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The bahamas. Isabel & Octy. Basic Geography. Atlantic Ocean. Size-5,382 sq mile Capital-Nassau Major landmarks- Atlantic Ocean, the out island Bodies of water- Atlantic Ocean - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Isabel & Octy

  • Basic Geography Size-5,382 sq mile Capital-Nassau Major landmarks- Atlantic Ocean, the out islandBodies of water- Atlantic OceanClimate-The year, rang 20 to 21 degrees C at night. Sea temperature rang between 23 degrees C in February and 28 degrees C in August Natural resource- Salt, Aragonite, Timber, Arable land

    AragoniteNassauAtlantic Ocean

  • Demography & Economy Population-309,156Mortality rate-23.17GDP-8.779 billion Ethnic group- Black 85%,White 12%,Asian & Hispanic 3%Government & leadership-constitution parliamentary democracy & a common wealth realm Currency name-Bahamian dollars Exchange rate- Its worth the same as U.S dollarsBahamian dollarBahamian peopleBahamian coin

  • historyIndependence-July 1973Leader- Hon Perry G. Christie Important events-epitome, Junkanoo, The annual 1bahamas Music & Heritage festival

    Hon Perry g. ChristieJunkanooSound Andros

  • Society Religion- Baptist 32%, Anglican 20%, Roman Catholic 19%, Methodist 6%, Church of God 6%, other Protestant 12%, none or unknown 3%, other 2% Language-English with an accent Food-meat fish, peas and rice, chicken, fish, Macaroni and chess, ribs, conch, potato salad and plantainMarriage- same as U.S marriage custom

  • Required imagesHon Perry G. Christie

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