the abc’s of college planning - sha ??technical institutes •service academies ... writing •...

Download The ABC’s of College Planning - Sha ??Technical Institutes •Service Academies ... Writing • Score range 200-800 ... The ABC’s of College Planning

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  • The ABCs of College Planning

    Are You Ready?

  • This is Part Two of a Series

    Part Three- In early September, an evening on the college application process

    Part Four In the fall, senior individual meetings

    Part Five - Financial Aid night for the FAFSA

  • 2017 Graduation Requirements

    130 Credits

    Required courses for graduation: 4 years of English, 4 years of History, 4 years of

    Physical Education, 3 years of Math, 3 years of Science, 1 year of Foreign Language, 1 year of visual & performing arts, 1 year of 21st Century Life and Careers including Instructional Technology, Financial Literacy


  • Two-year Colleges


    Technical Institutes

    Service Academies

    Career Schools

  • Most Important Factors for College Acceptance

    The Transcript by far the single most important document


    Test scores on the SAT or ACT

    Activities and Community Service

    The Essay

  • The Admission Process How Admission Decisions Are Made

    Academic Record

    Strength of course load

    Overall performance from grades 9-12

    Overall grade point average

  • The Admissions Process

    Honors & Awards

    Extracurricular and Personal Activities

    The College Essay

    Personal Interview

    Special Categories: Athletes, leaders, artists, musicians,

    geographically diverse students, economically and/educationally disadvantaged students.

  • College Resume

    Senior Information Questionnaire and Parent Brag Sheet

  • PSAT

    Excellent tool for SAT preparation

    Gives each student a comprehensive report outlining strengths and weaknesses

    Junior year PSAT scores enter students for the National Merit scholarship program

  • Admission Process

    Standardized Tests:

    SAT I


    SAT II


  • SAT Application Information

    Ocean Township High School code 311039

    Test Center 31-604

    Testing Dates Check registration deadlines on web site

    Photo ID required and must print out admission ticket with photo on test day

    Special Circumstances: Fee waivers, Sunday testing, testing for students with disabilities

  • The SAT

    Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Score range 200-800 Multiple Choice

    Math Score Range 200-800 Multiple Choice and Grid-ins No Calculator

    Section/Calculator Section

    Essay (optional) Score range 4-1

    4=Advanced 3=Proficient 2=Partial 1=Inadequate

  • SAT

    Test Dates

    January 23, 2016

    March 5, 2016

    May 7, 2016

    June 4, 2016


    December 28, 2015

    February 5, 2016

    April 8, 2016

    May 5, 2016

  • National college admission examination that consists of tests in: English, Math, Reading, Science and an optional Writing test.

    What scores are reported: English (1-36), Math (1-36), Reading (1-36), Science (1-36), Writing (1-36)

    What colleges are looking for: highly selective 27-31, selective 22-27, traditional 20-23, liberal 18-21, open 17-20.

  • ACT

    Test Dates

    Feb. 06, 2016

    April 09, 2016

    June 11, 2016


    Jan 08, 2016

    March 04, 2016

    May 06, 2016

  • Free Test Preparation

    Naviance- Method Test Prep sampletest

  • Schools that Do Not Require Test scores for

    Admission Consideration

  • Its Time To Begin Your Search







    Student Body

    Admission Policy








    Other Important

    Factors Cost

  • College Search Resources


    Online resources and websites

    Colleges own website

    College Fairs

  • Naviance

    Email Mrs. Griffin at

    to link student accounts or create a parent account

  • Naviance Junior Parent Tutorial

  • College Fairs and Campus Visits April 21, 2016-College Fair @ Brookdale Community College 6-8:30 (200

    College Representatives)

    Meet with college representatives at college fairs

    Visit the campus-open house

    Keep a campus profile page on each school

  • Your Final List

    Reach schools - present an admission


    Realistic schools - admission standards closely

    match your qualifications

    Foundation schools - your academic

    achievement exceeds the admission criteria

  • NCAA National Collegiate Athletic

    Association The NCAA Clearinghouse will certify all

    athletes for division I & II

    An athlete needs to register the beginning of his or her senior year.

    An NCAA Guide and student release form are available on line at,

    Eligibility is based on courses completed, grades and quality points and an SAT/ACT score

  • Schedule For College Planning February/March

    Begin to prepare a list of colleges to explore Prepare for the SATs using Naviance method test prep Take the SAT/ACT

    April Make visits to campuses for tours, open houses, etc. Take an ACT Attend the Monmouth County college fair in April at

    Brookdale Community college-April 21, 2016

    May Take the SAT Request letters of recommendation from your teachers Resume in Naviance

    June Another chance to take the SAT I or SAT II Continue to visit schools, refine your list Complete senior information sheet

  • Guidance Text Reminders

    The fastest and

    easiest way to

    stay informed!

    You can also send a blank

    email to-

  • This Summer: Do Something Productive

    Work, volunteer, study

    If unhappy with the first SAT scores, study using Naviance method test prep

    Think about/write essays for the college applications

    Create or update a college resume-can do this on Naviance

  • Ways Parents Can Be Helpful

    Assess the financial and academic possibilities upfront

    Develop a thoughtful college list

    Visit colleges Help keep track of

    deadlines. Be positive, realistic and supportive

    Seek financial aid-services, it should be FREE. You should never be charged for FAFSA completion