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1. The FrostedKitchenBy: Devon Feldpausch, TylerSteketee, Henry Adktin and MeaghanYesko 2. Agenda Mission and Visions Statement Team Member Contributions Positions in the Company Location and Store Hours Services we offer Competitors 3. Agenda Cont. Our Products Deals Advertising Benefits for our employees A little about our bakeryWrap up and questions 4. Mission and VisionStatements Mission Statement We strive toprovide delicious and quality bakedgoods for our customers at anaffordable cost. Vision Statement Our mission is todeliver excellent customer service anddelightful baked goods thatencourages our customers to keepcoming back for more and enjoy theirtime while in the store. 5. Team MemberContributionMeaghan ProductMemo Letterhead MadeCupcakesHenry BrochureTyler Business Cards AdvertisementsDevon Sales letter 6. Positions in TheCompanyTyler Partial owner AdvertisingDevon Partial owner FinancialAdvisorMeaghanPartial ownerBakerHenryPartialOwnerDelivery man 7. LocationAddress100 Sprinkle Lane, Frostyville,MI 28722Right next to Mt. PleasantPhone number313-287-2253 8. Expanding We plan to buy out another companyclose to the north west side of Michigan The Costs to buy out the location wouldbe about $525,000 Reasonings Behind Expansion Close to the Lake Vacation Point Tourist Attraction 9. How To AffordExpansion Where would we get the money to startup Make a pitch competition Ask money from our parents Take out a loan to pay our banks back Each of us take out small loansinstead of one big one save us oninterest 10. Store HoursMonday-Thursday 9a.m.-6p.m.Friday 9a.m.-5p.m.Saturday 11a.m.-5p.m.Sunday- Closed 11. Prices1 cupcake$3.003 for$7.0012 for$30.00 Milk $2.00 HotChocolate $2.50 12. Catering/ServiccesCateringFrost it yourself stationWe host birthday partiesCreate your own optionBaking Classes 13. Packaging 14. CompetitorsMeijerSmaller bakeriesThe Gourmet CupcakeShoppeKrogerSweetilicious BakeryBetty Crocker 15. Products Cupcakes Milk Hot Chocolate All Michigan made productsWe make a serious effort to buylocally Made fresh every morning 16. Flavors Over 50 different kinds of cupcakes Examples Cookie Dough Maple Bacon OrangeCreamsicle Popcorn Coconut Triple Lemon Cinnamon Swirl Thin Mint Pumpkin Snickerdoodle PB & J Carmel Apple Kit Kat Black Forest Raspberry Truffle 17. Visuals of CupcakesBlack Forest Carmel Apple Maple Bacon 18. Gluten FreeBRAND NEW!!15 different gluten freecupcakes 19. Brochure FrontWe st r i ve t opr ovi d ed el i ci ou s a n dqu a l i t y ba k edg ood s for ou rcu st om er s a ta n a f for d a bl ecost .Services WeOfferCater ingBi r thdayPar tiesDecorationstationDel ivery(min $7)100 Spr i n k l e La n eFr ost yvi l l e,Mi ch i g a n313- 287-225328722 20. Brochure Back1 cupcake $3.003 for $712 for $30Milk $2.00Hot Chocolate $2.50Birthday Parties $10.00perpersonCatering PricesmayvaryBaking Classes $15.00perclassPr i ci n gBa ck g r ou n dPr om ot i on sYouri f rst cup-cakeisfre e20% voff eer ySatuorday frfamiliesStudents getday10%f ovf eer y- tEvery 7h c up-cakeisFRE EThe Frost ed Kitchen wasestablished in 2008. Weehave ben iproviding thecity of Frostyville withdelicious cakesgourmet cup-sn ce then. TheFrosted Kitchen startedsmall but through oursuccess, awe were ableto add ct eering sr vi cesand bal ki ng cas nses toour list of services. Wehope to expand adbring our cupcakes tothe rest of Michigan! 21. Advertising 22. Our Bakery 23. DealsYour first cupcake is freeSaturdays are 20% off forfamiliesStudents get 10% off everydayEvery 7th cupcake is free 24. Wrap Up and QuestionsLocationExpansionPricesServicesAdvertisementDeals