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1st Thematic seminar on Sustainable Energy Systems in Municipal Authorities and on Innovative Financing Tools. Helsinki


  • 1. Sustainable Energy Systems in Pcs, Hungary kos Hegyi Councilor Municipality of Pcs City STEP 1st Thematic Seminar, Helsinki 11. April 2013.

2. Agenda City of Pcs Change in mentality National/Regional energy strategy/SEAP Energy Club Local energy strategy EU funds, investments Investor opportunities 3. City of Pcs 4. Fact sheet Area: 163 km Height over sea level: 120 - 250m Annual precipitation: 620 mm Annual mean temperature: 10, 3 C Mean temperature in January: -1,4 C Mean temperature in July: 20,5 C Number of sunny hours: 2022 Number of inhabitants: 157,000 Population density: 964 person/km Male/Female: 54-46% Age groups: - Children (0-14) 14%, - Active (15-65): 69%, - Pensioner 17% 5. Economy Located in the midst of an agricultural area, Pcs is the natural hub of local products Until some years ago, it had a coal mine and even a Uranium mine. Several factories exist, but after the fall of the Iron Curtain many have not managed the transition well. There is a gradual development of modern high-tech industry famous porcelain factory. The Zsolnay Porcelain Pcsi Srfzde (Pcs Brewery) Three industrial parks 6. CityofCulture P C S 7. Kodly Center 8. Zsolnay 9. Zsolnay Cultural Quarter 10. Knowledge Center - Beehive 11. Change in mentality 2000-2004 preparation for membership pre-accession funds 2004-2007 and 2007-20013 operational program (nature and energy) 2013 strategies, visions, professional background 2014 sustainable urban development - Price sensitivity - economic problems - NGOs, civil groups - politicians - affordable technology - education 12. National/Regional energy strategy/SEAP National Energy Strategy 2030 2013 Regional Energy Strategy 2013 -2014 Pcs City Energy Strategy 2014 SEAP 13. Energy Club City Development Nonprofit Ltd. Local government decision Energy unit Municipality, university, experts, consultants, l ocal private companies - works as a LSG Technical background: call for proposal Advisory board Think tank 14. Local energy strategy April 2013 November 2013 / Euro net. 21.500 Status analysis where we are Municipal, county, regional strategies international trends Assessment of local human resources Collection of local projects Territorial declaration of the energy strategy Preparation of the energy scale Local resources Demand and consumption Loss Identification of loss potentials 15. Local energy strategy II. Examination of the external environment SWOT, STEEPLE, BSC Definition of strategic directions Scenarios Time and action Time and no action, delays in decisions No time, no action Operative programs, actions plans, projects The integrated social-economic effects of the projects Calculation of the alternatives outcome measures Energy, environment, CO2 16. Local energy strategy III. Cooperation with SEAP developers Handout for investors Hungarian/English SWOT Local resources/entrepreneurs Linking concrete projects to EU and FDI money Suggestion for the institutionalizations Execution, evaluation, modification 17. EU funds, investments 15 schools 3 done 1 cultural center Blue-Green House project 5% of ERDF funds: sustainable urban development Urbact ESCO 18. Investor opportunities Tsksrt - 400 ha Ipark Pcs 200ha University Hauni, Flextronics, Jabil Available workforce 19. See you in Pcs kos Hegyi Municipality of Pcs City