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<ul><li> 1. Seven Steps to Small Business Success Understanding and Embracing the Power of Lifecycle Marketing Desiree Scales, CEO - Bella Web Design, Inc. </li></ul> <p> 2. Lifecycle Marketing The Difference Between 1. Surviving 2. Thriving 3. Survival Marketing 4. Survival Marketing 1. We are always chasing the next deal 2. Our marketing is disjointed (on again - off again, spray-and-pray) 3. We dont have confidence that our marketing plan will bring a surplus of customers 5. Survival Marketing 1. Generate interest 2. Sell to hot leads 3. Sigh of relief 4. START OVER 6. Lost Opportunities 7. Lost Opportunities 8. What Makes Small Businesses Thrive? Introducing... Lifecycle Marketing 9. Lifecycle Marketing 10. ATTRACT INTEREST 11. Whats your Lead Magnet? 12. Avoiding Competitor Frustrations 3 Questions to ask your __________ before hiring them The 3 biggest problems with ________________ 3 important things to consider when _________________ 13. Achieving Underlying Goals 3 things you ABSOLUTELY need to know about ______________ 3 keys to fixing your _________ problem 3 proven techniques to __________ 3 new tricks to_____________ 14. CAPTURE INTERESTS 15. Examples Online web forms Events Networking Walk-ins Referrals Call-ins 16. The Old Way 17. Much Better 18. Much Better 19. Much Better 20. Facebook Capture 21. Facebook Capture 22. A Better Way 23. REMEMBER! Just because youve captured a lead doesnt mean youve earned the right to. SELL THEM! 24. NURTURE PROSPECTS 25. The WHY Behind Nurturing 81% of sales happen after 7 or more contacts 85% of the time we stop after 1 or 2 contacts 26. The WHY Behind Nurturing 1. Spent thousands on marketing and were getting poor results. 2. Discovered gold with educational marketing 3. Benefits of Magnet: Decreased marketing spend by more than 50% At the same time, increased leads by 120% The Gleason Tax Group 27. The WHY Behind Nurturing 28. The Cost of Not Nurturing 10,000 (audience) 100 (responders) 10 (customers) And the Other 90 Responders? Fall through the cracks ZERO follow-up They'll go to your competitor! 29. The Key to Great Nurturing? FOLLOW UP 30. Three Basic Follow Up Campaigns New Lead Campaign New Customer Campaign Long-term Nurture Campaign 31. Lifecycle Marketing Campaign 32. The Best Part? AUTOMATICALLY! 33. CONVERT SALES 34. HEADER TEXT Magnets and Education Nurturing Targeting Better Qualified Prospects Tips to Convert More Sales 35. HEADER TEXTTips to Convert More Sales 36. DELIVER &amp; SATISFY 37. HEADER TEXTWhat is your WOW? What is your. 38. HEADER TEXTWhat is yourWOW! 39. UPSELL CUSTOMERS 40. HEADER TEXTUpsell Customers 41. HEADER TEXT What are your fries? Upsell Customers 42. HEADER TEXTUpsell Customers 43. GET REFERRALS 44. Advance Referral Strategy Ask for them 45. Ways to Ask for Referrals Emails Phone Calls Thank You Cards Competitions Special Events Just After You WOWd Them 46. Advance Referral Strategy Ask for Them 47. Lifecycle Marketing 48. AUTOMATICALLY! 49. Multiple-System Chaos Disjointed systems. Manual work. Lost opportunities 50. HEADER TEXT 51. HEADER TEXTAll-in-One Sales and Marketing Software 52. HEADER TEXTGreatest Benefits? 53. HEADER TEXTInfusionsoft TEXT GROW 706 432 2355 54. Seven Steps to Small Business Success Understanding and Embracing the Power of Lifecycle Marketing @desireescales 770 509 8797 </p>