Silly Self Sabotage in Your Job Search

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Mistakes can happen but don't make these common mistakes in your career search.


  • 1. Silly Self Sabotage
  • 2. Silly Self Sabotage Amazing but true!We dont know why maybe beingnervous, rushing to get thingsdone, multi-tasking, but job searchcandidates at every level end updoing some very common errors! And.All the common mistakes are easilypreventable.Remember: This is about making agood impression at every turn
  • 3. Common First ImpressionErrorsError: Spelling and grammar errors inyour marketing materials.Correction: Resumes, cover letters,emails need to be error-free. Readmaterials out loud or have a friendread them for you.Error: Amusing but unprofessionalemail address: BlondeBabe, TopGun.Correction: Use one email addressfor your professional outreach thatincludes your name.Error: Unprofessional voice mailmessages: amusing, too long, childrecorded.Correction: Your cell phone will beyour primary voice mail, leave yourname and when you are available tospeak with a recruiter.
  • 4. Strategic Self Sabotage
  • 5. Strategic Error #1Multiple Objectives,One ResumeListing all of yourobjectives on one resumewill ensure that you willnever get called.Solution: One resumetailored to each potentialposition.
  • 6. Strategic Error #2:Ignore the StatedRequirementsYou dont match all therequirements in the ad, soyou just ignore them whenyou apply.Worse, you tell them whatskills the job should require(say, yours?).Solution: Apply for jobs forwhich you match at least85% of stated requirements.
  • 7. Strategic Error #3:Ignore Your Public ReputationYou have the skills andthink thats all that matters,not what is online or whatyour references might say.Solution: Check yourselfout online. Do a search onyour name. Know what arecruiter will see.Ask your references to helpin advance -- give them infoon your targets and yourcurrent resume.
  • 8. Strategic Error #4:Blast Your Resume OutYou e-mailed your resume toeveryone you could, posted iton multiple job boards, andsigned up with every recruiteryou could find. So now youlook desperate, not smart.(Industry hint: Sending severalapplications can get youblacklisted on a companyssystem. Then no one will eversee your resume)Solution : Target theorganizations with jobs you arequalified for.Work only with recommendedrecruiters in your field.
  • 9. Strategic Error #5Ignore Your Friends andNetworksSo you dont network, are worriedabout bothering your friends, areafraid to go back to those you alreadyasked for help once, or dont havetime for all that.Solution: Most jobs are filled vianetworks. Think about your contacts.Ask for their help in specific needs.Talk to people at events you attend.Ask about your targets, ask if theyknow people there too. Ask aboutemployee referral programs - lots ofhires get in that way.(Industry Hint: 2 top sources of hirefor companies: referrals and jobboards)
  • 10. Strategic Error # 6Forget Your MannersThe receptionist told you tohave a seat but did not offeryou anything. The firstinterviewer is late. You did notget a call back when expected.And you get upset and show it.Solution: If everyone you dealwith makes you wonder aboutthe organizations culture,maybe it is the wrong place foryou.But mistakes happen in thebest places. If there is just aglitch or two, stay calm andpolite.
  • 11. Strategic Error #7Being DefensiveWhy are there so many questionsabout those jerks who were yourprevious bosses? What business isit of theirs what you have beendoing the past six months? Whydo they ask about yourprofessional activities outsidework, like you have time?Solution: Be prepared for commoninterview questions -- and testyour answers in advance. Dont benegative about past bosses orcompanies. If you can soundpositive about the good things andare brief about the bad, you willwin the interviewers confidencethat you can succeed in theirorganization.