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  • Tennis Court MAKEOVER


    Cottonwood Residential property Lake St. James in Conyers, GA repurposed thier aging and underutilized tennis court and breathed new life into it. Now the area is a cheerful Dog Park complete with seating, new sod , and fresh landscaping. It s better suited to the needs and interests of the residents, it s more attractive, and its greener too.

    The project was a vision of Lake St. James Apartments, who teamed up with Pet and Playground Products of Eclectic, AL. A growing number of apartments are re-purposing thier tennis courts, explains Pet and Playground Products Senior Project Consultant Steve Crum. It makes more sense than throwing money at tennis court repairs

    because it creates something new that more residents will use, Plus it looks fantastic. Lake St. James had the added benefit that all of the colorful fixtures and landscaping are visible from the street. People drive by and think hey nice property - something good is happening there!



    Lake St. James Apartments in Conyers, GA found a way to add life and visual appeal to an aging amenity.

  • (Lake St. James continued)

    The Lake St. James tennis court makeover used a perimeter of existing court surface, which was repaired and repainted in an attractive earth tone color. New sod, dog park fixtures, and landscaping were placed in the center. This creates a paved walking path around the entire park while still leaving a large area for dog activity fixtures.

    The colorful commercial-grade Dog Park fixtures from Pet and Playground Products are designed to take plenty of demanding use while maintaining their appearance.

    From highly affordable to extra luxurious...Youll find a tennis court re-purpose option that fits your needs and budget. And though dog parks are a popular amenity addition, there are many different applications that take your old tennis court and add spark and vitality to the community.

    The layout below is just one of nearly limitless ways a tennis court can be recreated to become an active and valued amenity.

    Tennis court re-purposing projects usually include one or more of the following.

    Repair and resurface courts Create double gate fence entry areas

    for dog parks Demolition of concrete or asphalt Replace/add new sod Install irrigation for dog parks or

    gathering areas Create multi-use areas, i.e. one-half

    mini soccer field with the other half as a dog park and outdoor sitting area

    Or same as above but with a playground instead of a dog park

    Playground with Bonded Rubber


    Fenced Dog Park with Sod

    Existing Asphalt Surface

    Soccer Field with Sod Call (866) 398-3992 and ask for your local representative.315 Main Street Eclectic, AL 36024 (866) 398-3992

    Cypress Lakes - HoustonAt one time this volleyball court (below) made sense. But not today. The newly created dog park matches the needs of the community and provides an attractive accent to the grounds.




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