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    The s ~ason 198~ f~aturtd -a number o f occurrences with spe:·cial siguificancc: for B. B. A. !\ . ?:. C.

    'I'he senior- di vis i on o f tht: club which was and I hop e wil 1 continue to b

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    This year the Swans promoted the Lions Cup (Knock- out Competition for--High--Scbu...als-·tbruuf•ho ut the State) . By far the most successful p0rfo r manc e and the surprise of the competi tion was Benilde High of Bankstown winning through to the quarter - finals . A tribute to their coach as wFll as t o their determination and school spirit as only one playe r is a cur r ent weekend playe r .

    In the t>atur day inter club scEne the Cl ub was quite succ~ssful , both on the field as outlin(d at the Annual Presentation andoff, with a number of social ~ vents f or players and parents .

    We L' tartt:d the seaso n with tbc:. potenti a l to r aise two teams in l.'.·a ch of th e ages U/9 , U/11, and U713 and with excess players in U/15aid U/17 which might have b(en Exploited had all rEsources be.en nvailable . As it was we were not able; to get a ground in the.: ,/est- South area of ti1E: City until hal f way t hroue:,h the se:·ason and by that time -Ne naa ' l o:= t ' t hos

  • On present &tion night wi:: sai d &,oodb-yc· to-. a . numbc:r of footbDllen:: who lc:.rE. sident and a long tim E f ootbal l fri~nd to t~is club ana t o m~ p~rsonally. StcvEn Pate e,o ES into the senior ranks bu't wc. still have ano thE:r ?ate r ei;iaining and we. keep the services uf lhurif' and Ray.

    1982 sr cs the- loss to this Club and Bankstown Sports g

  • Statement of In co CJe and Expcnd i tur c 1982 SE'ason

    J unior Sub- Committee

    Exp enditure BalancE 1981 beason

    Pr esentation $312 . 00 A. G. r . 231 . 80 U/15 JackPts 682 . 00 l , 225 . 80

    AdvEr tisi ng 915.00 Regn . & Levies 490 . 00 First Aid Equip . 124 . 94 Umpires Fet:s · 310 . 00 bta~ps & Postage 218 . 86 Stati onery 323 . 06 Prtsent~ti on 1982 240 . 00 Teams Equipment 168 . 21 Birthday Cards 11 . 40 Socks, Shorts & T. Shirtsl,795 . 92 Mtdical .Expenses 100. 00 CompEnsntion 90.00 Flower s 41.00 Football Jumpers 845 . 80 Wollong:rng Bus Hire 225 .00 Cupboard for Canteen 161 . 00 Birth Cert ificates 28 . 00 P::>otb2lls 941 . 10 Rep . TEam LEvies 810 .00 Padlock _ 5 . 95 Schoo l Organiser 770 . 00 Fxpenses School Corr:p . -543 . 67 T~achers Dinner 337 . 45 Grand Final Party 190 . 00 U/9 Jackets 303 . 90 P€anut ~rittle 2 , 407 . 54 Photos 614 . 25 Team Funds Expenditure 461 . 80 C&.mp RavE·ta 704 . 00 Cheque Books 10. 00 Miscel laneous 6 .00 State Bank 593 . 68 ~ebenturc s 520. 00

    ~16,533.33 -=========


    State Bc::n k

    Debentur es IntEr

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    Under 9

    COACH; Ray Louth l'ilil.bAGER: Kaye Bi thell

    .11.; :SI S'I . .Ji '.I 00., CH : Paul lVJo s s YEAR FORMED: 1972

    Beet and Fairest: Co n~i s tent: Best Team t~ian: Beet Ut~lity Player: Most Improved~

    1982 '.IEAM AdARDS

    Steven Bithell Rlan Douglas Brent Mieszkuc Craig Kelly David Pollock

    This year has been a most successful year for our U/9 's. ·Ni th budding new tal€nt, ability and willingness to train hard and to learn combining to give u:_. a team of ambitious , dedic>ated and successful footballers who would ~ake any club proud .

    Gur new talent this yesr saw two of our ' iggE-st boys , Alan Douglas and Craig Kelly become househo l d names in other clubs for their Ricking ability and det~rmination to get the ball . de also saw Matthew Jiley ~ Paul Ayo'ub, Brett 1V1aning, Shannon Abbott , Brent Mieszkuc, Neill Levine and ·Adam Jones all of whom in their first year I am proud to say , always managed to !Jet the ball at some stage and effectively contribute t o the team effort . Towards the ena of the season we had a late in Rick.y Boss , who, with a full se:ason to look forward to · next ye:a r has shown ne has speed and ability with a v ery kee:n eye· -r;hat g,i ves him a lot of pro mise regards nis · futt. re in the game • . ·

    Now to our o ld er boy~ who too had a great season . Steven Bi thell, Herbert Love, Damian Zar:mi t, David Pollock , Michael .Aldridge, .Andrew Louth , Jason Bzado.uch, Brett E.obin son , and Brendan Wal tou all of whom have shown that the con.iiaence gained from a second season and for some a third , has 6iven tnem the abi lity t o go for the ball with a determination tnat has resultEd in moves

    . that one would have tbought beyond most U/9 1 ~ . Allour U/9 1 s .have been interchanged through most ·positions during the season an d this has dEveloped a team of confident centre field runners who have made many other coaches rBmark on the ability of our team in general.

    Australian Rules Football is an extremely energy consuming sport and often a teame fitness to carry on for a full game can mean the difference betweEn two teams< Our U/9 's have

    ·shown in 1982 that they wer e not only fitter but they played a code of football that lef t other teams talking and paved the way t o t,I1eir being Undefea ted in all matches for the. season . ·

    I would like to e~y that our season this year has been a credit to all who have been part of it and thanks to the many parents for their willing support and assistanc e through the season .

  • To have been able to coach a team where par·t.:nt participation has beEn nothil'.lg short Of excE·llent and the keermE:SS Of the fuys has gi ven mE the fondest memories and left me truely proud .

    Last but far fro m l east I would like to thank my Manager Kaye Bi thell and Assistant Coach Paul Mo::os for their t r emendous support during th6 season in helping make the U/9 1s as strong of f the fi eld as they were on • ..

    Sen i ors in 1983

    = = -= = =

    Ray J . Louth Coach.

    Bdnkstown Sports Aus tralian Rules (Senior) Football Club has compl ~tcd its fir s t y~ar in thE Sydney Football Leagut 1st grade comp2tition .

    During the season they w0n only 4 games . One against Newtown , one against C:mpbelltown and both gamGs against Liverpool.

    Results in thE sEcond r ound were much improved over thEir early games against expEriencEd clubs like North Sydney &J'Jd St . Geurgc;.

    Two things stood out in the- B~nk.s town li TIE up - one was the lack of a tall ruclcman and thE other was the absence of a clase f orward .

    PEnnant Hil ls play Ed in the 1982 Grand Final and agairist us tht:y l oo ked very ordinary . Bankstown had the ball in i ts f0rwar·d lin e for much more of t hE 100 minutEs than th€ opposition did. But we could not scur~ goals. The PrEsi dent of Pennant Bills gave a very t:,ood speech after that garue , saying that i n his opinion WE had won a moral victory.

    Moral victor~es a r e hollow onEs and do not get the 4 points .

    A ~::> od gr oup of jm1iors is being promoted next season and another good group 5o~s up i n 1984 .

    The club is cJnfid~nt 0f its future, bas ed mainly on the class of its juniors , bo l ster ed by one or two playrrs to fill spc_:cial needs . 111e predict big things after 1985 .


    COACH : John Magner

    AS~IS'.I'ANT COACH: · No e l Mos s

    MANAGER: Mary Hardaker Pam Hod ges

    YEAR .FORJ.\IIED : 1972

    1982 TEAM Arl..:i.RDS

    Best and Fairest : Niost Consistent: . Best Uti lity Playe~ : Best Team Man: Most Improved :

    .Peter Brooks Snaun rtdraaktr Peter Birch .Andrevv Hod ges John .Magner

    At thE start of the season we f ound that our t eam consi sted of 10 n

  • Ont: thing tnat was nu t icL d about this representative side was that our club fi e lde d half o f the sice picked which shows just how strong tb~s club is g1::tting.

    At . this tim e I wuuld likC:: to thank the poplc who h( lpEd IDC; during the yEar, Noel Moss assis ting me to coach the boys , Pam Hodgi:s and lV1ary Hardak

  • •• • ---'!;i.t.. -..- UJ.LJ .. :.}J.:.t.l.V

    COACH : David Hancock MAN AG ER~ Annmarie Young_

    ASSI ~T.11NT C0ACH: Glenn Saada YEhR :FORMED : 1981

    1982 TEAM A !ARDS

    Best and Fairest: Most consistent: Be~t Team Man: Best Utility Player: Most Improved :

    Seo tt McTunald PE:ter Orton Ross Janes Paul Campb e 11 Gerard Cebrell e

    Je s tartE:d off loeing gawes but by the t.nii of the season had beaten every teaE excEpt c~mpbelltown . de got to wi ttlin 5 points of them, closer than any othfr team . This shows thE tremendous in~roveDent of thE players .

    . fr: h2d the bE: st .Mi:.:na5er in Armmari e Young. She had the boys under control most :if tne ti1!i€, supplying us a l l with notts of gam~ timE:e and rneesages fro~ tnc pr evi ous weeks action . Thanks very much .

    At f irst Glenn &nd I didn ' t expEct to be accepted ?.s coaches , being only ~ y ears older tban most of the players, but W€ all got on well . They are a great bunch of kids .

    Thanks very ~uch to thE parents , and kids , who helped out with our " c8nteen '' at Killara , also with o ur .. goal umpi ring and the transporting Of kids. ·

    'i'le eo ld mo T"E' p e-2nut brittle than any ot} team . · ·congratulations to the players vvho took out the prizes . and to MatthLW Clei.ncy on his :ii-100 prize . .Mrs .. Jam~s di d a great j o b a nd deserved her ·prize for the team organisers award .

    Paul Lenz: of l ootball Ht: did show th€S E wht: r E:

    Paul being only young and not 2s yet thinking S€r iou


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