sheet metal & tools. sheet metal what is sheet metal? what do we use sheet metal for? what are some...

Download Sheet Metal & Tools. Sheet Metal What is Sheet metal? What do we use sheet metal for? What are some common sheet metal tools?

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  • Sheet Metal & Tools
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  • Sheet Metal What is Sheet metal? What do we use sheet metal for? What are some common sheet metal tools?
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  • What is Sheet Metal? Metal that has been rolled into a sheet having a thickness between foil and plate. greater than 1/64 in. and no larger than 1/4 in
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  • Sheet Metal Use Many useful durable goods like: Cars, Equipment, Cabinetry, Duct Work, Toys, etc.
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  • Sheet Metal Tools 3 Main Classifications of Tools Cutting Bending (Forming) Joining
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  • Sheet Metal Cutting Tools Shears Handheld Table/Floor Mounted Snips Offset Duckbill Aviation Nibblers
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  • Sheet Metal Shears Think Scissors Handheld Bench/Floor Mounted
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  • Sheet Metal Snips Three Main Types Aviation Duck Bill Offset
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  • Aviation Snips Cut easier because of compound leverage.
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  • Duckbill Snips Used for cutting circles, and other curved designs Can cut either direction
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  • Offset Snips For cutting long inside radiuses Cut in one (R or L) direction only
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  • Sheet Metal Nibblers Take little bites Manual Powered Create Scrap
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  • Sheet Metal Forming Brake Bends sheet stock at an angle. Pliers Like a handheld brake. Press Creates complex shapes (stamping).
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  • Sheet Metal Forming - Brake Two types Cornice Brake All bends in one direction Box and Pan Brake Removable fingers allow 90 rotation
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  • Box and Pan Brake
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  • Sheet Metal Forming - Pliers Great for small bends
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  • Sheet Metal Forming - Press Use a Press to make stampings Complex shape from one solid piece of sheet metal.
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  • Joining Sheet Metal Mechanical Fasteners Welding Adhesives
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  • Joining Sheet Metal Mechanical Fasteners Threaded Fasteners Rivets
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  • Joining Sheet Metal Welding Spot MIG/TIG
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  • Joining Sheet Metal Adhesives Epoxy
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