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<ul><li><p>2012</p><p> U</p><p>ND</p><p>P So</p><p>uth </p><p>Suda</p><p>n/Br</p><p>ian </p><p>Soko</p><p>l</p><p>savinglivesustainably.org</p><p>The United Nations informal Interagency Task Team on Sustainable Procurement in the Health Sector (iIATT-SPHS) facilitates and coordinates the introduction of green and inclusive procurement policies and practices, to promote sustainability of the global health aid market.</p><p>global, regional, national base of UN agencies, UN suppliers and manufacturers, with open </p><p>engagement with suppliers and manufacturers based on systematic consultation, ongoing dialogue and voluntary collaboration</p><p>10</p><p>$5 billion</p><p>3,500 institutions/experts in our global network</p><p>joint annual procurement volume (health sector)</p><p> members UN agencies Multilateral </p><p> institutions</p><p>MULTI-LEVELPERSPECTIVE</p><p>DESIGNFOR SCALE</p><p>CROSS-CUTTINGINNOVATION</p><p>INCLUSIVE APPROACH</p><p>MARKETINTELLIGENCE</p><p>(public health, environment, procurement)</p><p>SPHS as driver for change towards greener health systems and inclusive green economies</p><p>the vast knowledge pool of the SPHS network</p><p>11</p><p>savinglivesustainably.org</p><p>saving livessustainably</p><p>If you have any questions, comments orsuggestions please send them our way</p><p> SDGs we contribute to</p></li></ul>