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ABOUT USSIGNET Products Pvt. Ltd. (SIGNET) welcomes you to the world of excellence in Electrical Engineering. Experience of more than a decade and vision towards creating a niche have what transformed SIGNET into leading Electrical Engineering solutions company. This growth is a result of SIGNET's vision par excellence to provide state of the art electrical engineering solutions and products adopting the best in technology.

The company drives inspiration from founder Mr. Narendra Korde who has added value with his experience and knowledge in this sector.The journey of SIGNET began with its inception in 1999 and from then it went on to become a reputed organization with its innovative products and services.

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


HISTORYIt was 1999 when SIGNET entered in to the world of electrical engineering. We start our experience in Electrical engineering with supplying and installing metering systems Current transformers, energy meters and custom designed enclosures for commercial establishments. Over the years, gradually but steadily the progress was on the way towards success and diversified into various electrical engineering solutions and products. Our success is a result of an unbeatable combination of quality, performance and price.

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


MISSIONAs India continues its march towards rapid industrial growth, the power sector is groping for a new paradigm which can cope with this exploding power requirement. To address this SIGNET has developed the knowledge base, expertise and experience in Solutions for the entire gamut of electrical engineering covering Distribution, Transmission and Generation. The philosophy of Team SIGNET is to not only to provide Solutions and Products but ongoing commitment to provide superior service to ensure utmost customer satisfaction. We provide competitive electrical engineering solutions to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Our objective is to ensure customer satisfaction by resolving customer requirements with smile.Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


PORTFOLIOOver the last decade SIGNET has diversified into manufacturing, Turnkey solutions and Consultancy Services ManufacturingLT Panels MV Panels Control and Relay panels Automation Solutions Control Desks

Engineering SolutionsDistribution Metering systems 33 KV Substations MV Capacitors Transmission Tower Lines Substations (Upto 220 KV) 33 KV Substations Substation automation Generation Generation Protection Online Monitoring solutions

Consultancy ServicesSubstation Design Load Calculations Harmonic Solutions

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions - DistributionCapabilities Turnkey solutions for substation erection(upto 33KV) Transmission line and distribution transformer erection

Power factor improvement solutions at MV level Metering solutions Underground cable laying

Supplies of MV VCBs and RMUs Installation of MV CBs for Utility and private consumers sales of protection relays for power distribution system

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions distributionGlimpse of Major Achievements One of the largest integration of over 9000 meters communication on one single platform.

Many customers have availed services of installation of Energy Monitoring Systems towards energy conservation and audit. Completed retrofitting of over 100 no's outdoor CBs. Erection and commissioning of complete capacitor control bay up to 33KV We have supplied and installed over 4L meters in India including Prepaid and ABT meters.

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions distributionMetering solutions addressing Simple to complex requirements

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions distributionTo ensure we provide best in class solutions we have tied up with world class manufacturers

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions TransmissionCapabilities Tower Line Substation erection (Upto 220 KV) Sub station automation systems Testing of protection relays. Supply of testing and measuring equipment from MEGGER Supply and installation of Condition monitoring equipment for transformers from Morgan Schaffle Dry type and oil cooled CTs , VTs, CVTs Online Tap changers, Dynamic Power System recorders

GIS based and Hybrid GIS systems

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions TransmissionGlimpse of Major Achievements Completed design , supply, installation and testing of 220 KV substations Executed Retrofitting of EHV circuit breakers upto 220KV. Successfully completed project involving Design and installation of protection systems for transmission lines, transformers and feeder protection based on IEC 61850 communication protocol

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions TransmissionProjects executed in Transmission domain25MVA x 2 Nos Transformers with 22O KV and 33KV bays

Substation automation system at R L Steels

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions TransmissionProjects executed in Transmission domain

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions TransmissionTo ensure we provide best in class solutions we have tied up with following reputed manufacturers

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


Engineering solutions GenerationCapabilities Condition monitoring equipment for generators from Qualitrol Wedge Tightness Detectors for IRIS power EMS solutions for generating plants Tower Line

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


MANUFACTURINGFeatures Leading manufacturer of LT Panels in India with turnover of over USD 4Mn Manufacturing facility in India spread over 35,000 Sq. Feet. Employee strength of more than 150 ISO 9000 accredited organization. Preferred vendors for SIEMENS, Crompton Greaves Type tested switch boards of upto IP54 and 50KA Bus duct manufacturing Recognized system house for Allen Bradley automation systems.Signet Products Pvt. Ltd



Signet Products Pvt. Ltd


CONSULTANCYServices Offered Substation design services Complete design of electrical substation systems including protection coordination, fault calculations, protection system design, earthing system design. Competency exists upto 220KV voltage level Leading manufacturer of LT Panels in India with turnover of over USD 4Mn

Harmonic Solutions Estimation and measurement of harmonic contents in installed system Harmonic mitigation solutions involving active and passive filters. Reactive power compensation systems

Signet Products Pvt. Ltd