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1. Introduction Technology used in Project Use Case diagram Functionalities/Module Future Enhancement Conclusion Reference TEAM MEMBERS: 1) VINITA JAIN (ANDROID DEVELOPER) 2) SURBHI BHANDAR (GRAPHIC/UI DESIGNER) 2. The Shes Buddy is a social welfare application which is created on android platform especially for womens from where their close one will able to know their current location i.e. where they are and if they need any help in any situation they can send photos and call to their close ones by using POWER BUTTON of their Smartphones. This Application would provide basic set of features like womens can add their stories and thoughts and can read others stories and thoughts too; they can follow other womens; they can add their wish list (things they dream and want to fulfilled in their life) and many more features. Womens can check different alert and safe places, so that they can know which places they should visit and which not. And in NEAR BY, womens can find peoples using this APP in nearby location. 3. Shes Buddy can help you in many situations like: Set up your own social personal safety network of friends, family and colleagues. See, add and remove alert and safe locations (optional) Can ask friends to Follow you GPS trace, or help friends stay safer by walking them home from wherever you are In Library, you can read different books like cooking, technology related. And in case you are ever in trouble, the Power button will immediately notify your friends and family members that you need help, and let them know where you are (GPS) and whats happening (photos) and call them. Shes Buddy is your ultimate safety app! Start building your own personal safety network. This is not just an emergency app, but its contain different other features to ensure everyday safety of womens. 4. ECLIPSE LUNA (ANDROID APP DEVELOPMENT TOOL) :- Eclipse Luna includes official support for Java 8 in the Java development tools, Plug-in Development Tools, Object Teams, Eclipse Communication Framework, Maven integration, Web Tools Platform, and Memory Analyzer. The Eclipse compiler includes language enhancements, search and refactoring, Quick Assist and Clean Up to migrate anonymous classes to lambda expressions and back and new formatter options for lambdas. The workbench provides a new dark theme, split editors, line numbers on by default, reduced whitespace in default presentation, and ability to hide the "quick access" bar. PARSE.COM (BACKEND) :- is a hosted service, providing backend services to end-user applications. supports a number of different platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as web applications. SDKs are available for a number of these platforms. Features: Data persistence Push notifications (iOS, Android, Windows) Social integration 5. 1) Login Page/ Sign up (Register Page): Here user can click on sign up, to register herself on App, after that login from here to use this App, its user friendly app. If she has forgotten her password, then it can be recovered by here on this page. On Register Page, user has to enter some basic information like username, email ID and password etc. here user can add her profile picture which will me viewable at time of follow/unfollow 1.1 Login Page 1.2 Register Page 6. 2) Feeds and Add Feeds Page: After successful login, default page is Feed page where all stories and thoughts of other user is display (only of that user whom we are following). User can like, comment and share feeds on different social networks like facebook, whatsapp etc. Add Feeds Page: here user can add her feed (story and thoughts), and attach any photo. Then she can post it. 1.3 Feeds Page 1.4 Add Feeds Page 7. 3) Menu Page and Wish Bucket: There is a sliding menu where different option is displayed, when user click on selected option, that page is displayed. Wish Bucket Page: here womens can add their wish or dream that they want to fulfill, once their wish is fulfilled they can remove it. 1.5 Slider Menu Page 1.6 Wish Bucket Page 8. 4) Alert and Near By Page: In alert place page, a google map of red alert place is display where going is very dangerous. On this page we have many different options like add alert place, show list, add safe/ secure place and cancel. Near By Page: In this page, user can find her friends or people in nearby areas, this show result of 500 meter area only. 1.7 Alert Places Page 1.8 Near By User Page 1.9 Profile Page 9. 5) Library Page: Here user can read different type of books; n numbers of books are stored in this library, user can click on book and start reading it. 2.0 Library Page When we click on any book, this way it is opened. 10. 6) Setting Page: One of most important page in every application, setting page. In this page user can manage her social profile. Its divided into 2 parts: personal info and contact info. 2.1 (a) Personal Settings, (b) Contact Setting (a) (b) 11. The software or application can be enhanced in lot many ways in future to make it more scalable and flexible. Beauty or Health Tip Module: This module help women to know least and home natural (home remedies) product for their health and beauty. News (related to fashion, social activities, tours and travels etc). Event Module: In this module any event or challenges which are going to held at their place or any women trips will be listed here. Video recording: If she is in any problem then she can record a video also. Make this app friendlier with clearer UI. Link app with much other social welfare like safety tutorial/ tricks to defense her (means in difficult situation how a girl has to fight back). Medical Help and Tips (related to any female issues). 12. This application is basically designed for girls safety, this is not only emergency app but it has many other features which plays important role in womens life. Some features of this App: User (female user only) can create their account in this app by provide some information about them. If any user is in problem, she can notify her friend or close one by taking photo or by calling them through power button of your smart phone 2 times consecutively begins sending out alert messages to your contacts that you feed into the app as the designated people. User can follow and unfollow people in their nearby location; if she follows any other user then her feeds will be displayed on that user wall. Women can add their stories and thoughts and can read others stories and thoughts too. Womens can check different alert and safe places, so that they can know which places they should visit and which not. 13. [1] [2] [3]