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These slides were presented at the #startathon2.0 pre-workshop on 4 October covering the challenge theme of "Sparking Human Connections".


  • 1. Sparking Human Connections

2. How many of you have Facebook? 3. How many friends do you have? 4. How many among those people do you regularly speak to? 5. Photo Credit: http://expatlingo.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/img_2879.jpg 6. Photo Credit : http://www.moaa.ch/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/P1000349.jpg 7. Hello 8. Amy: Really! Im so happy for you! 9. 10. tAND SO MANY MORE 11. What impact has it made to society? 12. TECHNOLOGYSOCIETAL CHANGESOCIAL CHANGE? 13. Photo Credit: http://expatlingo.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/img_2879.jpg 14. DISTRACTABILITYTHE GOLDILOCKS EFFECTLONELINESS 15. Technology is helping us communicate better but not giving us the opportunity to CONVERSE 16. How can technology help us start a CONVERSATION and not just establish a mere connection?Food for thought 17. Case Study #1: Lalalaby AgrodesignNoise-cancelling headphones that allows you to listen to anything you wantMotion tracking allows you to point out and cancel all other noise except for the one you want to listen to 18. Are there other aspects of social change that we are not addressing?Food for thought 19. Case Study #2: Roger Voice 20. How can we be more inclusive in our design so that everyone can connect without borders? 21. What would happen if we break down the limitations to communication with people of different backgrounds? 22. How can technology enhance the way we communicate to a point where we could take it from online to offline so that we can establish a real connection? 23. How can we use technology to move society towards social good? 24. END