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    Staying Healthy, Staying Fit For Business@2014 Insurance Professional ForumSep 12, 2014

    Aim Of The Talk quaint consultants

  • WHEN HEALTH IS ABSENT:Wisdom cannot reveal itself,Art cannot become manifest,Strength cannot fight,Wealth becomes uselessAnd Intelligence cannot be applied

    Herophylus (300BC)quaint consultants

  • BURDEN OF DISEASE: COMMUNICABLE DISEASESCommunicable Diseases: HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Tuberculosis, Cholera, Hepatitis B, Poliomyelitis..Infective agents: bacteria, virus, parasites (protozoa), fungiPrevention: Hygiene, lifestyle, specific preventive measures eg LLITN for malaria Some are vaccine-preventable

    quaint consultantsCleanliness is next to Godliness

  • VACCINES FOR ALL AGESTaking advantage of vaccines for vaccine-preventable diseases is the reasonable thing to do-World Health Organization

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  • NON COMMUNICABLE DISEASES (NCD):Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Diabetes Mellitus Epidemiologic transition in non-industrialized countriesResponsible for over twice the No of CD mortality yearly (CVD 17m, Cancer 7.6m, Respiratory 4.2m and DM 1.3m)

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  • OH! MORE WIDOWS: WHATS WITH MEN!!!The female advantageShorter lifespanMore stress related jobsUnhealthy lifestyle smoking, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyleMore risks, push themselves to the limitMore heart diseases and hypertensionInternalize and self-medicate, until things get out of handsThe Ego Factorquaint consultants

  • WHATS UP WITH MEN?Conclusion: Being a man not only means taking care of your family, but also taking care of yourself. quaint consultants

  • DETERMINANTS OF HEALTHGeneticsAgeDegenerative changesEnvironmental factorsExperiences & exposuresLIFESTYLEStressquaint consultants


    Family history, fatty high cholesterol diet, sedentary lifestyle are risk factorsVery dangerous silent killerPredisposes to stroke, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, heart attack / stroke, Cancers etc.Measured by body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg) / height2 (m)Normal = 18.5 24.9Overweight = 25 29.9Grade 1 obesity = 30 34.9Grade 2 obesity = 35 39.9Gross / morbid obesity = >40quaint consultants


  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASEArtherosclerosis / Angina Pectoris Heart AttackDeep Vein ThrombosisAneurysmCardiomyopathyArrythmiasHypertension



  • EARLY DETECTIONFind the lump early:

  • WORK RELATED STRESS Demand>Response CapabilityCauses:Poor organization of workWork overload/underloadEmployees working long hoursRegular computer use: Workstation/ DSEOffice politicsPoor communicationBadly managed changeLack of involvement in workLack of job control &securityPoor relationshipOrganizational interphase with outside STRESS

  • Targets must be stretching but reasonable

    Adequate Health & Safety Policy & implementation

    Enabling environment for maximum productivityWORKLOAD / WORKPLACE

  • Clearly defined objectives and responsibilities linked to organisational objectives

    Support for those with high level of responsibilities for the welfare and well-being of peopleEMPLOYEES ROLE IN THE ORGANISATION

  • Encourage staff to attend stress awareness and stress management courses

    Referral for further help which may include professional counselingSUPPORT FOR THOSE LIKELY TO BE AFFECTED BY STRESS

  • As health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity but a positive state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (WHO, 1986), a healthy work environment is one in which there is not only an absence of harmful conditions, but an abundance of health promoting onesA HEALTHY WORKING ENVIRONMENT

  • ERGONOMIC STRESSORSENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONSEnvironmental conditions can influence ergonomic stress.

    Lighting NoiseTemperature

    .even at a computer station!

  • An MSD is an illness or injury that affects one or more parts of the musculoskeletal system BonesMusclesTendons Ligaments Cartilage Nerves Blood vessels

    Other common terms for MSDsare: Cumulative trauma disorder (CTDs) Repetitive strain injures (RSIs) Repetitive motion injuries (RMIs)When not diagnosed and treated these can cause inconvenience permanent pain and disability.



  • STRETCHES & BREAKSSolutionsStatic positions are your enemy!

    Whenever you think of it, change position

    Small frequent stretches go a long way in preventing MSDs.

  • STEPS TOWARDSquaint consultants

  • RECOMMENDATIONS: HEALTHWISEBe proactive: DO YOUR HEALTH SWOT ANALYSISWhat You Do Not Know.. ..Does Hurt!!!quaint consultants


    Eat balanced / Therapeutic diet as may be applicable

    Heart Health diets:-i Low fat: less fatty, fried, refined sugar and processed foods-ii Portfolio diet: cholesterol-lowering-oatmeal, soy products, nuts, whole almonds, margarine enriched with plant sterols, barley quaint consultants


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  • FITNESS FOR HEART HEALTHRegular, moderate exercise endows the same benefits as sensible alcohol intakeFitness For Muscle Health Strength Trainingquaint consultants

  • RECOMMENDATIONSYour body is your home, take care of it: maintain good personal and environmental hygieneNo smoking / drug abuse or misuse Sensible alcohol consumptionGet adequate rest, avoid sleep debtIdentify your stressors, manage your stressIndulge in hobbies/leisure activitiesKeep a sense of humour and a twinkle in your eyes - even if humour does not add years to your life, it will add life to your years.

    quaint consultants

  • Stress Reduction Techniques At Work

    Get a good grip of your work schedule, demands and deadlines, challenge unreasonable ones.

    Master your job through training and self application

    Plan and prioritise, guard your time jealouslyUnderstand the purpose of money, power and position

    Be a team player

    Develop positive attitudes, avoid negative influences

    Bring stress into the open - especially with others who may have the same situation and concern.

    Take annual leave, not working vacation.

  • RECOMMENDATIONSRun your own raceIndulge in hobbies / leisure activitiesBalance the mix of your life

    quaint consultants

  • RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENTLove your spouse and remain lovable: Healthy sex & sexual solvency Laughter, the best medicine: Lifes too short, laugh while you have your teeth

    quaint consultants

  • Medical Support as a Mediating FactorAnnual COMPREHENSIVE Medical Examinationquaint consultants

  • CONCLUSIONHe who goes after wealth at the expense of health would have his enemies inherit the wealth. But he whose health is whole possesses more than goldquaint consultants

  • LAST WORDIf life is a journey, the value of the whole trip is brought into question by a crash landing

    - Manager from Singaporequaint consultants

  • WORDS ON MARBLEHealth May Not Be Everything....But Everything Becomes Nothing..

    ..Without Health!!!


    Thank You For Your Attentionquaint consultants