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  • RestaurantsBy: Cece Vega

  • Del TacoThere main dish food have to be the crunchy or soft tacos with quesadillas.

  • In n OutOnly dish served here would be delicious cheeseburger or hamburgers with fries.

  • El MatadorThere main dish would have to be the delicious tacos: asada, al pastor, lengue, pollo, ext.

  • McDonaldsThere main dish would have to be The cheese or hamburgers.

  • Carls Jr.This place is best known for all the different types of burgers.

  • The SliceThis food place is most known for their delicious pizza.

  • Taco MesaTaco Mesa is similar to El Matador, they sell tacos with all types of meats.

  • SubwaySubway only sells long sandwiches with a variety of vegetables and meats inside.

  • Red RobinRed Robins is most known for their burgers, and a catchy slogan.

  • Papa MurphysPapa Murphys is most known for being a pizzeria. With toppings of your liking and crust filled options.

  • Burgers and BeersBurgers and Beers is most known for good meals mostly because of their burgers, and the fact of having a bar.

  • IHOPIHOP is best known for their pancakes and waffles, and serving breakfast all day.

  • DennysDennys is known for all types of food breakfast, lunch, and diner. Their most known for serving breakfast.

  • Acai JointAcai Joint is a new smoothy place in Orange County, they sell shakes, smoothies, and juices.

  • Panda ExpressTheir menu consist of all chinese food: teriyaki chicken, orange chicken, chow mein, ext.

  • WendysWendys is most known for the good deals on burgers and fries with a drink.

  • Bagel MeBagel me is known for selling tropical smoothies with the choice of a bagel with cream or a cupcake.

  • Conclusion Reflection:I enjoyed taking pictures of restaurants and exploring new foods.

    Credit:Photography by me, Cece Vega