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The Bayview Bulletin is the monthly neighborhood newsletter for the Bayview Civic League in Norfolk, V. Volume 11 Issue 7


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    Volume 11 Issue 7 Page 1

    As you are aware, we have City elections coming up on May 4th. This election includes our Ward Five council representative. Join us at our April 13 meeting to hear from our candidates, incumbent Randy Wright, Tommy Smigiel, and Matthew Hales. This is a special opportunity to hear from all three candidates and listen to their views on issues important to all of us. We will devote most of our meeting to this Candidate Forum. Please join us and learn from these candidates how they propose to tackle the challenges facing Norfolk and Ward Five.

    Mark your calendar for Tuesday, April 13th, at 7:30 pm. Bring a dish for the social if you want and dont forget to bring a friend! Police Officers visit

    Candidate Forum Upcoming events Networking social

    NATO Parade May 1st! See map inside for route.

    INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Safeguard your Tags pg 4 FREE Thermostat pg 6 Capeview Garden Club wants members pg 7 Free/Inexpensive Local Adventures pgs 8-10 Kiwanis News pg 13 Gardening Corner pg 15 and much more....

    Our Mission:Neighbors helping

    neighbors for the good of our community. Together we make things better.

    April 13thMeeting Agenda:

    Bayview Civic LeagueMeets 2nd Tuesday of each month September through June

    7:30 pm at 1601 E. Bayview Boulevard, Norfolk (Christ United Methodist Church)

    Candidate Forum Inform your VOTE for May 4th

  • April 2010 OUR WEBSITE www.mybclonline.com

    Volume 11 Issue 7 Page 2

    Clean and Safe NeighborhoodNorfolk CARES Assistance Center 664-6510

    website: www.norfolk.gov/311CallCenteremail: HealthyNeighborhoods@norfolk.gov

    Report these issues: Health: Pet area/yard not cleaned regularly, rodents, tall grass/weeds, biting or abused/neglected animals; Zoning: Parking on grass in front yard area, commercial vehicles/equipment parked in residential areas, boat or camper in front of house, inoperable vehicles; Waste Management: Dead animals, improper curbside disposal; Other Issues: Streets, lights, sidewalks, curbing, traffic signals or street signs, wetlands, dunes...

    Non-emergency number 441-5610

    for Police, Jail, Animal Control, and suspected criminal activity.

    PUBLIC WORKS PHONE NUMBERSCurb and Sidewalk Repairs 823-4050Damaged & Faded Signs 441-5818Ditch Maintenance 823-4000Potholes 823-4050Recycling 441-1347Refuse Collection 441-5813Street Flooding 823-4000Street Light Outages 1-888-667-3000Keep Norfolk Beautiful 441-1347

    All Emergencies- call 911 Animal Protection 664-7387Health Department 683-2700Rabies Control 683-2712Pretlow Library 441-1750Voter Registrar 664-4353Bayview Elementary School 531-3030Oceanair Elementary School 531-3095

    Civic League Board

    Local Contacts

    The purpose of the Bayview Bulletin is to communicate information to Bayview Civic League members, supporters, and neighbors. Front page artwork contributed by Bill Wagner. Bulletin contents are considered property of Bayview Civic League. Articles within the bulletin reflect personal viewpoints of the authors and are not necessarily the views of advertisers or the Bayview Civic League. The Bayview Civic League is apolitical and does not endorse any candidates for political office. www.mybclonline.com

    Bayview Civic League Goes GreenBayview Civic League believes that reducing any environmental impact is a

    worthy goal. To further this goal, the Bayview Bulletin is printed on recycled paper.

    President Linda Lundquist 588-39601st VP Aaron Ellis 587-00042nd VP Sam Maddox 583-4487Corres Secy Susan Jones 587-9586Rec Secy Sylvia Ross 553-7817Treasurer Gena Goodnough 588-8131Editor Jeannie Wilson 588-3960Ways and Means - Advertising for Bulletin Susan Jones(temp) 587-9586Communications - Bulletin Distribution Anita Unger 587-3405

    Membership Claire Jones 587-2203Environment & Beautification Dranan & Eileen Sparks 588-2456 Refreshments Pat Davidson 587-3219 Margie Hodges 587-9527SACCC Community Awareness Coordinator Dranan Sparks(temp) 588-2456Zoning Claire Jones 587-2203Area Preservation Claire Jones 587-2203Youth & Recreation Vacant N/APrinter ANW Publications 588-8642

  • April 2010 OUR WEBSITE www.mybclonline.com

    Volume 11 Issue 7 Page 3

    Spring is in the air! As I write this, buds are popping out on trees and azaleas, daffodils are waving their bright yellow heads, the chickweed, clover and dandelions are overtaking my lawn. After a long, snowy winter, all the blooming is welcome, no matter how much pollen! (achoo!) I may modify that stance a bit when the pine pollen turns the cars yellow, but will enjoy the much warmer walks on the beach. The spring soccer season is in full swing, which includes weekly trips to the fields at Lake Taylor to watch my

    granddaughter Lita attack the ball with other members of her Northside Little Stars team. Another sign of spring is the many city candidate signs springing up in yards and medians, encouraging us to vote for various candidates. On May 4 we will head to the polls to place our votes for City Council and Mayor. Along with many others in Bayview, I take my civic responsibilities seriously and intend to vote on May 4th. Be sure you mark May 4th on your calendar so you can cast you vote for the candidates of your choice.Remember: Together, we make things better!Linda Lundquist

    From the President

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    Volume 11 Issue 7 Page 4

    The anti-theft screws special design allows the screws to be fixed in place, and cannot be removed without the use of a unique tool rather than a common screwdriver. Several varieties of anti-theft screws can be purchased for less than $5.00 at your local automotive stores.

    You can make removal of your decals less desirable, too! After applying DMV decals to your license plates, use a sharp edged object to cut slash marks vertically and horizontally on both the month and year decals so that they will fall apart if removed.

    Crime Prevention Tips to Prevent the Theft of License Plates & DMV Registration Decals

    Dont Be A Victim

    NEED PLUMBING?Call Roy Barry with Barry And Sons Plumbing

    650-3455Anything from a leaky faucet to new constructionLicensed and insured

    Born and raised in Bayview/OVODU Alumni

    City of Suffolk FirefighterMember of the Knights of Columbus

    Worried about the rising number of license plate thefts and stolen DMV registration decals? Put an end to the chances of your tags being stolen by installing anti-theft screws.

    Got questions or concerns? CALL:Officer Sandra M. Parker, Crime Prevention Unit, Norfolk Police Department, 757.664.6935

  • April 2010 OUR WEBSITE www.mybclonline.com

    Volume 11 Issue 7 Page 5Visit our offices online at: www.cb-pro.com or reach Susan online at: www.gobuyhouse.com

    issues. Afterward, the readers engage the students in a discussion about the book, its theme, and issues such as litter prevention, the importance of keeping Norfolk clean, and participating in litter clean-ups. Students are left with a better understanding of their role in caring for the environment.This program is FREE to all Norfolk public schools.To Volunteer: Contact Amanda Lloyd, Norfolk Public Libraries, 664-7328 x320To find out more on Keep Norfolk Beautiful, and other e d u c a t i o n a l p r o g r a m s w e o f f e r , v i s i t www.norfolkbeautiful.org. For more information on Norfolk Public Libraries, visit www.npl.lib.va.us. We look forward to reading with you!Sincerely,Holly Christopher Keep Norfolk Beautiful

    Throughout the month of April, in honor of Earth Day, volunteer readers visit Norfolk's elementary schools to narrate one of several short stories to students. The list of books includes The Wartville Wizard, by Don Madden and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax, among others. Volunteer readers include City officials and employees, NEC Commissioners and local on-air personalities.Volunteers visit classrooms to read age appropriate, entertaining stories that deal with environmental


    Green Reader is Back!

  • April 2010 OUR WEBSITE www.mybclonline.com

    Volume 11 Is