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<ul><li><p>FASTENERS</p><p>FORGING</p><p>SHEET METAL</p><p>STEEL</p><p>18</p><p>SUM</p><p>MER</p><p> 201</p><p>0</p><p>7.50ISSN 1759-5975</p><p>C o n f e d e r a t i o n o f B r i t i s h M e t a l f o r m i n g</p><p>FASTENERSChina fastener imports to UK downpage 9</p><p>FORGINGIncreasing the life expectancy of forgingspage 15</p><p>SHEET METALCarlton Laser invests inadvanced CNC PressBrakes from LVDpage 18</p><p>STEELMarket moves closer to balance, whilst demand remains weakpage 26</p><p>18</p><p>Total Vibration Solutions arethe UK and Irish agents forWorld Class manufacturers:</p><p> GERB Vibration Control GmbH</p><p> Kinetics Noise Control Inc.</p><p>TOTAL VIBRATION SOLUTIONS LTD, Unit 9, The Courtyard, Grane Road, Haslingden, Rossendale, Lancashire BB4 4QNT: 01706 260 220 F: 01706 260 240 E: </p><p>Our Products and Services Include:</p><p>GERB Springs &amp; Spring Dampers for presses, forges &amp; hammers</p><p>Machine Foundation Block &amp; Pit Design</p><p>Foundation Isolation Material Selection, Supply &amp; Installation</p><p>Anvil Mat Supply</p><p>Anti Vibration Pads</p><p>Precision Equipment Isolation Systems</p><p>Acoustic Isolation Materials</p><p>Acoustic Enclosures</p><p>Acoustic Curtains</p><p>Shock Pads</p><p>I S S U E</p></li><li><p>MANAGE YOUR RISK.MANAGE YOUR PREMIUM.</p><p>R K Harrison Insurance Services Limited (RKHIS) and CBM are appointed representative of R K Harrison Group Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in respect of general insurance business. RKHIS is regis-tered in England No. 6719831. Registered Office: One Whittington Avenue, London EC3V 1LE. Calls may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance purposes.</p><p>For more information contact:</p><p>Telephone:</p><p>0800 052 6005Email:</p><p></p><p>Insurance for those who put safety first.R K Harrison Insurance Services is the approved insurance provider for CBM, dedicated to rewarding those members who are committed to reducing and managing risk in the work place. </p><p>By using our unique scorecard we can assess and measure your Risk Management programme taking into account your commitment to areas such as Health &amp; Saftey and the ARMS initiative. </p><p>The better your scorecard rating, the better the premium youll pay simple</p><p>LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH . Hahnweg 139 . 96450 COBURG GERMANYphone + 49 9561 642-0 . fax + 49 9561 642-3 33 . email: . web:</p><p>High technology for extreme forming tasks.</p><p>The industry trusts in LASCO machine tools, wherever it meets hardest forming processes.</p><p>We optimise your production line according to the requirements.</p><p>Performance from one source. Since 1863.</p><p>Hydraulic forging hammers</p><p>Hydraulic presses for the solid and sheet metal forming as well as powder metallurgyScrew pressesCross wedge and forging rollsUpsettersSpecial machinesAutomations</p><p>extreHigh</p><p>formemetechnoh </p><p>tasmingfor ology </p><p>sks</p><p>extre</p><p>formeme </p><p>tasming </p><p>sks.</p><p>requtheto optimisWe </p><p>itwherever industThe</p><p>uirements.liproduction yourse </p><p>formhardestmeets t mLASCO intrusts ry </p><p>accordingne</p><p>processes.mingtools, machine </p><p> metallurgy</p><p>AutomationsmachinesSpecial </p><p>Upsettersfoand wedge Cross</p><p>pressesScrew metallurgy</p><p>formingpowderpowder ll</p><p>pressesmetalsheet</p><p>ff i</p><p>Hydraulic </p><p>hforging Hydraulic </p><p> as</p><p>rollsorging</p><p>wellasgandsolidthefor</p><p>hammers</p><p>Performanc</p><p>q</p><p>source. onefromce </p><p>1863.Since</p><p>4+phone </p><p>949+fax.642-0956149GmUmformtechnikLASCO </p><p>lascoemail:.333642-956196450.139Hahnweg .mbH </p><p>www.lascoweb:.o@lasco.deGERMANYCOBURG0 </p><p></p></li><li><p>DIRECTOR GENERALS REVIEW</p><p></p><p>PresidentAlan Shaw</p><p>Director GeneralJohn Houseman BSc,</p><p>Company SecretaryGeraldine Bolton MCMI, Dip.OCR, MAAT,</p><p>Forging Sector SpecialistDr Ken Campbell</p><p>Fastener Sector SpecialistDr John</p><p>Sheet Metal Sector SpecialistAdrian Nicklin</p><p>Commercial DirectorDr Alan Arthur BEng, CEng,</p><p>AccountsChris Smith</p><p>AdministratorDebbie</p><p>Marketing &amp; Communications ManagerKirsi Lintula BA(Hons),</p><p>CBM STAFF</p><p>Cuts, austerity, pensions, getting more from less the pressheadlines are constantly telling us how the public sectormust bear the bulk of the cuts. This comes as no surpriseto the metalforming sector; to survive in todays commercialworld we had to do all the right things for twenty years just tosurvive! </p><p>Transfer of pensions from final salary to money purchase schemeshas been ongoing for many years now, only 11% of employeesin the private sector enjoy final salary schemes compared to94% in the public service (sadly 50% of people in the privatesector still have no pension provision whatsoever). Accordingto the Office of National Statistics (ONS) we have increasedproductivity in manufacturing 48 % from 1997 to 2007, so doingmore with less has become a way of life for our sector. Thepressure from the automotive OEMs and the cost down culturehas been embedded into the psychology of the whole supplychain, costs go up and selling prices still have to come down.Absenteeism has also been tightly controlled and managed toensure the maximum output from the leaner and time criticalprocesses, days lost in our sector through sickies are almosthalf those in local government. If absenteeism nationally wascontrolled to that in the private sector this would save theequivalent of over 30,000 teachers or 1p off income tax!!! Atthe same time people in the public sector statistically work nineyears less than their counterparts in the private sector.</p><p>During this long period of innovation and productivity improve-ments for real engineering the public sector has created overhalf a million new jobs, many at inflated salaries and unsustainableemployment benefits, whilst their productivity has deterioratedby 2% ! It is not before time this bloated overindulgent sectoris to be pruned back severely; closing the huge gap betweenprivate and public sectors must be the priority for the CoalitionGovernment. </p><p>Moreover the imminent cuts must reflect the true economicsof our times, perhaps then we can welcome them back into theharsh reality of the real world. </p><p>John Houseman,CBM Director General</p><p>METAL MATTERS ISSUE 18 ONLINE NOW! for the latest news, events &amp; features</p><p>Mind tthhee ggaapp??</p></li><li><p>CONTENTS</p><p>2</p><p> Director Generals review CBM staff</p><p> CBM membership Welcome to our </p><p>new members</p><p>NEWS Institute of </p><p>Sheet Metal Engineering JCB profitable again Volvo CE bullish </p><p>over prospects</p><p>NEWS Book your spot early </p><p>for Subcon 2011</p><p>ENERGY Saving the planet</p><p>I dont think so! Only one month left to </p><p>register for the mandatoryCarbon ReductionCommitment Scheme</p><p>1 4 5 6 7</p><p>ENERGY Building a nuclear future CBMs Climate Change</p><p>Agreement Service</p><p>FASTENERS China fastener </p><p>imports to UK down</p><p>FASTENERS Tariffs on European </p><p>fastener exports into China</p><p>EVENTS CBM fastener </p><p>sector meeting</p><p>FORGING The development of </p><p>Ti-alloyed high strengthmicroalloy steel</p><p>FORGING Engineering firm </p><p>announces key appointment</p><p>8 9 10 11 14</p><p>FORGING Increasing the life expectancy</p><p>of forgings</p><p>FORGING Company Profile: </p><p>The Barrett Engineering Steel Division</p><p> Company Profile:Shakespeares successstory owes much to El Forge links</p><p>SHEET METAL Carlton Laser invests in</p><p>advanced CNC Press Brakes from LVD</p><p>SHEET METAL Stadco works with Jaguar</p><p>Land Rover to secure jobs and production in the UK</p><p> Company Profile: Wrekin Sheetmetals future is bright</p><p>COLD ROLLED Development of new </p><p>3D roll forming applications</p><p>15 17 18 19 21</p><p>Confederation of British MetalformingNational Metalforming Centre, 47 Birmingham Road, West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 6PY.</p><p>Telephone: 0121 601 6350 Enquiries: Kirsi Lintula, Marketing &amp; Communications ManagerEmail: klintula@britishmetalforming.comWeb:</p><p>Published by: Pineapple Comminication LimitedTelephone: 0845 177 1820Web: Sales: Pineapple Communication LimitedTel: 0845 177 1820Email:</p><p>All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or any information storage or retrieval system without the express prior written consent of thePublisher. ISSN 1759-5975 Metal Matters Magazine is published by Pineapple Communication Limited.Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of material published in this magazine. The Confederation of British Metalforming, Pineapple Communication Limited and its agents do not accept any responsibility for the views or claimsmade by contributors in the advertising or editorial content. Pineapple Communication Limited 2010</p></li><li><p>CONTENTS</p><p></p><p>COLD ROLLED CBMs new cold </p><p>rolled group is unveiled in style</p><p>EVENTS Have you ever wondered </p><p>what the secret behind your tool failures might be?</p><p>STEEL Market moves closer to</p><p>balance, whilst demandremains weak</p><p>EVENTS Critical material issues</p><p>TRAINING Semta apprenticeships</p><p>help Metsec maintain its competitive edge</p><p>FINANCE Why a Finance Director </p><p>matters for fast growth companies</p><p>24 25 26 27 28</p><p>INSURANCE Expect the unexpected</p><p>BUSINESS SUPPORT Metalware is everywhere</p><p>BUSINESS SUPPORT Getting a fix on translation</p><p>BUSINESS SUPPORT Holidays ruined </p><p>by illness Sick of Sickies?</p><p>MARKETING The changing face of PR</p><p>29 30 31 32 33</p><p>HEALTH &amp; SAFETY CBM Health, Safety </p><p>and Environment Group</p><p>EVENTS Fire starters!</p><p>HEALTH &amp; SAFETY The European Campaign </p><p>on Safe Maintenance</p><p>HEALTH &amp; SAFETY Musculoskeletal </p><p>disorders at work REACH update on SVHCs</p><p>34 35 36</p><p>DIAR</p><p>YDA</p><p>TES</p><p>For further information visit:</p><p>2010 12 - 15 September</p><p>International Cold Forging Group (ICFG) </p><p>43rd Plenary MeetingDarmstadt (Germany) </p><p> 22 SeptemberCBM FastenerSector Meeting</p><p>Fastener sector meetingsprovide members andassociates with the opportunityto meet and talk to seniormanagers and directors fromother similar manufacturing</p><p>companies, and at the sametime receive presentations ontopics of current interest. </p><p> 29 SeptemberCBM Forging Group Meeting </p><p>Forging Sector meetings providemembers and associates withthe opportunity to meet and talkto senior managers and directorsfrom other similar manufacturingcompanies, and at the sametime receive presentations ontopics of current interest. </p><p> 05 OctoberCBM Executive Board Meeting</p><p>The CBM Executive Boardmeets quarterly to reviewCBM's affairs. </p><p> 14 OctoberCBM H, S &amp; E Group Meeting</p><p>The CBM H,S,&amp;E Group meetquarterly to discuss relevantH&amp;S issues. The recentAccident Reduction inMetalforming Sector (ARMS)initiative has embarked on a</p><p>strategy to reduce the accidentsin the sector and subsequentlyreduce insurance premia. </p><p> 26 - 30 OctoberEuroBLECH 2010 </p><p>The 21st InternationalTechnology Exhibition for Sheet Metal Working: Hanover, Germany.</p><p> 02 - 05 NovemberMIDEST </p><p>MIDEST is the key platform forinternational suppliers of ind-ustrial subcontracting. It is a</p><p>show where partnerships are forged and technologysurveyed, offering manufac-turers, component suppliersand assemblers the chance of face to face meetings withsuppliers of solutions in thefields of metals, plastics,electronics or industryservices. </p><p>HEALTH &amp; SAFETY ISB joining with CBM</p><p>MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY Manufacturer members Supplier members</p><p>37 39</p></li><li><p>CBM MEMBERSHIP</p><p>4</p><p>REBATES on your Climate Change Levy:More than 100 member companies received rebates averaging 20,000a piece per year, and didn't even have the time-consuming burden ofadministration.</p><p>CBM staff will process your application, and the money you save willpay your annual subscription several times over.</p><p>FREE Employment Law Helpline:In today's litigious climate, access to professional help is vital from the outset.</p><p>Members have unlimited access to a genuine 24/7 service designed tohelp managers achieve their aims, whilst minimising risks.</p><p>FREE Technical Helpline:From hot-forging to sheet metal processing, we can solve your problems,either via the staff at our National Metalforming Centre, or through theirwide network of contacts across our industry.</p><p>FREE Publications:Not everyone can attend our seminars and meetings, so we circulatenewsletters and magazines highlighting important issues and celebratingmembers' achievements.</p><p>FREE Health &amp; Safety Helpline:Whether you need an instant response, or advice about long-term issues,this service will provide cost-effective answers whenever you need them.</p><p>MONTHLY Market Reports:Our new Industrial Market Report provides valuable information onpotential sales opportunities and has been particularly well received. </p><p>DISCOUNTED Hearing and Noise Assessments:Our partner organisations who offer occupational healthcare will saveyou money whether you use the CBM's mobile hearing assessmentvehicle, or attend an associate member's clinic.</p><p>DISCOUNTED Training Packages:Regular courses on such issues as lean management and Six Sigma areprovided for management and shop-floor employees, either at yourpremises or at the NMC. All are heavily subsidised, some are free.</p><p>DISCOUNTED Insurance Premiums:The ever-rising cost of insurance can now jeopardise the survival of yourbusiness. Our specialist providers though will save you money withoutreducing essential cover.</p><p>BRIEFINGS and Seminars:Our staff and outside experts keep members abreast of such vital topicsas steel prices, the latest H&amp;S legislation and upcoming employmentlaw changes.</p><p>REGULAR Meetings:Workshops and sector group meetings allow you to meet delegates fromother companies and associate members who supply products andservices to the industry.</p><p>HEALTH and Safety Officer ServiceThe availability of a health and safety professional to carry out riskassessments and ensure the company is compliant with the latestlegislation is an important addition to the CBM services to members.</p><p>PRIVATE Healthcare SchemeLike any industry, your business is reliant on your employees and if theybecome ill, you need them back as quickly as possible. Some of the CBMPrivate Healthcare Scheme benefits are: premiums up to 20% less thancomparable First Assist schemes, a full refund policy meaning thereare no financial limits for hospital treatment, specialist treatment anddiagnostic tests, and an optional Employee Assistance Programmeoffering 24/7 access to telephone legal advice and counselling. </p><p>MEMBERSHIPMembership is available to companies who manufacture products in theUK, by Metalforming processes, particularly those who are engaged inhot and cold forging, and the shaping, cutting and forming of sheet metal. </p><p>Associate membership is available to companies and institutions alliedto the manufacture of metalformed products.</p><p>To be part of the wider picture and be masters of your own identity contact CBM NOW!</p><p></p></li></ul>


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