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January 07, 2015 edition of the Stettler Independent


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    Jan. 7, 2015STETTLER, ALBERTA


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    Novice tournament excites young

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    CommunityCantus Choir give their

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    Located above the post office in downtown Stettler is a hidden treasure for parents and young children looking for fun activi-ties and friend-making opportu-nities.

    The treasure is the free ac-tivity program known as Par-ent Link, which closed its 2014 year out with a Messy Art day where kids could paint with sparkles, sparkle-glue, markers and paints.

    The kids, however, were more interested in playing with the fabulous playsets and the costumes than working on the messy art, leaving parents to complete the projects as they drove around as firefighters and police officers, climbed moun-

    tains, and crawled through deep, dangerous underground tun-nels (also known as cardboard tubes).

    Vicki Callianteris was at the Messy Art day with her son, three-and-a-half year-old Mason Proven. Proven was determined to become everything he could be, starting out as a police offi-cer, graduating to a firefighter, and closing off his career as a doctor.

    Mason has been (here) two or three times now, Callian-teris said, explaining that her husband brought him by the first few times. Now that we know about it, (well be here more). We didnt know about this at all.

    According to Candice Magee, the parent link program assis-tant, its a common comment

    from new guests at the play pro-gram.

    Weve been (above the post office) for six years and most people dont even know were here, she said.

    When parents find out, though, they tend to be long-term friends of the program, which offers free activities for parents and their toddlers.

    Some days, I think the par-ents have more fun than the kids, Magee said with a laugh.

    Tiffany Gopfrich was super-vising her son, Liam, who was determined to become a master builder, building towers out of blocks. The four-year-old had to rebuild several times as fire-fighter Mason drove his car into the tower repeatedly.

    We just found out about (par-ent link) recently ourselves,

    Liams mom noted.The program has several dif-

    ferent activities for January planned out, including the return of some regular programming and some unique opportunities.

    On Tuesdays between 10 a.m. and noon is Messy Art Tuesday, with Music and Movement fol-lowing on Wednesday during the same time period. On Friday, again 10 a.m. to noon, is Mixed Up Fridays, featuring different themes. This Friday, Jan. 9, is bouncy day, where the upstairs toy area will be cleared out and bouncy houses inflated for kids to enjoy.

    Parent Link is found upstairs at the post office building. Ac-cess to the second floor is not through the doors leading to the post office, but by the doors by the outdoor message board.

    Stettler Parent Link a hidden treasure

    For more info:

    Exodus Gods and KingsFriday, Jan. 9 - 15


    Showtimes: * Evenings 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

    * Fri., Sat., Tues., & Th urs. - 3D* Sun., Mon. & Wed. - 2D* Matinees Sat. - 3D and

    Sun. - 2D at 2 p.m.

    Stacey Lavallie/Independent reporterStacey Lavallie/Independent reporterStettlers youngest firefighter, three-year-old Mason Stettlers youngest firefighter, three-year-old Mason Proven, loses his hat as he crawls through a cardboard Proven, loses his hat as he crawls through a cardboard tunnel at Stettlers Parent Link on Dec. 30.tunnel at Stettlers Parent Link on Dec. 30.

  • Independent NEWS Wednesday, January 7, 2015Page 2 The Stettler Independent


    Stettler music lovers got a late dose of holiday cheer when the Cantus Choir pre-sented its annual Christ-mas concert last weekend about three weeks later than usual.

    The choir had scheduled its concert for Dec. 14, but had to postpone after direc-tor Gordon Moorlag slipped on the ice on his way to the gym, bruising his ribs and wrenching his knee.

    With their leader tem-porarily out of commis-sion, the choir delayed the concert till the evening of Sunday, Jan. 4, when it was held at the Stettler Alliance Church, drawing an appre-ciative crowd of about 70 people.

    People still came out four weeks later, so its good, said Moorlag, ex-plaining that the choir has developed a dedicated au-dience that knows what to expect from them.

    The concert went on with the same setlist that had been planned for Decem-ber, ranging from hymns and Christmas standards to pop songs and an original composition by Moorlag.

    Its a bit of everything, which the choir likes, and I like, and the audience likes, he explained.

    Neil Pinder served as the emcee for the evening, in-troducing the performances by the 18-member choir, and throwing in the occa-sional joke, like referring to Moorlag as a benevolent dictator.

    The choir opened with Gratias Tibi Deus (Thanks

    Be To God), an original song written by Moorlag and developed around the Latin phrase. Other classi-cal pieces featured included George Frederic Handels Lascia Chio Pianga and

    Joseph M. Martins Morn-ing of Promise.

    Pop offerings included Days of Wine and Roses from the 1962 film of the same name, the Pretend-ers Ill Stand By You, Gordon Lightfoots Song for a Winters Night and Michael W. Smiths All is Well.

    The choir also performed the hymn Precious Lord, Take My Hand, as well as Christmas songs like Born

    in Bethlehem, The Huron Carol, and Gaudete, dat-ing back to the 16th century and repopularized by the folk group Steeleye Span in 1973.

    Close to half of the setlist was performed without instruments (a cappella); other songs were performed to recorded music, or with piano accompaniment by alto Betty Stokoe. Flautist Jenny Munholland accom-panied the choir on Song

    of Mary.After receiving a stand-

    ing ovation, the choir con-cluded the concert with the encore Deep Peace.

    Moorlag said he was very pleased with the results, es-pecially given that the choir had not had a full rehearsal since Dec. 7. They warmed up extensively prior to Sun-days show, which served to tweak the memory cells, in Moorlags words.

    We didnt have to de-

    lete anything because of the time off, said Moorlag, adding that the choir began rehearsing in September, gathering weekly on Sun-day nights.

    Moorlag has directed the choir since 1981, when he arrived in Stettler from Windsor, Ont., to teach music. At that time it was known as the Stettler Mad-rigal Singers and consisted solely of teachers from the public school division.

    The choir later grew to include members from the greater community, and it was renamed reflecting a change in repertoire and style to the Cantus Choir, taking its name from the Latin word for singing.

    The Cantus Choir also traditionally holds a spring concert just prior to Eas-ter, in addition to its annual Christmas performance. For more information, visit

    Cantus Choir performs delayed Christmas concert

    Joel van der Veen/Independent reporterGordon Moorlag (top left) directs the Cantus Choir during a last-minute warm-up before its concert at Stettler Alliance Church on Sunday, Dec. 4.

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    The pop pop pop people heard in Stettler shortly be-fore 5 p.m. New Years eve wasnt fireworks being set off early, but was instead gunfire, leaving one person seriously wounded and an-other on the lam.

    A 37-year-old Stet-tler man was airlifted by STARS to Foothills Hospi-tal in Calgary with two non-life-threatening gun-shot wounds, where he is now recovering from his serious injuries.

    RCMP identified the shooter a