staying safe online. who are we ? what do we do ? why are we here ?

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  • Staying Safe Online

  • Who are we ?What do we do ?Why are we here ?

  • Who are you in cyberspace?What is Digital Security? Security of your digital identity What is your digital identity?

  • First line of defence

    Passwords Device security Browser security Connection security Content security

  • Secure Email & ChatAvoid automatic sign in/remember me on computers Browsing through HTTPSAvoid saving chat history Can webcam turn dangerous?Backing up emails

  • Secure use of Social MediaSocial media is your social space Think before you uploadGrandma TestWhat goes up, stays up FOREVER

  • Secure use of mobile

    Setting up passwordsTransfering data regularly to a secure locationDeleting all personal information (files, pictures, videos, contacts) before selling off the cellphone

  • TakeBackTheTechWhat constitutes harassment?Infringing on someones social spaceAbusive behaviorCyber StalkingCyber BullyingUnsolicited Attention

    What to do?

  • TakeBackTheTech ToolkitPortable Apps

  • Policies Legislations & Policies & why should you careLack of Cyber crime legislation, Data Protection legislation, Privacy LegislationWhat does this mean for businesses & individualsWhat can you do? How can you get involved?



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