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The newest luxury train in Karnataka, Southern India, “The Golden Chariot - Pride of The South” which is being operated by The Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation collaboration with Indian Railways.


  • 1. The Gym MUSCLE OVER MIND A state-of-the-art gym with the latest equipment. It comes with a changing room, a steam bath, two shower rooms and a toilet.
  • 2. Badami C AV E T E M P L E S . A C O S M I C DA N C E . Badami, the capital of the Chalukyas is famous for its caves. Situated picturesquely at the mouth of a ravine between two rocky hills, it has four cave temples which are hewn out of sandstone. The most popular of its caves has Lord Shiva in 81 different dance poses. Located 500 kilometres from Bangalore.
  • 3. Hampi W O R L D H E R I TA G E C A RV E D I N S TO N E . Hampi the capital of a glorious empire, Vijayanagara. The ruins of Hampi still speak one language; the language of glory and beauty. Located 350 kilometres from Bangalore, Hampi is history frozen in stone.
  • 4. Pattadakal C O R O N AT I O N S A N D A R E D TO W N . Known for being the place where early rulers came for their coronation from all over the country. Pattadakal is also known as Kisuvolal (red town) due to the red sandstone found in abundance here. It is located 22 kilometres from Badami.


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