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Clear plastic cards are definitely eye-catching, but they have some printing challenges. Learn the details about clear and frosted card printing in this presentation.


  • 1. Clear & Frosted CardsLearn the basics andbenefits of printing clearplastic cards for yourbusiness

2. Clear, Frosted, and Translucent Cards No card draws attention better than aclear, frosted, or translucent plastic card. Well-designed clear plastic cards can be very difficultto print, so they are rarely seen. This uniqueness factor is perfect for making a lastingand wide reaching impression. Customers love to hold on to clear or frosted plastic cardsto show them to others. | 1.800.691.7867 | 3. Printing Specs for Clear Plastic CardsQuick Specs: Choose From Clear or Frosted 30 mil PVC CardMaterials Standard Credit Card Size of 3 3/8 x 2 1/8 Instant Online Quoting Variable Imaging / Personalization / Bar codingAvailable Photo Quality Printing on Frosted and ClearPlastic CardsPlease note: due to the challenge of printing on clear plastic, turn-aroundtime may exceed 10 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 | 4. Clear Card Printing BasicsThe key to this cards marketing effectiveness is almost all in the clear plastic material.To get the best look, certain design considerations must be made. | 1.800.691.7867 | 5. Graphic Elements for Clear Cards Printing a plastic card that is either clear, frosted, ortranslucent comes with a unique set of challenges. Because you can see an image on both sides,artwork design can be extremely important whenprinting on both sides. Precision is key when printingquality clear cards. | 1.800.691.7867 | 6. Clear Card Art Design At, our graphic design department willreview your artwork thoroughly to make sure thedesign is exactly how you envision. Well also offer recommendations to improve the design, ifnecessary. Alternatively, we can create the design for you allin-line with your branding and marketing goals | 1.800.691.7867 | 7. Variable Imaging Options Clear or frosted cards can have added functionalitythrough variable imaging. The variable imaging option allows you to print variable datalike barcodes, names, and pin numbers. Variable imaging turns normal clear cards into top-notch customer cards. Bar codes and pin numbers can track data and providediscounts, on clear cards personalized for individuals. | 1.800.691.7867 | 8. Special Options for Clear Cards Coloredtranslucent material, custom sizes, and other special options are also available for clear card printing. Torequest a quote or customize an order, simply contact the customer service for a fast response. | 1.800.691.7867 | 9. Help with Card Design Options Ifyoure not sure about which options willwork best for you - or if you want to request aquote, just let customer service team know. Ifyou need assistance designing your clearcard layout, your marketing collateral, or anyother aspect of your plastic cards, contactour graphic design services department. | 1.800.691.7867 | 10. About is an online printing service. We offer a wide range of custom printed andstock products with fast completion times,including: Plastic Card Printing Gift Card Printing Label Printing Business Card Printing And many more 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 | 11. Contact Us Forprice quotes, sample requests, or any other questions, please visit our contact us page and we will respond promptly. | 1.800.691.7867 | 12. Connect with Us!Learn even more ways to promote your organization with creativity and style! around the web:Learn all the technical how-to and why in custom printing and marketing onMy1Stop.coms PrintRoundTable blog. Follow on Twitter for the latest buzz about special offers and news. Talk about our products on the Facebook page. Check all of our company updates on the LinkedIn page. See all our custom printing processes in action on the YouTube channel. Get quick printing and marketing tips on the Tumblr page. Keep up with all our latest content and add the Google+ page to 2012 | 1.800.691.7867 |


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