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  • 1. exc lu s iv e ex p os ur e Attack on Iran would cause World War IIIIranian Chief of Staff endtime magazine january / february 2009 vol 19 no 1 $3.00 2 0 8 2 0 9 P ro p h e t i c FULFILLMENTS of 2 0 0 8 w h at t o expect in 2 0 0 9 h e ls o r iona l i s ra e b r gi n c a p i ta l
  • 2. vol 19/no1 departments editorial 4 World reVieW 6 letterS and feedback 8 bible StudieS 19 features Shop endtime 31 radio broadcaSt 32 10 Cover Story: Prophetic Fufillments of 2008 Ten major prophecies are in process of fulfillment right now. It will shock you to realize how rapidly the fulfillments progressed in 2008. Irvin Baxter explains, one by one, what happened in 2008 concerning each prophecy. by irvin baxter 20 Cover Story: Contents What to Expect in 2009r Which will come first? The signing of the Middle East peace agreement that begins the final seven years or the war that destroys one-third of mankind? In this article, you will receive new insight into this very important question. by irvin baxter cover story 10 20 24 Hebron: Israels Original Capital Abraham purchased the cave of Machpelah at Hebron when his wife Sarah died. Later, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were all buried there, and their remains are there till this day. Even as Isaac and Ishmael struggled here 4,000 years ago, Jews and Arabs continue to strive against one another to this day. by Craig treadwell 24 Politics&REligion ProPhecy talk PrograM listen Daily anywh ere in the world 1. Go to www.endtime.com 2. click on the radio tab 3. click on click here to listen or Play or download listen at the live time or at your convenience! 1 Cover Al-Aqsa Mosque - Model of Third Jewish Temple. Copyright 2009 - Shutterstock.com endtime magazine | January / February 2009 3
  • 3. Editorial m a g a z i n e Editor-in-ChiEf Irvin Baxter, Jr. managing Editor Craig Treadwell Editorial assistants Judy Baxter IrvinBaxter Ginger Boerkircher Deb Bowman Julie Cunningham What to do? Dana Grohman Julie Kidwell Karina Mason Kara McPeak Their finest hour! Candace Mendoza Gail Simmons Melissa Treadwell PartnEr rElations irvin baxter Jana Robbins ConfErEnCE dirECtor Vickie Ward As we make our way into the year 2009, the world is in a intErnEt state of utter chaos. The worlds economy is in a steep dive David Novick with no end in sight. Israels recent elections were inconclu- CrEativE dirECtor sive, leaving all of us to wonder whether the Middle East is headed for peace or Doug White nuclear war with Iran. art dirECtor & layout At the same time, the worlds leading power has a new and very inexperi- Robert Agee enced president, facing challenges that would overwhelm even the most expe- rienced world leader. statement of faith Banks are collapsing. Life savings are being wiped out. And the death of We believe that the Bible is the inspired capitalism, as we have known it, is being gleefully announced by the closeted Word of God, that Jesus Christ is the socialists among us. Savior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel what do we do? where do we hide? 2:44). Those who are born again (John First of all, we dont hide. For we know that all things work together for 3:35) will have eternal life and rule as good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his pur- ki


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