums - Tel: 965 99 66 66

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    Professional Business Support

    Telf: 966 923 963

    May 2013

    Legal Jargon


    Made SimpleHow to Start up a Business in Spain

    Sponsored by

    Professional Business Support

    Telf: 966 923 963Legal Jargon

    In The UK when you buy or sell a property, you have a surveyor !

    In Spain now you need a European Energy Certificate from a qualified

    Architect or Technical Engineer specialised in Energy ratings. "Spain is

    two years behind the rest of Europe in introducing the residential en-

    ergy certification". It was introduced into Spain by law on 1st January

    2013 by Royal Degree.235/2013

    The Spanish Government drafted legislation that is going into effect in

    June 2013 and will force all the properties / houses / commercial prop-

    erties that are for sale or rent, to hold a certificate of energy efficiency

    to be produced at the Notary as part of the sale / purchase of the prop-


    Professional Business Support put the following Questions to our Certi-

    fied Architect

    PBS: What is the certification of energy efficiency?

    Architect: Energy certification is a measurement that is made to as-

    sign properties with an appraisal by assessing the energy efficiency of

    the property. In general the formula of the certificate is Kg Co2 / m2

    year. Exactly what it involves is taking a series of data of the property,

    to calculate some variables then study the data to get a result as an

    energy rating. The Data taken includes photos, Building qualities, Insu-

    lation, orientation, plan, heating, appliances. This then becomes a rat-

    ing, as currently incorporated with all new electrical appliances, and

    that goes from A to G, with qualified properties obtaining an A rating

    being the most efficie


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