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Deck for Strata Online Dec 2011 - for more see my blog at


  • 1. The Road for Enterprise Data From Traditional BI to Big Data@LynnLangitPractioner, Author, Instructor

2. BI = Current State Questions What did we sell?Collecting When did we sell it?Transactionaldata Where did we sell it? What did we sell with it? 3. BTWDo you use Data Mining? 4. BI Data Landscape Storage Processing QueryPresentation 5. Mix-in #1 -- the Cloud and Host Data in the Cloud Process & Query Data in the Cloud Click to query and (data) mine Return the data locally Use Self-service BI visualizers Mash-up Cloud data Combine with local data 6. NoSQL and the Cloud The Elephant in the roomHadoop Over 120+ types of noSQL databases 7. Cant We All Play Together? 8. Data in the Cloud - Microsoft 9. Windows Azure DataMarket 10. Amazon AWS 11. Google App Engine Data 12. New on Google MySQL++ 13. Comparing RDBMS and MapReduceReference: Tom Whites Hadoop: The Definitive Guide Traditional RDBMSMapReduceData SizeGigabytes (Terabytes)Petabytes (Hexabytes)Access Interactive and BatchBatchUpdatesRead / Write many timesWrite once, Read many timesStructureStatic SchemaDynamic SchemaIntegrityHigh (ACID)LowScalingNonlinearLinearDBA Ratio1:40 1:3000 14. BTWNoSQL is 50x CHEAPER 15. BigData = Next State Questions What could happen?Collecting Why didnt this happen? When will the next new thingbehavioral happen?data What will the next new thing be? 16. Splunk 17. Mining Log Files 18. Presenting the results 19. Freebase 20. Mix-in #2 - Data Scientists Who asks the right questions now? Who understands the languages? Who can understand the results? 21. Is Data Science your next Career? 22. Becoming a Data Scientist Conferences Strata Data ScientistSummit CloudCamps Practice here 23. Mix-in #3 - Presentation New Devices iPad, Kindle Fire New User Experiences touch, Kinect EVERYTHING on the phone 24. HortonWorks, Cloudera 25. Karmasphere Studiofor Amazon Elastic MapReduce 26. More PowerPivot 27. Cloud-based Data MiningPredixion 28. QlikView 29. QlikView on iPad 30. BI >BigData To Do ListStore some (more) data on the cloud Relational and non-relational Transaction AND BehavioralProcess some data in the cloud Try data mining Learn about Data ScienceUpdate your client tools New UI (touch, gestures) Click to Query New form factors (phone, tablet) 31. Hadoop Connector to Excel - Demo 32. Do a Recipe Teach a Kid (Ages 10 ++) Microsoft SmallBasic Free Courseware (recipes) 33. Keep up with Big Data Follow me @LynnLangitRSS my blog Hire me To help build your BI/Big Data solution To teach your team next gen BI