the five things you need to do after an auto accident

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1. The Five Things You Need to Do After an Auto-Accident 2. 1) Stay Calm. It is essential that after an accident, one takes a brief moment to collect oneself. Accidents are extremely stressful both emotionally and physically. 3. 2) Secure your surroundings The scene of an accident is not a safe place to be. In many cases, the accident occurs on roads that are prone to medium to heavy traffic levels. When one finds himself in an accident, one of the most important things to do is to assess the surroundings and determine what can be done to make them safer. 4. 3) Call the police This is a step that some people do not think is necessary if the police do not arrive to the scene automatically or if the accident is a small one. Generally, both parties should use proper discretion in deciding to call the police. 5. 4) Exchange Information No matter what type of accident one is involved in, information should always be disclosed between both parties involved. 6. 5) Photograph and document In order to have proof of what transpired and the effects of the accident itself, it is important that one photographs the scene of the accident. 7. Contact us at