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  • Language : English

    (Spiritual Science)

    Originally published in Tamil titled


    All rights reserved

    First Edition : 2014

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    A wonder in science'

    WISDOM LIGHT(Spiritual Science)

    Originally published in Tamil titled

    'A wonder in science'

    Published by


    36, E B Colony, TVS Nagar,

    Coimbatore - 641025, Tamilnadu, India

    Published by


    36, E B Colony, TVS Nagar,

    Coimbatore - 641025, Tamilnadu, India




    S.No. Subject Page No.


    2. Foreword iii

    3. Comments on

    A Wonder in Science ix

    4. Publishers Note xi

    5. Preface xv

    6. Introduction Part - I 1

    7. Introduction Part - II 21

    8. Power of the Mind 47

    9. Appeal 53

    Dedication i


    This book is dedicated to my

    Parents, Family members, my beloved

    Friends, Well-wishers, and the readers

    like you.

    - Yogi Sriji

    i ii


    I am extremely happy to have been

    given the honour of writing a Foreword

    for Sri Yogi Srijis book titled Wisdom

    Light, a very apt title. A book is not worth

    the paper it is printed upon unless it

    sheds some light on a given subject. If a

    book does shed such light and the subject

    is also concerned with the upliftment of

    the society, then it deserves to be

    commended and read widely. I understand

    Sri Yogi Sriji is a Guru for a number

    of persons in the field of yoga. The word

    Guru means one who sheds divine light

    and dispels darkness. An ordinary guru

    waits for his disciples to come to him

    and obtain wisdom whereas, the elders

    say, a Sathguru is one who is so full of

    love and compassion for his disciples

    A.K. Raghunathan, IRS.,Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax,Coimbatore - 18.


  • The Part - I of the Introduction seeks

    to tell the reader why men fail and what

    kind of questions (like who am I...) should

    bother mankind. There is none on this

    earth who wants to fail and hence everyone

    wants to know how to succeed. The failures

    Sri Yogi Sriji refers to are not the ones

    at the mundane level but on the higher

    level, the spiritual level, where kings and

    emperors miserably fail but beggers

    and fakirs succeed, with ease and grace.

    In these days, there is no dearth of

    literature on the spiritual sciences and the

    organized institutions in this filed talk

    about thousands of crores of rupees in

    donations, contributions and sales. An

    ordinary man either blindly follows one of

    these systems or stung by their

    commercialization, stays away from all

    such institutions, thereby losing the real

    benefit of these sciences which our

    ancestors left for us. It is like throwing the

    cup away because you have something

    against the cup, whereas the content

    is pure nectar.

    that He seeks them on his own and leads

    them in the right path. I wish to see

    Sri Yogi Sriji as a Sathguru in this part

    of the world.

    The book lucidly explains the

    complete threefold dimensions of yoga.

    There is a wrong nation that yoga is just an

    art of twisting the body into various

    intricate shapes and adopt certain

    unnatural postures like standing on ones

    head. This book explains beautifully that

    postures (Asanas) are nothing but

    physical exercises and it is the

    combination of all the three parts of Yoga,

    namely exercise, breathing techniques and

    meditation which can yield the desired

    results. If asanas are difficult due to any

    physical constraints, then even other

    exercises like walking, jogging, cycling,

    swimming etc can be done. This is a

    pleasant surprise for me who can now do

    my pranayamas without feeling guilty

    that my body has become too rigid to do


    iv v

  • Sri Yogi Sriji is not in this for

    commerce. My interaction with him

    say, Try it. If it works, keep it. If it does

    not, throw it away. I have not seen any

    serious practitioner, throwing his

    practices away like this.

    So, I request the reader to understand

    that this book is a small key which can

    open great doors. As the famous writer

    Thiru Balakumaran wrote in his

    foreword to the Tamil and more elaborate

    version of this book ("hd xU

    mj). it is not enough to just read.

    One should get trained by proper

    teachers. We are lucky to have a living

    master in Sri Yogi Sriji. Our luck would

    be fruitful only when we get initiated

    under masters like him and do regular

    practices. I wish all the best for you in this


    vi vii

  • Coimbatore-18.Dt. : 28.7.2014



    (Original in Tamil)

    Popular Tamil Writer Sri Balakumaran

    has given the following compliment,-

    This book is an excellent guide. Just

    like an affectionate mother, passionately

    holding the little hands of her beloved

    child, leads him to school, this book gently

    leads the reader of any age to the edifice

    of Meditation.

    The above comment of a veteran

    writer beautifully conveys the humanism

    coupled with profound wisdom one can

    notice in the words and deeds of

    YOGI SRIJI a living Saint!

    Trikarana Yoga Charitable Trust


  • YOGI SRIJI, was born as Kuttiappan

    Ganesan in the year 1950 in an

    agricultural family in Coimbatore, is a

    post-graduate. He joined the Tamil Nadu

    Government Service and after a long

    distinguished service in the department

    of Commercial Taxes, he retired as

    Deputy Commissioner. In the meanwhile,

    having spent more than 25 years of intense

    spiritual life, he achieved self-realization

    at the age of 47 and realized that science

    and spirituality are the same, because

    science is an experiment and spirituality

    is an experience on belief. With his

    relentless search, he was very fortunate to

    be blessed with a miraculous divine

    darshan from Almighty in the year 1997.

    In as much as the almighty is the Guru

    of all gurus, with His blessings he

    advocated his innovation in scientific

    manner for the peace and well-beings of

    all sections of people across the globe. Yogi

    Sriji has dedicated his life in helping

    people to attain perfect physical health,


    YOGI SRIJI is an enlightened

    spiritual leader. Founder of Trikarana

    Yoga Charitable Trust registered under

    the Charitable and Religious Trust Act

    1920 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It

    is a non-profitable social organization.

    He propagates his philosophy 'Yoga of Life'

    in a new dimension viz. 'Trikarana

    Transcendental Meditation' (TTM) under

    a popular title 'NIMMATHI UNKAIYIL'

    (epk;kjp cd;ifapy); i.e. Peace in Your

    Hand. He perfectly designed and

    advocating how to control and balance the

    threefold unity of body, mind and soul

    (BMS) of the human kind through a

    simple scientific technique. It transcends

    racial, religious, linguistic and national

    boundaries based upon time tested

    scientific laws of nature, governing the

    whole universe.

    xi xii

  • profound mental peace,

    joy, and success in all spheres of human

    endeavors. However, he remains a

    'householder', i.e. he has not broken his

    family ties, nor renounced the world, but

    rather lives a life of true detachment

    devoid of exhibitionism, maintaining

    family ties and performing his Karma with

    the insight of a Gnana Yogi.

    Based on his knowledge of the origin

    and functions of the cosmos and all the

    aspects of life as revealed to his inner

    vision by the Almighty, Yogi Sriji has

    written an excellent book in Tamil under

    the title A wonder in science in the year

    2010. Now He extracts the essence of the

    Tamil book and presents in English to

    facilitate each and everyone to attain bliss

    and wisdom in this world everlastingly.

    Trikarana Yoga Charitable Trust

    vital soul strength,

    xiii xiv


    Dear brothers and sisters and all my

    beloved youngsters, the beautiful souls of

    this marvelous universe, please accept the

    pranams of 'Yogi Sriji' with Love and Good

    wishes to every one of you. This booklet

    which you are now holding in the lotus

    palms of your beautiful hands was

    originally written by me in Tamil with the

    title 'A wonder in science' and published

    by Dina Publications, Coimbatore-641025,

    in the year 2010 . Bes ides the

    overwhelming response to that book in

    Tamil, the longing of many of my beloved

    brothers and sisters to carry the universal

    message contained in that book to the

    nook and corner of the world prompted

    me to extract the essence from the Tamil

    book and present it in English. The

    intention is to facilitate each and everyone

    residing on all parts of the wonderful

    planet Earth to attain success fulfilling

    all his dreams and desires, and enjoy the

    real life gifted by the Almighty.

    It is my wish that you begin a new life

    from today onwards. Many people have a

    false notion that the philosophy of life

    and the associated theories are dry

    subjects that are very difficult to

    understand and much more difficult to

    follow. Nevertheless, I assure you all that

    you can easily understand and immensely

    benefit from them provided you learn

    them with the right attitude and in the

    r i g h t m a n n e r . T h i s T r i k a r a n a

    Transcendental Meditation (TTM),

    invented by me after rigorous spiritual

    contemplation for several years, will

    certainly help you to gain the wisdom that

    is needed for living a blissful and

    meaningful life easily and efficiently.

    TTM is neither a religious ritual nor a

    regress exercise; it is a simple scientific

    xv xvi

  • (Commercial Taxes) (Retd) and Advocate,

    in the High Court of Madras for his review

    and final touches to make the book more

    readable and intelligible to a vast majority

    of people across the globe.

    I hope that this publication would

    help in efficient management of infinite

    powerhouse in everyone's life for

    enlightenment and enjoyment of the real

    pleasure forever!

    Coimbatore - 25

    20.07.2014 -YOGI SRIJI

    technique and a blending the threefold

    unity of body, mind and soul (BMS) with

    no efforts; it is very easy to learn and

    practice that technique and it does not

    require any special ability. It is universal

    in its appeal as it is open to the people of

    a l l a g e s , c u l t u r e s , e d u c a t i o n a l

    backgrounds.It appeals equally to people

    of all sorts and shades regardless of

    whether they identify themselves with

    any of the organized religions or have

    proclaimed themselves to be atheists or

    agnostics. It is a science of 'Silent Inner

    Revolution' - the threefold unification for

    the well being of humankind.

    I acknowledge with thanks the

    valuable assistance of my beloved friend

    Sri Prama Arumugam, M.A., Deputy

    Commissioner (Commercial Taxes) (Retd)

    in translating the contents of this book

    from its Tamil Original. I am also thankful

    to my beloved friend Sri S.P. Asokan,

    M.Sc.,M.Phil.,B.L., Deputy Commissioner xvii xviii


    Part - I

    Dear brothers and sisters,



    You are wise enough to know that the

    words above are not mine; I am quoting

    the above dynamic words of Swami

    Vivekananda only to reach to your very

    soul and open your heart to receive me in

    full with confidence and love. I had an

    inner realization, which I have been

    cherishing for more than Twenty Nine

    years with an intention to share it with

    you. Therefore, lend your time, ears, mind

    to me leaving aside for a while your

    disbeliefs and skepticism and be prepared

    to experience the inner revolution I am

    passionately sharing with you; you may 1

  • There are so many people who had

    already written numerous volumes and

    spoken elaborately and eloquently about

    the philosophy of life and my endeavor

    is to simplify with the blessings from

    Almighty what all they wrote and talked

    about and pass it on to you in a pleasant

    and readily acceptable form. I have termed

    my inner realization as 'TRIKARANA


    and also given it a popular title

    'NIMMATHI UNKAIYIL' (epk;kjpcd;ifapy);

    i.e. 'Peace in your hand'. Before venturing

    into the core topic of our study, I would

    like to make you conversant with basic

    general issues in brief.

    We are aware that in the universe,

    there are millions and millions of stars

    and many sun families. We are also aware

    that we are living in this earth, which

    is a part of the sun family. The earth is the

    fifth largest planet in the solar system

    and the only planet that supports life. It

    later to come out with your doubts and

    misgivings, which I shall be too happy

    to clarify.

    You know today every human being

    is desperately searching for 'Nimmathi'

    (epk;kjp) i.e. 'Peace'; he thinks that he

    can get it only by achieving all his dreams

    and satisfying all his desires. However,

    success eludes him because he does not

    take the correct way to reach the

    destination desired by him. I am sure that

    TTM will give you the right route map

    that will guide you to reach the stage in

    your life where you can taste total success

    and absolute enjoyment of the real

    happiness in life. The way suggested is the

    threefold unity of body, mind and soul

    (BMS). This unity is the prime

    requirement and purpose of your whole life

    and all other expectations and aspirations

    pale into insignificance in the glorious

    light of this Holy Trinity.

    2 3

  • lifeless objects are all travelling such long

    distances at great speed continuously

    without any break. We are standing,

    walking, swimming, playing etc. on the

    earth as if it is static without feeling its

    movements in the universal space. The

    moon, which is a natural satellite to the

    earth, is revolving around the earth once

    in 28 days. It weighs 735,000 million

    tones and its circumference covers 10,919

    km. It is located 4, 07,000 km away from

    the earth. This sun family said to have 140

    moons viz. Earth has 01 moon, Mars

    02 moons, Jupiter 63 moons, Saturn

    34 moons, Uranus 27 moons and Neptune

    13 moons, but the Mercury and Venus

    have no moons. Besides dwarf planets

    like Pluto and Eris, countless comets,

    asteroids, and meteoroids are there. This

    information is subject to change since to

    the vision of the scientists expands

    everlastingly. We can talk endlessly about

    the things known about the Sun family

    weighs roughly about 59,720,000 million

    tons and its circumference covers 40,075

    km. It is located 149,597,000 km away

    from the sun. The earth rotates around its

    own axis at a speed of 1,670 km/hour and

    it takes 23 hours 56 minutes 04.09053

    seconds for the earth to complete one such

    full rotation. By the time it takes one

    rotation along its axis travels which we

    call as a 'DAY' it revolves around the sun

    at a speed of 1,07,870 km/hour and at

    this speed it covers 25,41,450 km/day

    and completes one full revolution, covering

    940 million km, around the sun in

    365.2564 days which we term as a

    'YEAR'. Besides, you would be astonished

    to know that in the above process sun's

    peripheral atmosphere wind...