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  • 1. Simile or metaphor?Your challenge today is torecognise the differencebetween a simile and ametaphor, can you do it?

2. A simile is where two thingsare directly compared, andas or like is usually usedto compare.For example:As cold as a dogs nose.He was slow like a snail. 3. A metaphor also comparestwo things, but it does itmore directly without usingas or like.For Example:The shop was a little gold mine. 4. Lets see how clever you are!Do you think you are cleverenough to be able to tell meif these following sentencesuse a simile or a metaphor?We shall see! 5. As slippery as an eel.SimileMetaphor 6. He was a lion in battle.SimileMetaphor 7. She is as pretty as a picture.SimileMetaphor 8. The clouds were fluffylike cotton wool.SimileMetaphor 9. The striker was a goalmachine.SimileMetaphor 10. Now lets listen to a poem andsee if we can find themetaphors and similes in thepoem.Listen to the poem 11. Great workHere is your next challenge:To write a poem about a hobbyusing at least one simile andmetaphor. Do you think you areup to the challenge?REMEMBER to think carefullybefore you begin writing! 12. Well doneyou arecorrect 13. Sorry youare wrong,try again. 14. Well doneyou arecorrect 15. Sorry youare wrong,try again. 16. Well doneyou arecorrect 17. Sorry youare wrong,try again. 18. Well doneyou arecorrect 19. Sorry youare wrong,try again. 20. Well doneyou arecorrect 21. Sorry youare wrong,try again.


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