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    Technava S.A.

    May 2010

    Technava News

    Start up & Commissioning of Westfalia Separator Oily water Treatment System BilgeMaster 1500

    By Dimitris Kratsas

    Aalborg Industries LSFO Modification proposal for Pressure Jet Burners

    By Dimitris Koliaroudakis

    Further to the materialization of Steam Atomizing Burners modification Aalborg Industries are now in position to announce a relevant, integral solution, for the Pressure Jet Burners.

    In order to enable Pressure Jet burners to cope with ultra low Sulphur fuels operation, Aalborg Industries have looked after all the affected by MGO components.

    The integrated High Pressure Booster Pump is heavily affected by the MGO and its poor lubricant properties. The replacement, or if possible the modification, of this pump which initially was intended to operate on viscosity range above 4cSt needs to be considered.

    Nozzle tip is has to be re-designed as well, since will be asked to cope with a considerably lighter fuel. Last but not least the Post Purge requirement obliges makers to consider upgrading of the Control System in order to introduce this safety step.

    For plants that already operate exclusively on DMA (older systems that possibly are not capable to run on HFO) there is the option of modifying and adjusting the plant solely for MGO operation; cutting down the modification to the above mentioned minimal extend.

    Except Burners & Control System modification additional consideration need to be taken with regards to MGO purity (on terms of its Sulphur content). Change over procedure as well as fuel circulation from and to the supply tank, unavoidably constitutes a risk of MGO contamination.

    The adaptation of a proper and automatic flushing procedure via an additional mixing tube and introduced 3/2-way valves can be considered as an efficient enough solution for a single/common piping system.

    Substantially simpler operational wise and with higher redundancy can be considered the double/parallel fuel system lay-out. An individual MGO piping would ensure direct and instant change-over procedure, elimination of MGO over-heating risk (due to remaining tracing) as well as separate fuel pumps for each fuel type.

    In this issue

    AALBORG IndustriesLSFO Modification proposal for Pressure Jet Burners Hamann Sewage Treatment HL-CONT PLUS Freshwater Generation without LimitsOperate Anywhere with Pall Integrated Membrane Systems The VIKING Ship-owners Service Agreement the flexibility you need Start up & Commissioning of Westfalia Separator Oily water Treatment SystemBildgeMaster 1500 Allweiler Technical Forum Editor-in-chief: Zoe Krommida

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    Technava News May 2010

    Hamann Sewage Treatment HL-CONT PLUS By Konstantinos Fakiolas

    According to the new IMO MEPC 159(55) regulation, sewage systems installed on board ships after 1/1/2010, have to comply with new, stricter effluent standards and introducing additional criteria (such as COD, pH).

    HAMANN AG, responding to the above development, is introducing an innovative, patented sewage treatment system, the HL-CONT PLUS, based on the very successful older version, which do not use complicated treatment technologies, with expensive running & maintenance costs, but a uniquely simple treatment process offering the following advantages:

    - Automatic cleaning, - The smallest foot print in the market, making it IDEAL for retrofits, - Minimal electric consumption, - Small holding tank requirements saving space on board, - Very low maintenance costs & almost no spare parts required, - Is a chlorine-free system.

    The new HL-Cont PLUS system is fully certified under MEPC 159(55) and is offered in various versions covering capacities for up to 2.500 persons.

    Technava, as exclusively authorized representative can provide you with full local support during installation, commissioning & start-up, by our expert service & engineers team, as well as project evaluation during newbuilding or retrofit projects.

    Industry leading technology from Pall Corporation enables mobile water purification from virtually any water source. Our Integrated Membrane Systems (IMS) remove bacteria, protozoan cysts, viruses, dissolved components and other contaminants to provide pure, safe drinking water and/or all water utility purposes.

    Pall has designed, manufactured and qualified a series of automated IMS water purification systems that are proven to perform with feedwater supplied from open sea, including littoral areas, river mouth, rivers and harbour areas. The feedwater could have extremely high-suspended solids (500NTU) and salt concentrations, which often deter ship operators from making water in these areas for safety and practical reasons.

    The Pall IMS Freshwater Generator incorporate automatic Aria microfiltration pre-filter systems and reverse osmosis membranes. The unit has a desalination capacity rangin from 2 to 500m3/day in fully automated mode, supervised by a 15in. Operator Display unit.

    Freshwater Generation without Limits Operate Anywhere with Pall Integrated Membrane Systems

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    Technava News May 2010

    Freshwater Generation without Limits Operate Anywhere with Pall Integrated Membrane Systems

    VIKING being a market leader on the field of maritime life saving and loyal Global partner for many years feeling the needs of the market - has now developed a new concept, which is coming to give solution to your worldwide service.

    VIKING Ship-owner agreement is a uniquely customizable concept that incorporates safety products, global servicing, single-source management, and financing in a variety of truly fixed price structures.

    This exciting new concept is designed to help you focus on your business. You can choose among its many options (i.e. fixed price liferafts service agreement and fixed price liferafts exchange) to free your mind from worries about service due dates, multiple vendor planning, fluctuating servicing costs, overtime labor cost and other administrative tasks, and get added peace of mind with a single point of contact for your servicing needs across the globe.

    How to get started: Contact us to discuss which options are relevant for your operation. Im-portant issues to discuss are the ports involved and the type and brand of equipment on board.

    The VIKING Ship-owners Service Agreement the flexibility you need

    By Alexandros Alexandropoulos

    Start up & Commissioning of Westfalia Separator Oily water Treatment SystemBM 1500

    By Demetres Kratsas

    Technava has recently delivered and successfully commissioned a Westfalia Separator Oily water Treatment System, so called BM 1500 as mobile version with a self cleaning centrifuge WSD 8-01-037 at PPC Mykonos.

    Technava S.A undertook the transportation, assist on piping and electrical installation, start-up, commissioning and engineer training on Power station of Mykonos setting a new standard of waste water management of Power plants within the sensitive environment of our islands.

    The skid is fixed on a trailer for road transportation in order to serve the Power Plants within Greek islands. The offered purifier is able to reduce the oil of oily water content at the outlet to smaller than 10 ppm. The system is capable to handle up contaminated water with as much as 10% oil content while the clean outlet is particle free from metal particles 3 and heavy non metallic particles 5 .

    Our offered separation Unit, was delivered completely piped and wired on the module tested for achiev-ing separation capacity up to 1000 ltr/hour. Complete module has been manufactured and tested in Germany by our Principals Messrs Westfalia Separator Systems.

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    TECHNAVA S.A. 6 Loudovikou Sq,

    GR 185-31, Piraeus

    Technava News May 2010

    Technava News May 2010

    ALLWEILER AG and TECHNAVA S.A. organized a Technical Forum on the Latest developments on Marine Pumps & Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Solutions, at the Athens Ledra Marriott Hotel on 18th of March 2010. The forum addressed mainly the new directive 2005/33/EC of the European Parliament effective from January 2010 mentioning that fuels burned during lay days in European ports may contain no more than 0.1% sulphur by mass. These ordinances significantly influence the operating conditions of fuel pumps. Typically, marine fuel oils may now exhibit significantly lower viscosity than the diesel fuels used in the past.

    ALLWEILER offers specially configured fuel pumps for this purpose or retrofitting the already delivered pumps on board with suitable modification kit. Smart products are also available for security and environmental pur-poses, like leakage monitoring system (Lantern as a leakage collector with limit switch), collecting flammable and explosive liquids /


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