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The Bayview Bulletin is the monthly neighborhood newsletter for the Bayview Civic League in Norfolk, VA . Volume 11 Issue 1


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    Volume 11 Issue 1 Page 1

    September Guest Speaker Chesapeake Bay Foundation

    Guess What? We are in luck! Our special guest speaker for our September meeting is Andy Baan of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF). A clean and healthy Bay is a dream we all share. CBFs mission and efforts are for a highly productive and and healthy Bay. We swim, fish, boat, crab, and soak in the vista but worry about pollution in and around the waters. Learn about the Foundations most recent involvements toward a cleaner Bay. What can Bayview neighbors do to help protect and maintain our water? Get your questions ready, this should be an interesting and educational experience for us all.

    Mark your calendar for Tuesday, September 8th, at 7:30 pm. Bring a dish for the social if you want and dont forget to bring a friend!

    Remember: Recycle, its good for all of us

    Police Officers visit

    Andy Baan, CBF

    Upcoming events

    Networking social

    Our Mission:Neighbors helping

    neighbors for the good of our community. Together we make things better.

    September 8thMeeting Agenda:

    Bayview Civic LeagueMeets 2nd Tuesday of each month September through June

    7:30 pm at 1601 E. Bayview Boulevard, Norfolk (Christ United Methodist Church)

    INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Back to School Safety Tips pg 4 Fall Neighborhood University Courses pg 6 Clean the Bay Day Helped pg 7 Summer Picnic Pictures Poster pg 9 Event: Bayview Community Fun Fair pg 13 Gardeners Corner pg 15 and much more....

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    Volume 11 Issue 1 Page 2

    Clean and Safe NeighborhoodNorfolk CARES Assistance Center 664-6510


    Report these issues: Health: Pet area/yard not cleaned regularly, rodents, tall grass/weeds, biting or abused/neglected animals; Zoning: Parking on grass in front yard area, commercial vehicles/equipment parked in residential areas, boat or camper in front of house, inoperable vehicles; Waste Management: Dead animals, improper curbside disposal; Other Issues: Streets, lights, sidewalks, curbing, traffic signals or street signs, wetlands, dunes...

    Non-emergency number 441-5610

    for Police, Jail, Animal Control, and suspected criminal activity.

    PUBLIC WORKS PHONE NUMBERSCurb and Sidewalk Repairs 823-4050Damaged & Faded Signs 441-5818Ditch Maintenance 823-4000Potholes 823-4050Recycling 441-1347Refuse Collection 441-5813Street Flooding 823-4000Street Light Outages 1-888-667-3000Keep Norfolk Beautiful 441-1347

    All Emergencies- call 911 Animal Protection 664-7387Health Department 683-2700Rabies Control 683-2712Pretlow Library 441-1750Voter Registrar 664-4353Bayview Elementary School 531-3030Oceanair Elementary School 531-3095

    Civic League Board

    Local Contacts

    The purpose of the Bayview Bulletin is to communicate information to Bayview Civic League members, supporters, and neighbors. Front page artwork contributed by Jeannie Wilson and based on a photo donated by R. Jacobson. Bulletin contents are considered property of Bayview Civic League. Articles within the bulletin reflect personal viewpoints of the authors and are not necessarily the views of advertisers or the Bayview Civic League. The Bayview Civic League is apolitical and does not endorse any candidates for political office.

    Bayview Civic League Goes GreenBayview Civic League believes that reducing any environmental impact is a

    worthy goal. To further this goal, the Bayview Bulletin is printed on recycled paper.

    President Linda Lundquist 588-39601st VP Aaron Ellis 587-00042nd VP Sam Maddox 583-4487Corres Secy Susan Jones 587-9586Rec Secy Sylvia Ross 553-7817Treasurer Gena Goodnough 588-8131Editor Jeannie Wilson 588-3960Ways and Means - Advertising for Bulletin Susan Jones(temp) 587-9586Communications - Bulletin Distribution Anita Unger 587-3405

    Membership Vacant 588-3960Environment & Beautification Dranan & Eileen Sparks 588-2456 Refreshments Pat Davidson 587-3219 Margie Hodges 587-9527SACCC Community Awareness Coordinator Dranan Sparks(temp) 588-2456Zoning Claire Jones 587-2203Area Preservation Claire Jones 587-2203 Youth & Recreation Vacant N/APrinter ANW Publications 588-8642

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    Volume 11 Issue 1 Page 3

    Welcome back! As we begin our new operating year, lets look ahead at some of the cool things we can accomplish together. We share a passion for the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. We will hear from The Chesapeake Bay Foundations Andy Bond in September, learning about the Bay and how we can have a positive impact on our wonderful water. By popular request, we will hear from Sgt. Sandra Parker, Norfolk Crime Prevention Officer, at our October meeting. Her crime prevention tips are always relevant and delivered in an entertaining way. Mark Oct 3 on your calendars, as we will partner with Bay View Elementary for

    their fall Fun Fair. It promises to be a blockbuster of fun, with a multitude of participants, from public service groups to Rip Tide. Then in November we will hear from Norfolks Director of Public Libraries, Norman Maas. And dont forget to bring goodies for our Vets at the VA when you come to the November meeting. Then celebrate the holidays at our Christmas meeting in December.

    What a terrific, fun, productive year this promises to be. Remember: Together, we make things better!Linda Lundquist

    From the President

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    Volume 11 Issue 1 Page 4

    Back to School Safety TipsBy Bonita Billingsley Harris, Public Information Officer, Norfolk Sheriffs Office

    Most of our children are preparing for the start of a new school year. Back To School families typically focus on new clothes, shoes, book bags and school supplies. However, Sheriff Bob McCabe and the Norfolk Sheriffs Office want to add a few simple safety tips to your list, for students of all ages.

    First, teach your child to project confidence. Confident kids are naturally less of a target for predators and school bullies. A confident child stands tall, with shoulders back, head high and eyes alert to their environment. This type of posture projects strength, deterring anyone looking for a victim. Children that look unhappy, with stooped shoulders and shuffling steps, look like they are in need of a friend. Child predators like to befriend a child first, offer presents and kind words, and take their time patiently to lure a child into a friendship before they abuse or molest them.

    A big part of building confidence in your child is doing daily what we call, "Catch Them Being Good." It's easy to point out the things our kids do wrong. But praising them for doing something right goes much further in teaching your child to feel good about themselves. The best part is, it takes only seconds a day.

    Second, teach your child to keep a safe distance from a stranger when he or she may be outside alone, like on a playground, a sidewalk or yard. We call it a "Circle Of Safety" and it's about 15 feet. Your child can still talk to unfamiliar people at this distance, but have time to turn and run, if necessary. For the most part, this is when your child is outdoors and finds themselves alone, like on a playground, on a sidewalk or in the yard, being approached by someone they don't know.

    Keep an updated Safety Print ID card of your children, with their current picture, height, weight and fingerprints, courtesy of the Norfolk Sheriffs Office.

    Third, teach your child to listen to their "Belly Brain." This is the "gut reaction" that instinctively tells us something is not right. Children have it too. We simply have to help them develop and trust it.

    Today, this is a critical skill for your child to have, especially for those kids surfing the Internet. When your child stumbles across an unacceptable website, their "Belly Brain" is going to go off. They need to know to get off that site before any harm.These three quick tips are simple, easy to learn and very effective. You can introduce and teach them to your child in minutes, for a lifetime of results. Visit for more safety tips and links to excellent sites that can help you and your family stay safe.(Child safety expert Joyce Jackson contributed to this report.)

  • September 2009 OUR WEBSITE

    Volume 11 Issue 1