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  • To society, ambitions a dirty word...

  • Youre selfishfor reaching for more.

  • To society, creative means weird

  • Basically, youre a freak.

  • So where does that leave our outside-the-box creative peeps?

  • It leaves em feeling alone, misunderstood, and with no support for their best ideas.

  • And that sucks hard.

  • Vincent Van Goghs an art-superstar today

  • So how wrong is it that he killed himself after a life of no impact and no status?

  • Nikola Tesla is the revolutionary inventor of radio, x-rays, electricity and more

  • How wrong is it that he died broke, alone & crazy and few remember his name?

  • Like I said, it sucks hard.

  • And I know, because Im an ambitious creative, too.

  • Outcast by fam & friends I didnt need breadcrumbs to live on & I didnt need hollow advice from people who dont get me -- no

  • I needed a mentor.

  • And not one of those unsexy hippie types, or those skeezy- feeling marketer types.

  • I needed a fellow creative an artist of life.

  • Someone who helped me stand up for myself.

  • Someone who helped me break free from haters.

  • Someone who helped me always shine brighter.

  • I needed timeless wisdom in a pop package.

  • I needed fresh views on taboos.

  • I needed to ryze.

  • And now

  • Thats exactly what I do for others.

  • I show em love

  • So we can allRYZE TOGETHER.

  • What if you had the chanceto have a guy like me in your corner?

  • Well, you do, but hold up a second

  • The same way not everyones ready to handle a Ferrari properly, also not everyone is ready for the Ryze experience.

  • Ryze collaborates exclusively with bold, open-minded, committed peeps.

    Ask yourself honestly are you that?

  • If you are you have the chance to connect with me &be a part of a legend!Will you ryze?