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  • Language : English

    (Spiritual Science)

    Originally published in Tamil titled


    All rights reserved

    First Edition : 2014

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    A wonder in science'

    WISDOM LIGHT(Spiritual Science)

    Originally published in Tamil titled

    'A wonder in science'

    Published by


    36, E B Colony, TVS Nagar,

    Coimbatore - 641025, Tamilnadu, India

    Published by


    36, E B Colony, TVS Nagar,

    Coimbatore - 641025, Tamilnadu, India




    S.No. Subject Page No.


    2. Foreword iii

    3. Comments on

    A Wonder in Science ix

    4. Publishers Note xi

    5. Preface xv

    6. Introduction Part - I 1

    7. Introduction Part - II 21

    8. Power of the Mind 47

    9. Appeal 53

    Dedication i


    This book is dedicated to my

    Parents, Family members, my beloved

    Friends, Well-wishers, and the readers

    like you.

    - Yogi Sriji

    i ii


    I am extremely happy to have been

    given the honour of writing a Foreword

    for Sri Yogi Srijis book titled Wisdom

    Light, a very apt title. A book is not worth

    the paper it is printed upon unless it

    sheds some light on a given subject. If a

    book does shed such light and the subject

    is also concerned with the upliftment of

    the society, then it deserves to be

    commended and read widely. I understand

    Sri Yogi Sriji is a Guru for a number

    of persons in the field of yoga. The word

    Guru means one who sheds divine light

    and dispels darkness. An ordinary guru

    waits for his disciples to come to him

    and obtain wisdom whereas, the elders

    say, a Sathguru is one who is so full of

    love and compassion for his disciples

    A.K. Raghunathan, IRS.,Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax,Coimbatore - 18.


  • The Part - I of the Introduction seeks

    to tell the reader why men fail and what

    kind of questions (like who am I...) should

    bother mankind. There is none on this

    earth who wants to fail and hence everyone

    wants to know how to succeed. The failures

    Sri Yogi Sriji refers to are not the ones

    at the mundane level but on the higher

    level, the spiritual level, where kings and

    emperors miserably fail but beggers

    and fakirs succeed, with ease and grace.

    In these days, there is no dearth of

    literature on the spiritual sciences and the

    organized institutions in this filed talk

    about thousands of crores of rupees in

    donations, contributions and sales. An

    ordinary man either blindly follows one of

    these systems or stung by their

    commercialization, stays away from all

    such institutions, thereby losing the real

    benefit of these sciences which our

    ancestors left for us. It is like throwing the

    cup away because you have something

    against the cup, whereas the content

    is pure nectar.

    that He seeks them on his own and leads

    them in the right path. I wish to see

    Sri Yogi Sriji as a Sathguru in this part

    of the world.

    The book lucidly explains the

    complete threefold dimensions of yoga.

    There is a wrong nation that yoga is just an

    art of twisting the body into various

    intricate shapes and adopt certain

    unnatural postures like standing on ones

    head. This book explains beautifully that

    postures (Asanas) are nothing but

    physical exercises and it is the

    combination of all the three parts of Yoga,

    namely exercise, breathing techniques and

    meditation which can yield the desired

    results. If asanas are difficult due to any

    physical constraints, then even other

    exercises like walking, jogging, cycling,

    swimming etc can be done. This is a

    pleasant surprise for me who can now do

    my pranayamas without feeling guilty

    that my body has become too rigid to do


    iv v

  • Sri Yogi Sriji is not in this for

    commerce. My interaction with him

    say, Try it. If it works, keep it. If it does

    not, throw it away. I have not seen any

    serious practitioner, throwing his

    practices away like this.

    So, I request the reader to understand

    that this book is a small key which can

    open great doors. As the famous writer

    Thiru Balakumaran wrote in his

    foreword to the Tamil and more elaborate

    version of this book ("hd xU

    mj). it is not enough to just read.

    One should get trained by proper

    teachers. We are lucky to have a living

    master in Sri Yogi Sriji. Our luck would

    be fruitful only when we get initiated

    under masters like him and do regular

    practices. I wish all the best for you in this


    vi vii

  • Coimbatore-18.Dt. : 28.7.2014



    (Original in Tamil)

    Popular Tamil Writer Sri Balakumaran

    has given the following compliment,-

    This book is an excellent guide. Just

    like an affectionate mother, passionately

    holding the little hands of her beloved

    child, leads him to school, this book gently

    leads the reader of any age to the edifice

    of Meditation.

    The above comment of a veteran

    writer beautifully conveys the humanism

    coupled with profound wisdom one can

    notice in the words and deeds of

    YOGI SRIJI a living Saint!

    Trikarana Yoga Charitable Trust


  • YOGI SRIJI, was born as Kuttiappan

    Ganesan in the year 1950 in an

    agricultural family in Coimbatore, is a

    post-graduate. He joined the Tamil Nadu

    Government Service and after a long

    distinguished service in the department

    of Commercial Taxes, he retired as

    Deputy Commissioner. In the meanwhile,

    having spent more than 25 years of intense

    spiritual life, he achieved self-realization

    at the age of 47 and realized that science

    and spirituality are the same, because

    science is an experiment and spirituality

    is an experience on belief. With his

    relentless search, he was very fortunate to

    be blessed with a miraculous divine

    darshan from Almighty in the year 1997.

    In as much as the almighty is the Guru

    of all gurus, with His blessings he

    advocated his innovation in scientific

    manner for the peace and well-beings of

    all sections of people across the globe. Yogi

    Sriji has dedicated his life in helping

    people to attain perfect physical health,


    YOGI SRIJI is an enlightened

    spiritual leader. Founder of Trikarana

    Yoga Charitable Trust registered under

    the Charitable and Religious Trust Act

    1920 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It

    is a non-profitable social organization.

    He propagates his philosophy 'Yoga of Life'

    in a new dimension viz. 'Trikarana

    Transcendental Meditation' (TTM) under

    a popular title 'NIMMATHI UNKAIYIL'

    (epk;kjp cd;ifapy); i.e. Peace in Your

    Hand. He perfectly designed and

    advocating how to control and balance the

    threefold unity of body, mind and soul

    (BMS) of the human kind through a

    simple scientific technique. It transcends

    racial, religious, linguistic and national

    boundaries based upon time tested

    scientific laws of nature, governing the

    whole universe.

    xi xii

  • profound mental peace,

    joy, and success in all spheres of human

    endeavors. However, he remains a

    'householder', i.e. he has not broken his

    family ties, nor renounced the world, but

    rather lives a life of true detachment

    devoid of exhibitionism, maintaining

    family ties and performing his Karma with

    the insight of a Gnana Yogi.

    Based on his knowledge of the origin

    and functions of the cosmos and all the

    aspects of life as revealed to his inner

    vision by the Almighty, Yogi Sriji has

    written an excellent book in Tamil under

    the title A wonder in science in the year

    2010. Now He extracts the essence of the

    Tamil book and presents in English to

    facilitate each and everyone to attain bliss

    and wisdom in this world everlastingly.

    Trikarana Yoga Charitable Trust

    vital soul strength,

    xiii xiv


    Dear brothers and sisters and all my

    beloved youngsters, the beautiful souls of

    this marvelous universe, please accept the

    pranams of 'Yogi Sriji' with Love and Good

    wishes to every one of you. This booklet

    which you are now holding in the lotus

    palms of your beautiful hands was

    originally written by me in Tamil with the

    title 'A wonder in science' and published

    by Dina Publications, Coimbatore-641025,

    in the year 2010 . Bes ides the

    overwhelming response to that book in

    Tamil, the longing of many of my beloved

    brothers and sisters to carry the universal

    message contained in that book to the

    nook and corner of the world prompted

    me to extract the essence from the Tamil

    book and present it in English. The

    intention is to facilitate each and everyone

    residing on all parts of the wonderful

    planet Earth to attain success fulfilling

    all his dreams and desires, and enjoy the

    real life gifted by the Almighty.

    It is my wish that you begin a new life

    from today onwards. Many people have a

    false notion that the philosophy of life

    and the associated theories are dry

    subjects that are very difficult to

    understand and much more difficult to

    follow. Nevertheless, I assure you all that

    you can easily understand and immensely

    benefit from them provided you learn

    them with the right attitude and in the

    r i g h t m a n n e r . T h i s T r i k a r a n a

    Transcendental Meditation (TTM),

    invented by me after rigorous spiritual

    contemplation for several years, will

    certainly help you to gain the wisdom that

    is needed for living a blissful and

    meaningful life easily and efficiently.

    TTM is neither a religious ritual nor a

    regress exercise; it is a simple scientific

    xv xvi

  • (Commercial Taxes) (Retd) and Advocate,

    in the High Court of Madras for his review

    and final touches to make the book more

    readable and intelligible to a vast majority

    of people across the globe.

    I hope that this publication would

    help in efficient management of infinite

    powerhouse in everyone's life for

    enlightenment and enjoyment of the real

    pleasure forever!

    Coimbatore - 25

    20.07.2014 -YOGI SRIJI

    technique and a blending the threefold

    unity of body, mind and soul (BMS) with

    no efforts; it is very easy to learn and

    practice that technique and it does not

    require any special ability. It is universal

    in its appeal as it is open to the people of

    a l l a g e s , c u l t u r e s , e d u c a t i o n a l

    backgrounds.It appeals equally to people

    of all sorts and shades regardless of

    whether they identify themselves with

    any of the organized religions or have

    proclaimed themselves to be atheists or

    agnostics. It is a science of 'Silent Inner

    Revolution' - the threefold unification for

    the well being of humankind.

    I acknowledge with thanks the

    valuable assistance of my beloved friend

    Sri Prama Arumugam, M.A., Deputy

    Commissioner (Commercial Taxes) (Retd)

    in translating the contents of this book

    from its Tamil Original. I am also thankful

    to my beloved friend Sri S.P. Asokan,

    M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.L., Deputy Commissioner xvii xviii


    Part - I

    Dear brothers and sisters,



    You are wise enough to know that the

    words above are not mine; I am quoting

    the above dynamic words of Swami

    Vivekananda only to reach to your very

    soul and open your heart to receive me in

    full with confidence and love. I had an

    inner realization, which I have been

    cherishing for more than Twenty Nine

    years with an intention to share it with

    you. Therefore, lend your time, ears, mind

    to me leaving aside for a while your

    disbeliefs and skepticism and be prepared

    to experience the inner revolution I am

    passionately sharing with you; you may 1

  • There are so many people who had

    already written numerous volumes and

    spoken elaborately and eloquently about

    the philosophy of life and my endeavor

    is to simplify with the blessings from

    Almighty what all they wrote and talked

    about and pass it on to you in a pleasant

    and readily acceptable form. I have termed

    my inner realization as 'TRIKARANA


    and also given it a popular title

    'NIMMATHI UNKAIYIL' (epk;kjpcd;ifapy);

    i.e. 'Peace in your hand'. Before venturing

    into the core topic of our study, I would

    like to make you conversant with basic

    general issues in brief.

    We are aware that in the universe,

    there are millions and millions of stars

    and many sun families. We are also aware

    that we are living in this earth, which

    is a part of the sun family. The earth is the

    fifth largest planet in the solar system

    and the only planet that supports life. It

    later to come out with your doubts and

    misgivings, which I shall be too happy

    to clarify.

    You know today every human being

    is desperately searching for 'Nimmathi'

    (epk;kjp) i.e. 'Peace'; he thinks that he

    can get it only by achieving all his dreams

    and satisfying all his desires. However,

    success eludes him because he does not

    take the correct way to reach the

    destination desired by him. I am sure that

    TTM will give you the right route map

    that will guide you to reach the stage in

    your life where you can taste total success

    and absolute enjoyment of the real

    happiness in life. The way suggested is the

    threefold unity of body, mind and soul

    (BMS). This unity is the prime

    requirement and purpose of your whole life

    and all other expectations and aspirations

    pale into insignificance in the glorious

    light of this Holy Trinity.

    2 3

  • lifeless objects are all travelling such long

    distances at great speed continuously

    without any break. We are standing,

    walking, swimming, playing etc. on the

    earth as if it is static without feeling its

    movements in the universal space. The

    moon, which is a natural satellite to the

    earth, is revolving around the earth once

    in 28 days. It weighs 735,000 million

    tones and its circumference covers 10,919

    km. It is located 4, 07,000 km away from

    the earth. This sun family said to have 140

    moons viz. Earth has 01 moon, Mars

    02 moons, Jupiter 63 moons, Saturn

    34 moons, Uranus 27 moons and Neptune

    13 moons, but the Mercury and Venus

    have no moons. Besides dwarf planets

    like Pluto and Eris, countless comets,

    asteroids, and meteoroids are there. This

    information is subject to change since to

    the vision of the scientists expands

    everlastingly. We can talk endlessly about

    the things known about the Sun family

    weighs roughly about 59,720,000 million

    tons and its circumference covers 40,075

    km. It is located 149,597,000 km away

    from the sun. The earth rotates around its

    own axis at a speed of 1,670 km/hour and

    it takes 23 hours 56 minutes 04.09053

    seconds for the earth to complete one such

    full rotation. By the time it takes one

    rotation along its axis travels which we

    call as a 'DAY' it revolves around the sun

    at a speed of 1,07,870 km/hour and at

    this speed it covers 25,41,450 km/day

    and completes one full revolution, covering

    940 million km, around the sun in

    365.2564 days which we term as a

    'YEAR'. Besides, you would be astonished

    to know that in the above process sun's

    peripheral atmosphere wind flows 400

    km/second, that is 14,40,000 km/hour. The

    beauty is that not only the earth but

    also the things that are lying on the earth

    - all living creations including vegetation

    and animals and the human beings, and

    4 5

  • advice I give you is to keep faith in yourself

    instead of going behind things that

    invariably bring misery and disaster.

    All our blunders are self-made and

    they are only all our own creations.

    Broadly speaking, we can identify four

    major reasons for the frequent failures in

    human life. They are, -

    1) Doing things without self awareness

    2) Doing things without any goal or aim

    3) Doing things without tolerance; and

    4) Doing things without strong


    Strong willpower and conviction

    cannot come as such, and to acquire it one

    has to train oneself, practice regularly

    to balance his threefold unity of body,

    mind and soul (BMS) and to ultimately

    understand the purpose of whole life.

    Life is, no doubt, a mystery. It is not a

    simple mathematical puzzle with an easy

    and the rest of the universe; however, we

    have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that

    the wonders of the universe yet to be

    discovered by us are far more enormous,

    magnificent and infinitely incomparable

    to what little we have so far explored

    using our limited human capabilities. I,

    therefore, feel that it is a wiser option

    to leave it to your imagination, which is

    also as boundless as the universe.

    We are blessed with our lives on earth

    and we have every reason to be proud of

    this blessing. But, at the same time, we

    should know that without understanding

    the purpose of our living and ensuring our

    association with Almighty we are wasting

    our life in pursuing the worldly pleasures,

    which in fact but bring in only pain and

    stress with occasional glimpses of

    momentary gratifications. We can see that

    the majority of people reach the end of

    their lives without having lived them in

    health and happiness. The most important 6 7

  • shy away from answering those questions

    with the result that frustration and

    disappointment continue to haunt them

    constantly. To understand life and to get

    enlightenment with permanent peace and

    happiness, all you have to do is to break

    away from all the boundaries that try to

    limit you and start practicing TTM. Once

    you learn its methods and techniques and

    cultivate the habit of practicing them

    daily, you will get the enlightenment and

    enjoy the real pleasure in your life forever.

    Are you ready for it!

    As a first step towards mastering

    TTM techniques, you have to understand

    that synchronization of body, mind, and

    soul (BMS) alone is the sole remedy to

    free one from the stresses and strains that

    are confronting one today. The TTM is a

    simple scientific technique of blending

    Trikarana i.e. the threefold unity of body,

    mind, and soul (BMS) designed to solve the

    problems of humankind and to perfect

    solution. For a few, life is comfortable; but

    for many others it is miserable. Life is

    miserable for them not because that they

    lack money and power but because they

    have disturbance in their body, mind and

    soul (BMS). In this context many questions

    remains unanswered forever.

    To quote some of them, -

    i) Who are you?

    ii) Where did you come from?

    iii) Where do you go when you leave this


    iv) What is the object of life?

    v) What is the universal truth?

    vi) What is Heaven and what is hell? and

    vii) Who is the best judge of the human


    We can raise many such questions

    endlessly and everlastingly. The human

    mind limits its boundaries with its own

    religious dogmas and frozen ideas and 8 9

  • peak. We, the humans claim that we,

    unlike animals, have the sixth sense; but

    the fact is that we too once lived like

    animals without cloths and behaved

    exactly like them. Only on gradually and

    as a process of evolution, we became more

    and more civilized. We have now reached

    the stage where we excel in science,

    medicine, arts, religion, and other

    disciplines. Today's man is creating,

    preserving, and destroying things, which

    were once considered the unique powers

    of the GOD. He is now challenging the

    nature in every respect by constantly

    overcoming his constraints and enlarging

    his limits. Such a grand outcome of

    evolution is not manifest in other living

    beings. The progress of the humanity is

    attributable to man's sense of reasoning

    which is a blessing conferred on him by the

    ALMIGHTY. One cannot procure the

    intuition potential from outside and one

    has to extract it from the deepest layers of

    the performing ability of every individual.

    Above all, it is a science of 'Silent Inner

    Revolution' intended for the well being

    of humankind and spreading the WISDOM

    LIGHT for everyone's benefit. This novel

    method is based upon the time tested

    scientific laws of nature, governing the

    whole Universe; and this has nothing to do

    with race, language, caste, creed, color and

    rel igion or rel igious af f inity or


    W e s h o u l d k n o w t h a t s e l f -

    enlightenment is not a commodity that one

    can purchase or borrow from somebody. It

    should emulate within oneself. It is a kind

    of intuition or instinct. All the great

    inventions by human minds at all times

    had been only out of intuition though one

    may call them varyingly as brain-works,

    knowledge-products, pearls of wisdom etc.

    Astounding discoveries become possible

    during the periods when the intuition

    potential of the discoverer is at its highest 10 11

  • ether and breathed into his nostrils the

    breath of life; and man became a living

    being. According to the Old Testament God

    put the first man into deep sleep and

    created the first woman from his rib...

    When the humankind began to

    assimilate the information available

    before him, he feared the nature's fury

    and started worshiping it. The Sun was

    his first object of worship and then he

    started worshiping the five elements such

    as earth, water, fire, air, and ether.

    Afterwards he worshipped every power

    that he had confronted. He depicted GOD

    in the form of furious animals he feared.

    With evolution, he started to find out ways

    and means to control and contain the

    nature. He began to communicate his

    feelings to his fellow human beings with

    sound; and languages evolved in that

    process. The rhythmic sounds in

    languages came to be employed to address

    the GOD giving birth to various mantras

    his conscience in a manner similar to the

    way one draws water that is present at the

    bottom of a very deep well. I assure you

    that TTM is the right device to pump the

    power of intuition potential into every

    aspect of your human existence.

    There are ever so many mysteries

    around us, the greatest among them being

    the creation of this cosmos. Going by our

    present knowledge, we could assume that

    human race exist only on the earth and

    the scientific community has not so far

    come out with any concrete evidence to

    suggest the existence of human lives on

    any other planet in the sun family or

    elsewhere in the universe. The Almighty

    had created this world; He not only created

    this world but also created all life forms

    including vegetations and animals with

    senses varying from one to six. It is said

    that the Almighty had created the body

    of the man from the five elements such

    as soil of the earth, water, fire, air, and 12 13

  • worship began to surface - each group of

    the human race living in the various parts

    of the vast world adopting different forms

    of worship in conformity with the

    atmosphere and surroundings in which

    they lived.

    India, the land of Indus, is the

    fountainhead of many religions as

    education was accessible to the Indian

    civilization. Gurus and Rishies of the

    yester years passed on their knowledge to

    fellow citizens orally as there were no

    writing habits or materials such as paper

    and pen during those times. The education

    during those days was confined to

    recitation of the Vedas and Mantras and

    recording them in the mind. Refinement

    of the methods of worship and the

    evolution of logical reasoning led to the

    birth of Buddhism and Jainism in India.

    Pataliputra and Nalanda of the Indian

    continent were the centers of the education

    during those days and they were

    and Vedas showering praises on the God.

    The sound that vibrates and re-vibrates

    in the entire cosmos all the time at all

    places is 'OM'. It is a mystic word

    recognized by the Hindu mystics in India.

    In this context, I wish to place on record

    that this 'OM' is nothing but a rhythmic

    sound of every breathings of all the living

    creations including the human beings

    and the moving Nature in a strange

    rhythm, which we call ATHMA RAGA, the

    Raga of Soul. This life power alone

    controls the entire performance of all the

    creations. In the evolution process, there

    were many stages and improvements and

    consequently rituals varied from time to

    time. When the human race began to live

    in groups near the river, water happened

    to be the main source of its livelihood. In

    the next process of evolution, men began

    to use the mother earth to meet their

    basic needs of food, shelter, and security.

    In the course of time, various modes of

    14 15

  • aunt etc. These relatives are only men

    and women, but we use many relative

    terms to identify them. The same person

    is a son, grandson, father, grandfather,

    brother, or uncle depending on the person

    who identifies him. Likewise, the same

    ALMIGHTY is known by different names

    such as GOD, LORD, NATURE etc to

    different people; whatever may be the

    name by which it is called, the Almighty

    remains the same as the unexplainable

    and imponderable source of energy. Let

    me give an example to you to elucidate the

    matter further. The eyes, ears, nose,

    mouth, head, hands, legs, and all other

    parts of the body cannot function

    independently as they are all inter-

    dependent and the whole body alone could

    be termed as human being. Likewise,

    during the early period of evolution men

    worshiped the nature which he feared but

    subsequently when he overcame that fear

    with the information and knowledge he

    equivalent to the Cambridge and Oxford of

    the present.

    With the invasion of Moguls and the

    subsequent arrival of Englishmen in

    India, Islam and Christianity came to be

    introduced in India. The degrading caste

    system that was practiced among the

    Hindus forced many people from the

    suppressed communities to find new

    identity and comfort in these new

    religions. India has now come out of those

    dark ages and today it is the biggest

    democratic and secular nation in the


    The Almighty is the unexplainable

    energy that governs us. We may say that

    the Almighty is a core question that

    remains unanswered forever. We call IT

    by various names such as LORD, GOD,


    AND NATURE - like we call our relatives

    as mother, father, brother, sister, uncle,

    16 17

  • began to see the presence of 'ALMIGHTY' in

    each and every thing. The central core of

    creation is the same; you can call it by

    whatever name you prefer. GOD MEN






    B R A N D T O P E R P E T U A T E T H E I R

    IDENTITY. I can assure, these attractions

    are only momentary and bound to vanish

    with the passage of time. The time-tested

    philosophy is that there is only ONE


    COSMIC ENERGY. Therefore, the human

    race could flourish and find peace only if

    they understand this truth and try to

    disassociate with 'EGO' that makes claims

    such as My society is superior to yours,

    My God is superior to your God etc.

    Causing injury to the other religions, non-

    believers and other sects of people is not

    going to bring Nimmathi (epk;kjp) i.e. peace

    to oneself. Likewise success and failure

    in human life is not associated with any

    race, language, caste, creed, color, religion

    or ego, but it is associated with his peaceful

    mind and the attainment of 'Nimmathi'

    (epk;kjp) will be possible only if the

    threefold unity of body, mind and soul

    (BMS) is clearly understood with

    compassion and clarity. This is the only

    way we can prosper in this world along

    with our beloved human beings.

    18 19


    Part - II

    Dear brothers and sisters,

    So far, I have tried my best to make

    you conversant with the basic issues in

    brief. Let us move on to the main subject

    of Trikarana Transcendental Meditation

    (TTM) now. Man is a social animal. While

    he lives, he has to live in harmony with

    members of his family, the society, and

    his country; he has to fulfill certain duties

    that are expected of him as a citizen,

    however unpleasant or arduous they may

    be. When everyone develops this kind

    of attitude and cultivate the habits of

    tolerance and respect for the rights and

    feelings of others, there will be no room

    for any trouble in family, society and in

    the world. Spreading compassion and

    helping the fellow-beings are sure recipes

    for WORLD PEACE. Please listen to

    me attentively and visualize how the

    TTM will relieve the suffering masses

    from the stresses and strains of life.

    The success or failure in human life

    depends upon one's physical health,

    strength of one's soul and the level of one's

    mental peace. For any person, his own

    body is more familiar and dearer to him

    than anything else is, but unfortunately,

    he knows very little about it. The human

    body is a wonderful and mystic formation

    which represents one of the most perfectly

    designed and coordinated structures.

    Each part of the body is unique and

    unparalleled. Even the best science today

    cannot make an exact replica of a human

    body. The human body consists of a

    number of interacting systems. The

    skeleton forms a rigid framework with 206

    bones attached to the muscles, facilitates

    movements ordered by the nervous 21 22

  • wide-shouldered, etc. and the body

    composition like percentages of bone, fat,

    muscle and all other elements are

    influenced by factors such as diet and

    exercise. By the time the human reaches

    adult-hood, the body has 100 trillion cells.

    Each organ is designed to perform an

    essential life function. The human body

    consists of 70-90% water and its

    significant portion is composed of carbon-

    containing organic molecules. Oxygen

    therefore contributes a majority of a

    human body's mass, followed by carbon. In

    order to understand the relation of food to

    the nourishment and repairing of the body,

    it will be necessary to learn, at first, what

    the human body is composed of and what

    elements contained in the food are

    required to build and keep the body in a

    healthy condition. Ninety nine percentage

    (99%) of the mass of the human body is

    made up of major six elements i.e. oxygen

    61%, carbon 23%, hydrogen 10%, nitrogen

    system, and is responsible for the body's

    reaction to stimuli. Hormones produced

    by the endocrine system, control many

    funct ions inc luding growth and

    developmental changes such as puberty.

    The cardiovascular system circulates

    blood around the body, delivering oxygen

    and nutrients and collecting carbon

    dioxide and waste, while the respiratory

    system exchanges carbon dioxide with the

    inhaled oxygen. The lymphatic system

    fights infection. The digestive system

    derives from food energy and nutrients

    required for growth and repair. The

    urinary system eliminates waste and

    helps to regulate chemicals in the body.

    The reproductive system is concerned with

    producing offspring. Thus, the human

    body is functioning as a factory endlessly

    right from womb to tomb.

    Further, the size of the human body is

    firstly determined by diet and secondly by

    genes. Body type i.e. slim, fat, tall, short, 23 24

  • 4. Play games or do exercise daily.

    Through exercise, the body becomes

    strong and through games, one can

    gain mastery over the movements of

    the body.

    5. Make a firm vow to follow a fixed


    6. Never miss an opportunity to perform

    good deeds.

    7. Do not hesitate to take on whatever

    task presented it to him.

    While doing so in a proper manner and

    on regular basis, all the functions are

    synchronized with the threefold

    unification of the body, mind, and soul

    (BMS) of humankind. However, because

    of enormous powers acquired by a man

    there are lot of stresses and strains in him.

    When a machine exceeds its installed

    capacity wear and tear is bound to occur.

    Remedial measures therefore become

    necessary; similarly, TTM provides

    2%, calcium 2%, and phosphorus 1%. The

    remaining elements such as sulfur,

    potassium, sodium, chlorine, magnesium,

    iron, zinc, and silicon constitute 1% only.

    Human body is just like an engine of

    a vehicle. It is dangerous to drive a

    vehicle fitted with a defective engine.

    We must make our bodies firm, strong

    and fit for work. We find that some people

    have a strong body and a soft nature.

    Some, on the other hand, have strong

    body and rough character because they

    lack true knowledge and real experience.

    One can make one's body fit for work

    by adopting the following methods:

    1. Firstly, know what makes the body

    healthy and strong and what makes it

    weak and sick.

    2. Always keep a close watch on whether

    he is digesting what he eats.

    3. From time to time, skip a meal or two

    and let the stomach rest.

    25 26

  • MULADHARA : This chakra is

    placed at the bottom end of the spinal

    centre of region below genitals. It is the

    root of the very life. This chakra is the very

    base for the entire human body Meta

    mephitis. It controls the Adrenal glands

    and kidney and their proper functioning.

    If this chakra is activated under proper

    supervision, you can escape from the

    adverse effect of the failure of this organ.

    SVADHISTHANA : This chakra

    lies just below the navel point. The sexual

    attraction emanates from and controlled

    by this chakra. Testicles, ovaries are

    under this control. It has the power of

    knowing things beyond the five senses.

    The birthplace of man's EGO emanates

    only from here.

    MANIPURA : This chakra is located

    above the navel point in the central part of

    the human body. This place is the spring

    of all the feeling. This chakra controls

    solution to the stress redden life by

    instigating the human power to secrete the

    required output to kindle one's knowledge

    and wisdom besides providing good

    health cheer and peaceful mind.

    Therefore, to bring out the success and

    brightness from within everyone and to

    experience the glowing eternal bliss it

    is our primary duty to protect the

    'threefold unity' through regular practice

    of some simple asana or physical exercise,

    breathe exercise and meditation.

    Before that, I wish to enlighten those

    seven organs of the endocrine system of

    the human body viz. Pineal gland;

    Pituitary gland; Thyroid and Parathyroid

    glands; Thymus; Adrenal; Liver and

    Pancreas and the Reproductive organs

    are classified as the core points of Seven

    Spiritual Chakras in Hindu philosophy to

    attain Salvation / Nimmathi in human life.

    The following explanations harmonize the

    said philosophy with science.27 28

  • chakra. The third eye is also believed to be

    located here; it controls spinal card, lower

    part of the brain, eyes, nose, and ears.

    Pituitary gland is associated with this


    SAHASRARA : This chakra is

    located in the upper part of the brain and

    the gland associated with this chakra is

    pineal. Man gets wisdom and knowledge

    from this chakra and the intuition

    potential begins from here and induces

    performance of tangible actions.

    KUNDALINI is the Divine Cosmic

    Energy in human bodies. If all these

    chakras are in proper synchronization

    with one another, one can gradually raise

    the mystic power of 'Kundalini' from

    Muladhara through sushmnanadi (spinal

    cord) by regular practice of some asana

    breathe exercises, and meditation. Only

    that mystic power can liberate a man from

    his animal behavior and enable him to

    attain eternal peace in his life.

    liver, gallbladder. The muscles around

    this part would go non-functional if this

    chakra has not been induced.

    ANAHATA : This chakra otherwise

    known as Heart chakra is situated in the

    region of heart. Love, goodwill, affection,

    faith, religion, and good conduct all

    emanates from this chakra. Heart and

    lungs are controlled by this chakra. The

    Thymus gland is associated with this


    VISUDDHA : This chakra is

    available in throat and thyroid and Para

    thyroid are associated with this chakra.

    Communication expressing feelings and

    the creativity are emanates from this

    chakra. Throat, tongue, respiratory

    channel, footpath, and hands are under

    the control of this chakra.

    AJNA : This chakra lies between the

    eyebrows. Telepathy, knowledge,

    steadfast mind are controlled by this

    29 30

  • YOGA SYSTEM is an ancient Indian

    technique of integrating human

    personality at the physical mental moral

    and spiritual levels. It can be described

    by a system consisting of the following

    eight aspects:

    1. Yama' is a moral principle like non-

    violence, truthfulness, honesty,

    integrity, abstinence from sexual and

    secular pleasures.

    2. Niyama' is a rule of discipline like

    purity, contentment, austerity and

    dedication to divinity

    3. Asana' is a Yogic posture of

    comfortable sitting that will be

    helpful to achieve the target.

    4. Pranayama' is the preservation of

    vital energy in the body through

    inhaling, exhaling and controlling the

    movements of breath.

    5. Pratyhara' is the control of mind and

    sense organs

    6. Dharana' is a concentration of one's


    7. Dhyana' is a deep meditation or

    concentration of mind at one-point.

    8. S a m a t h i ' i s t h e s t a g e o f

    transcendental consciousness when

    the individual unites with the

    Universal power.

    Nevertheless, nowadays majority of

    the peoples are under a wrong notion that

    YOGA means 'Asana' only and they believe

    that if they practice some asana for a few

    minutes daily for a specified period, all

    their physical problems, soul weakness,

    mental ailments, stresses, and strains

    will vanish. However, the fact is that

    asana is only one among the above eight

    aspects of YOGA System. My endeavor is

    to convergent the wandering mind into a

    single focus for the benefit of humankind.

    For this, everyone has to practice the three

    major aspects of YOGA i.e. Asana, Breathe

    31 32

  • daily; as an alternative, one can do

    some simple physical exercise at least for

    30 minutes at one's convenience either in

    the morning or evening regularly. That is

    enough; in fact, physical exercise is more

    effective than asana for the present

    generation to overcome the stresses and

    strains that are confronting them today.

    To elucidate the issue further I am giving a

    chart below to know how much calories are

    exhausted per hour through various

    regular exercises,-

    Squash: 844c; Skipping, Swimming:

    704c; Basket-ball, cycling, running,

    walking upstair: 563c; Football, Ice-

    skating, Tennis: 493c; Cricket, Skating:

    352c; Dancing: 317c; Golf, Table tennis:

    281c; Housework, walking: 246c;

    S t a n d i n g : 1 2 0 c ; S i t t i n g 9 0 c &

    Sleeping: 65c.

    BREATHE EXERCISE is nothing but

    Pranayama; it is a preservation of vital

    Exercise, and Meditation on a regular

    basis and then only one can achieve

    perfection in all other aspects. These

    three are the only practical aspects of the

    YOGA system and the remaining are

    the resultant manifestations.

    However, in the modern science

    physical exercise is an alternative for

    asana. Many people attempt to learn

    asana, but when they face difficulties,

    they just lack motivation to continue and

    give up their practice. Besides, they

    wrongly conclude that this should be

    started when one is young and then

    regularly practiced without any break

    in order to attain the ability to perform

    the asana postures perfectly. In this

    present world, all the physical problems

    and allied mental ailments can be treated

    with appropriate asana techniques or

    physical exercises. In my view every

    human being may cultivate the habit of

    doing few asana slowly for 10 to 15 minutes 33 34

  • energy of Oxygen or Pranasakthi in the

    body through inhaling, exhaling and

    controlling the movements of breath. As

    per the law of science, oxygen is the prime

    factor in the life of human race. The human

    energy, his mental peace, and his

    performance are all governed by the intake

    of oxygen only. In the human body, the

    oxygen is absorbed by the blood stream in

    the lungs, and then transported to the cells

    where an elaborated process takes place.

    The living cell is the site of tremendous

    biochemical activity called metabolism.

    Oxygen plays a vital role in the breathing

    processes and in the metabolism of the

    living organisms. Oxygen supports our

    life, oxidizes, or burns food to create energy

    and heat for our bodies. This process of

    chemical and physical change goes on

    repeatedly in the human body being

    responsible for the build-up of new tissue,

    replacement of old tissue, conversion of

    food to energy, disposal of waste materials,

    reproduction and all the activities that

    we characterize as "life." Even a

    nonprofessional would understand that

    only as long as one breathes he is

    considered a living being; otherwise, he is a

    corpse, a dead body. Circulation of blood

    throughout the body facilitate digestion of

    food, nourishment on the body and mental

    thinking- all these activities performed

    with the help of the power of Oxygen only.

    It is essential for each and everyone to

    learn the technique of controlling and

    utilizing the power of Oxygen for stilling

    the restless mind.

    Besides, Oxygen diffuses through

    membranes into red blood cells after

    inhalation into the lungs. The enzyme uses

    oxygen to catalyze many oxidation

    reactions in the body, which is called

    metabolism. Carbon dioxide, a waste

    product, is released from the cell and into

    the blood, where it combines with

    bicarbonate and hemoglobin for transport 35 36

  • threefold unity of body, mind and soul

    (BMS) and a method detaching oneself

    from physical problems, mental anxieties

    etc., by silent meditation and repetition of

    a rhythmic mystic sound to attain bliss

    and wisdom and enjoy the real happiness.

    It is a method for acquainting our mind

    with good feature. There is limitless power

    in the human mind. Those who can

    consolidate this power and make it one-

    pointed become renowned for their genius

    in the world. If one is not able to

    concentrate this power, it is wasted. To be

    successful in the battle of life, search for

    the infinite storehouse of power

    accumulated in you. With great seal and

    determined perseverance, you can once

    bring your mind under control; and. there

    will be nothing that you cannot achieve.

    Naturally, the mind is extremely

    restless and obstinate. It is very difficult to

    restrain it from going in the direction it is

    accustomed to it. Again, if the mind is

    to the lungs. Blood circulates back to the

    lungs and the process repeats. It has been

    evaluated that normally a man inhales

    an average of 6 liters of air in a minute

    with a speed of 160 km/hour totaling to

    8 ,640 l i ters in a day. MENTAL



    WITH EXTRA OXYGEN. The oxygen

    regimen improves alertness, reflexes,

    memory, and apparently intelligence.

    Therefore, everyone should do the breathe

    exercise at least for 10 to 15 minutes before

    meditation regularly for having more

    oxygen. If one were able to control the

    breath in tune to the set of rules properly

    then the entire body would be under his


    Finally, I am coming to my new

    m e c h a n i s m o f T R I K A R A N A


    It is a Spiritual Science and a simple

    scientific technique of blending the

    37 38

  • engaged in good thoughts, it will naturally

    tends towards that direction and make

    one's life sublime. You must realize finally

    that you possess an infinite power within

    the mind. Therefore, to direct the mind to

    the proper path, you should observe the

    following principles:

    1. Always keep the mind engaged in

    noble thoughts

    2. Perform all jobs, big or small whatever

    it may be with great care so that no

    one will find fault with your work

    3. Look upon all people as your own

    brothers and sisters; love all the lands

    as your own motherland

    4. Have respect for all religions and

    religiously unaffiliated people and

    the society.

    5. Hold on to the knowledge that the

    mind is your servant and you are the

    master of your mind firmly. Do not let

    the mind become easily excited.

    6. Do not give expression to any

    weakness or sentimentality in the

    mind and

    7. By thinking of the loveliness and

    majesty of the Almighty and great

    souls, the mind becomes pure, clear,

    one-pointed and strong forever.

    When your mind is peaceful, free from

    all worries and mental discomforts,

    certainly you will experience the true

    happiness. If you train your mind to

    become peaceful you will be happy all the

    time, even in the most adverse conditions,

    but if your mind is not peaceful then even if

    you have the most pleasant external

    conditions you will not be happy.

    Therefore, it is very important to keep your

    mind peaceful always by regular practice

    of meditation. Asana or physical exercise

    and Breathe exercises are the pre-steps to

    clear the body and soul and to create an

    ideal platform for the wandering mind to

    carry out meditation. The essence of the 39 40

  • meditation is convergence in the forehead

    just above the nose in between the

    eyebrows and from there to the middle of

    the brain at the base pituitary gland

    located and behind this at back pineal

    glands is situated. Therefore, one,

    comfortably sitting at a quiet place, should

    meditate without any interruption from

    outside influences for Twenty (20) minutes

    daily each in the morning and evening.

    It will cause perfect functioning of

    pituitary gland and pineal gland and

    induce the thymus (mind) to secrete the

    required output to kindle one's worldly

    knowledge and wisdom besides providing

    good health and peaceful mind. Above all,

    it creates a 'Silent Inner Revolution', the

    threefold unity for the wellbeing's of


    The benefits are boundless!

    To say few,-

    1) Improving the daily performance by

    increasing the mind power through

    instigation of intuition

    2) Develop self confidence and enable

    one to perform his duties all through

    the day with rejuvenation

    3) Removes defective tendency, lack of

    confidence and shows the path

    towards success

    4) Help to have free flow of blood, breath,

    sustain the general health, soul

    strength, and provide mind peace,


    5) Remove all the stresses, strains that

    confront human beings today, and

    provide complete liberation from all


    6) Bless everyone with total peace,

    ultimate success, and joy in life


    41 42

  • 7) Spreads compassion and helps the

    humankind in attainment of WORLD


    Now I hope that it is my privilege to

    sharing my wonderful experience with

    fellow human beings and making them feel

    the perfect physical health and profound

    mental peace in this troublesome world.

    All who have eyes to see and ears to hear

    are requested to avail this great

    opportunity not only for their personal

    benefit but also for the welfare of

    humanity as a whole. Therefore, I need

    your full involvement and co-operation in

    this joint pursuit so that I could impart

    permanent happiness and joy in

    everyone's life forever!

    Before coming to the conclusion, I

    wish to make clear that the intuition

    potential is an important factor in human

    life and my emphasis is to bring it to light

    and give it a platform to enact a full play.

    The compassion within a human being is

    not visible to others. The synchronization

    of the parts of the human body needs no

    explanation. When a man experiences a

    pain in his leg, that feeling of pain gives

    rise to tears in his eyes. There is no enmity

    among the parts of the human body. While

    the soul departs from him, it leaves the

    whole body behind silently to be consumed

    by the soil.

    But when it comes to the society you

    could see competition, vengeance, anger

    etc and the society is divided between the

    rich and the poor, the powerful and the

    weak, the beautiful and the ugly; the

    o p p r e s s o r s a n d t h e o p p r e s s e d .

    Everywhere there are negative thoughts.

    Why is this division and disparity? When

    will this sorry state of affairs change? It is

    a matter of fact that everyone is having

    some kind of deficiency. I wish to ask one

    question to all of you. Is there anyone who

    is cent-percent perfect in this world? When 43 44

  • motives will seem paltry and fade away

    and an earnest and ceaseless activity

    involving sacrifice would embrace you. In

    this earth, we could see death and life,

    decay and growth, corruption and

    purification existing together at every

    point of time. In this paradox, the human

    mind needs to shed its stress to find the

    peace. Furthermore, in this stress-

    dominated world, blending of the

    'threefold unity' in a scientific manner is

    necessary for the suffering masses to

    attain Bliss and wisdom with total peace

    and success in life forever.

    I, therefore, once again invite all of

    you, to join me, share the beautiful

    moments that I have been experiencing for

    the past thirty years and enjoy the life

    gifted by the ALMIGHTY.


    it is the fact that no one is perfect, why

    everyone is blaming others and not

    accepting and adopting the deficiency and

    weakness of others in the society? In this

    context, I request all of you to have it in

    mind that the life, once completed, cannot

    be brought back at any cost. Therefore,

    everyone should understand this fact and

    try to live with more compassion and love.

    The compassion towards the human

    beings should rise in every heart and it

    should instigate the intuition to adjust and

    adapt to the needs of common living,

    education, religion, and peaceful

    presentation of issues and refine man into

    a livable and lovable social being. Let the

    past be buried, I welcome you one and all to

    come and join me to start a new beginning

    with an understanding of my innovation.

    A true and sincere faith in TTM, the

    simple and modern scientific technique

    and its regular practice would definitely

    lift all of you to unexpected levels. Worldly 45 46


    Take up one thought. Make that one

    thought for your life think of it, dream of

    it, and live on that thought. Let the brain,

    muscles, nerves, every part of your body,

    be full of that thought, and just leave every

    other thought alone. This is the way to

    success. If we really want to be blessing,

    and make others blessed, we must go

    deeper and deeper.

    The more this power of concentration,

    the more knowledge is acquired, because

    this is the one and only method of

    acquiring knowledge. Even the lowest

    shoeblack, if he gives more concentration,

    will black shoes better; the cook with

    concentration will cook a meal all the

    better. In making money, or in

    worshipping Almighty, or in doing

    anything, the stronger the power of

    concentration, the better will that thing be

    done. This is the one call, one knock, which

    opens the gates of the nature, and lets out

    floods of light.

    How one has all the knowledge in the

    w o r l d b e e n g a i n e d b u t b y t h e

    concentration of the powers of the mind.

    The world is ready to give up its secrets

    if we only know how to knock, how to

    give it the necessary blow. The strength

    and force of the blow come through

    concentration. There is no limit to the

    power of the human mind. The more

    concentrated it is, the more power is

    brought to bear on one point; that is the


    The main difference between men and

    the animals is the difference in their

    power of concentration. All success in any

    line of work is the result of this. The

    47 48

  • difference in their power of concentration

    also constitutes the difference between

    man and man. The difference is in the

    degree of concentration. The ordinary

    human being wastes Ninety per cent of

    thought force, and therefore he is

    constantly committing blunders; the

    trained man or mind never makes a


    So, to attain purity living in this life

    shall we all go to the forest? What good

    would it do? If the mind is not under

    control, it is no use of living in a cave or

    forest because the same mind will bring

    all disturbances there. We will find

    thousands and thousands of devils there

    because all the devils are in the mind. If

    the mind is under control, we can have

    the cave or anywhere, wherever we are.

    It is our own mental attitude, which

    makes the world what it is for us. Our

    thoughts make things beautiful and our

    thoughts make things ugly. The whole

    world is in our own minds. Learn to see

    things in the proper light.

    All the great prophets, saints, and

    seers of the world what did they do? In

    one span of life, they lived the whole life

    of humanity to come to perfection. In one

    life, they perfect themselves; they have

    no thought for anything else, never live,

    a moment for any other idea, and thus

    the way shortened for them. This is

    what is mean by concentration,

    intensifying the power of assimilation,

    thus shortening the time.

    No force can be created; it can only be

    directed. Therefore, we must learn to

    control the grand powers that are already

    in our hands and by will power make them

    spiritual instead of merely animal. Thus, it

    clearly seen that chastity is the correct-

    stone of all morality and of all religion.

    Free! We who for a moment cannot

    govern our own minds, nay, cannot hold

    49 50

  • our minds on a subject; focus it on a point to

    the exclusion of everything else for a

    moment! Yet we call ourselves free. Think

    of it The mind uncontrolled and

    unguided will drag us down, down, forever-

    rend us, kill us; and the mind controlled

    and guided will save us, free us.

    What work do you expect from men of

    little hearts? Nothing can in this world!

    You must have an iron will if you would

    cross the ocean. You must be strong

    enough to pierce mountains. Good and evil

    thoughts are each a potent power, and they

    fill the universe. As vibration continues,

    so thought remains in the form of thought

    until translated into action. For example,

    force is latent in the man's arm until he

    strikes a blow, when he translates it into

    activity. We are the heirs of good and evil

    thoughts. If we make ourselves pure

    through the instruments of good thoughts,

    these will enter us. The good soul will not

    be receptive to evil thoughts.

    In the history of humankind, you will

    find that there come these Messengers and

    that from their very birth their mission is

    found and formed. The whole plan is

    there, laid down; and you see them

    swerving not one inch from that. Because

    they come with a mission, they come with a

    message, when they speak, each word is

    direct, and it bursts like a bombshell.

    What is in the world, unless it has the

    power behind? What matters it what

    language you speak, and how you arrange

    your language? What matters it whether

    you speak correct grammar or with fine

    rhetoric? What matters it whether your

    language is ornamental or not? The

    question is whether you have anything to

    give or not? It is a question of giving and

    taking, and not listening. Have you

    anything to give? That is the first

    question. If you have, then, give.

    - Swami Vivekananda

    51 52

  • 53 54



    1. Promote physical intellectual and

    spiritual growth amongst children

    and the adults through his new

    mechanism (TTM) scientifically and

    educate them in the widest possible


    2. Start and establish as many TTM

    Centers as possible to the people of

    all ages, cultures, educational

    backgrounds, and for all religion or

    religiously unaffiliated

    3. Publish books, e-books, magazines,

    pamphlets, images, videos and CDS

    etc. on issues involving development

    of the society

    4. Offer scholarships, books, fees,

    uniforms, shelters and other

    monetary assistance to the uplift of

    the deserving students

    5. Construct and renovate hospitals,

    hostels, orphanages, educational-

    institutions to the welfare of the

    deprived peoples

    6. Remove all the stresses and strains

    that are confronting human today,

    provides complete liberation from all

    the worries and blesses everyone with

    total peace and success in life forever

    7. Build YOGI SRIJI'S dream project of a

    wonderful 'WISDOM TOWER' in a

    prominent place of the world to

    spreads compassion and helps the

    humankind in attainment of WORLD


    Therefore, your offerings help the

    Trust to extend more and more

    opportunities to the people who are

    donating and hopeful sustainable living.

    Let us make it ensure...!

    With warm regards


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