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  1. 1. After Shes GonePeter MulraneyWhen a long term relationship ends you need to refreshsome of your life skills.
  2. 2. Doing those things she usedto do for youWhen a long term relationship ends, a man oftenfinds himself lost in the kitchen, mystified in thelaundry and having to manage everything on hisown for the first time in his life.This presentation provides an overview of AfterShes Gone, a survival guide for men who findthemselves living alone.
  3. 3. Staying aliveIf you cant feed yourself youlleither starve or spend a lot ofmoney on takeaways, or evenmore on eating out. Master food shopping andstorage Learn how to prepare basicmeals Take charge of your diet.
  4. 4. Keeping the place clean Take a crash course incleaning up after yourself.
  5. 5. The mysteries of the laundry Sort out washing and dryingyour clothes, and Ironing - if you must!
  6. 6. Outsourcing Consider options for spendingmoney to get others to dothings for you.
  7. 7. Stay in touchPeople still want to see you afteryour relationship ends. Family Relatives Friends
  8. 8. Look after the inner man Grieving its a process - give it time Quiet time reconnecting with silence Hobbies doing things you enjoy Alone not lonely being your own best friend.
  9. 9. Keep the body working Your body may not be amachine but it benefits fromregular maintenance Exercise is one aspect ofmaintenance Sleep is even more important- if you dont want to turn intoa grumpy old man!
  10. 10. Money management Take charge of your cash-flow You might know where itcomes from - but do youknow where it goes?
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