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  1. 1. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84 909003199
  2. 2. ACIS mission is create & provide the best solutions, product and smart mobile divider to make our clients live become easy and happy by high technology. ACISs product are beautiful design, criteria simple, easy to use and control, reasonable cost and potentially universal public. ACIS believe that creation, reputation, quality and high technology are key driven to growth for sustained success. Our Vision for 2020 is to be market leader in smart home system & solutions market. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84 909003199
  3. 3. AcisAcisAcisAcis technology corporationtechnology corporationtechnology corporationtechnology corporation A: Sai Gon Hi-Tech Part- HCM city W: E: H: +84 909003199 Business areas:Business areas:Business areas:Business areas: Acis activities in the field of research and manufacture , We create and develop solutions, products of electronic high technology, automatic control. Commercial products are now automatic control devices in smart homes. Our products have gained the certification of quality as well as the trust of customers. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84 909003199
  4. 4. Products inProducts inProducts inProducts in EASYEASYEASYEASYCONTROLCONTROLCONTROLCONTROL SolutionsSolutionsSolutionsSolutions RE4, RE3, RE2RE4, RE3, RE2RE4, RE3, RE2RE4, RE3, RE2---- TouchTouchTouchTouch SwitchSwitchSwitchSwitch PanelPanelPanelPanel 4-3-2 On/Off Buttons 2-3-4 Script buttons 220v, 5A/channel IRIRIRIR InfraInfraInfraInfra----RedRedRedRed ControlControlControlControl 4 Port IR control for TV, Aircon, Bring devices IR Remotes on to Software (android, iOS, windows..) : TV, Air-Condition Audio Systems,.. ALEALEALEALE Alert ConnectionAlert ConnectionAlert ConnectionAlert Connection Connect with any Security systems Includes auto scripts : anti- thief and anti - fire DI2DI2DI2DI2 ---- TouchTouchTouchTouch Dimmer panelDimmer panelDimmer panelDimmer panel 2 channels of Dimmer (for Incandescent light bulb) 220v, 5A/ channel DCDCDCDC---- Door ControlDoor ControlDoor ControlDoor Control Control roller door and curtains 1 channel RemoteRemoteRemoteRemote 12 Buttons : 8 On/Off buttons 4 Script buttons RF wave, 50m -100m to any ACIS products SB6 Script Button 6 Channels 6 Script buttons 220v MCEMCEMCEMCE---- Main ControlMain ControlMain ControlMain Control Master controller RF communication Internet connection ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84 909003199
  5. 5. How toHow toHow toHow to CCCControl your House from Anyontrol your House from Anyontrol your House from Anyontrol your House from Any Where and Any Time ?Where and Any Time ?Where and Any Time ?Where and Any Time ? internetinternetinternetinternet ADSL,ADSL,ADSL,ADSL, WifiWifiWifiWifi, 2G,3G, 4G, 2G,3G, 4G, 2G,3G, 4G, 2G,3G, 4G ACISs Center Smart Phones Tablets Laptops PCs SoftWareSoftWareSoftWareSoftWare is now availbleavailbleavailbleavailble on:on:on:on: AndroidAndroidAndroidAndroid : many smartphone and Tablets(android 2.3+) iOSiOSiOSiOS : Iphone, iPad, Ipod (iOS 6+) WindowsWindowsWindowsWindows : PC, Laptop (with Net Frame 4.0 +) BlackberryBlackberryBlackberryBlackberry : OS 10.2+ Web ControlWeb ControlWeb ControlWeb Control : any devices which can connect to the Internet ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84 909003199
  6. 6. Software ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  7. 7. SECURITY SAFETY SECURITY EASY to USE SAVING INTELLIGENT MORDEN Dont contact directly with electricity. Control Light actively in the evening, avoid tripping. Increase life expectancy for electrical equipment , avoid the leakage of electric Shutdown devices urgently wherever dangers or incidents occur. Connect with any fire alarm system, burglar alarm, camera, protect property and explosion protection for family. Local control through the touch switch. Control by wireless remote , smart phone, computer, laptop, tablet, .... The software is designed according to the actual image of the home, is very friendly and easy to use. Device status automatically updated on all control channels. The devices will be used in an optimal way through most scripts, reducing electricity costs (from 10% -50% / month) Just click on the touch switch or on the Smart phone, the house will automatically switch to your desired scenario: go to bed, lounge, outside, ..... The devices can operate automatically on your schedule Internet connection in an automated way without any setting. Decentralized control for each member in the house. Putting console panel of devices: blinds, doors, televisions, air conditioning, sound system, ... to your phone Features of the solution ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  8. 8. CompetitiveAnalysis Acis' products Others The systems use encrypted wireless communication to transmit data between the smart switches and its control system. It is fully compatible with the manual switching system of existing designs. To transmit control signals, the systems require extra bus which must alter design and electric wiring of the house. It is difficult for upgrading or requires professional knowledge for maintenance. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  9. 9. Backlit Touching panel are designed with standard sizes of the industry, easily replace the existing switches. The system is for new house only, not for existing homes. Dynamic-ID technology allows the switches to identify and connect automatically to the Easy-Control system. The system used static ID that requires specialized software and professional training. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  10. 10. Cloud-computing technology allows system to connect automatically and securely over the internet without any setup operations. This reduces costs and ensures a strong security. Use local server and Dynamic DNS to access over the internet. That increases costs, weak security, and complex installation. By the simple installation process and the ability to use immediately for existing power systems, everyone can build their own smart home without professional services. Acis' products help to create values for everyone' innovation. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  11. 11. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  12. 12. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  13. 13. Acis' products Other For one room: ~ 800 USD Not for individual room or high cost of >2.000 USD For an apartment of 2 rooms: 1.500~2.500 USD ~5.000 USD For an apartment of 4 rooms: 3.000~5.200 USD >10.000 USD Villa of 6 rooms: 8.000~12.000 USD >20.000 USD Hotel: ~450 USD/ room ~1.000 USD/room Competitive and flexible prices: Target customers:Target customers:Target customers:Target customers: Private house ranging from intermediate to advanced Villa owner Premium Apartment Hotel high teach from 2 stars to above Smart Office and Building. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  14. 14. For Our Partner We welcome all interested parties to develop market and opportunities become sole distributor on your market. We are committed to supporting the best in technology, policy, experience ... to partner can successfully implemented. Cost Structure (for Sole Distributor) Base on buyer price (FIX) and excluded installation cost.Base on buyer price (FIX) and excluded installation cost.Base on buyer price (FIX) and excluded installation cost.Base on buyer price (FIX) and excluded installation cost. Product cost (Acis get): 60% cost of sales: 10% Management cost: 5% customer service : 3% Marketing : 10% Nett profit : 12% Technical cost: 10%~20%Technical cost: 10%~20%Technical cost: 10%~20%Technical cost: 10%~20% depanddepanddepanddepand market and decided by the distributor:market and decided by the distributor:market and decided by the distributor:market and decided by the distributor: Warranty costs: 3% Installation cost: 7%~15%. ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199
  15. 15. Auto Control & Intelligent Systems Life is Easy & Happy with ACIS WELCOME FOR COOPERATION LOOKING FORWARD FOR WIN-WIN SOLUTIONS AND GROWTH TOGETHER ACIS.COM.VN hotline: +84909003199