Steps to Create Transport Request

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Steps to create transport Request.

To transport the ABAP report variant go to ABAP Editor (SE38).

Enter the name of the program, choose Variants radio button and press Display button.

In the ABAP Variants screen, go to menu Utilities > Transport request

When you click on menu Utilities > Transport request, it will call the SAP standard report RSTRANSP. You can also reach the above screen by just executing the report RSTRANSP in ABAP Editor (SE38). Enter the name of the program and variant name and execute (F8).

Select all the variants you want to transport and press continue.

Assign the variant to an already existing Transport request or create a new request.


Can We Create a Transaction Code for Table Maintenance Generator?

yesTo create a transaction code for Table Maintenance Generator (TMG), go to transaction code SE93.

Enter the name of the t-code to be created and press CREATE.

In the pop-up enter short description for the new t-code, Select the Transaction with parameters radio button and press continue.

In the create parameter transaction screen, Enter SM30 for transaction and check the Skip initial screen checkbox. Now add the following parameters using the insert new row button. NAME OF SCREEN FIELD VIEWNAME ZEMPL VALUE



Another way of creating a t-code for TMG is just create a REPORT program and call the function module VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL by passing view name and action as parameters. Then create a t-code for the report program.

With the parameter ACTION, you can specify the processing action to be performed. Possible actions are: ACTION S U T Display Change Transport DESCRIPTION