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PresentationOnManufacturing Process of 600MW Stator BarAtC.I.M. Block IVB.H.E.L., Haridwar

By: Manish Kumar Verma10EBKEE029


Manufacturing Process of 600MW Stator Bar

Quality Tests


IntroductionWhat is Bar?Double Layer WindingParts of a Stator Bar

Manufacturing Process of Stator BarConductor CuttingTranspositionMechanical AdvantageElectrical Advantage

Manufacturing Process of Stator Bar

Manufacturing Process of Stator BarForming and Marking[bars are bent][marking is done for Lugs and extra conductor cutting]Extra Conductor Cutting[According to marking, extra conductor is cut]Lug Mounting[Contact Sleeves and Water box Bottom are mounted on marking]

Manufacturing Process of Stator Bar

S.N.IngredientQuantity (Parts by weight(P.B.W.))1Water1002Sulphuric Acid103Phosphoric Acid54Hydrogen peroxide5

Mechanical Quality Tests

InsulationInsulation Taping1 Layer - Cu Tape Soldering (Manually)1 Layer - Conducting Tape (Manually)1 Layer - Fine Mica Paper (Manually)16 Layers (By CNC machine)4 Layers Fine Mica Paper12 Layers Mica Split[called main Insulation]

Vacuum Pressure ImpregnationStep 3 Filling[Hot Resin is filled inside the tray from downwards using Pipes with controlled Speed.][Resin from the tanks is drained to Impregnation tank from lower valves with the help of Nitrogen Pressure.]

Vacuum Pressure ImpregnationStep 4 Pressure Super Imposition[To fill the resin inside the 17 insulation layers][Nitrogen Pressure of 4 bar for 2 hours]

Step 5 Drainage[Resin is drained to the resin tanks maintaining Nitrogen pressure of 2 bars]

Step 6 Aeration[All the vacuum and Nitrogen Pressure is Released by opening valves.]After aeration, bars are taken out and pressed at a closed box fixture on baking wagon.After extra resin is removed, bars are baked in an oven.

Electrical Quality Tests

Electrical Quality Tests


Conductor Warnish

Semiconductor Warnish


TG StatorTG RotorDC Generator at TG test bedS.R.G.M. Naval Gun and Dummy Rounds for testing at Defense BlockAt Loco ShopSteam TurbineExperience at B.H.E.L., Haridwar



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