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The Heart Connection


  • Whats Happening

    First Unity Church | 460 46th Ave. N. | St. Petersburg, FL 33703 | (727) 527-2222 |

    Sept/Oct 2009 Volume #9, Issue #4

    pg 12-13Spiritual Education ProgramUpcoming classes this fall

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    pg 5World Day of Prayer Reach In, Reach Out, We Can Change the World

    pg 11Let There Be Light. Art. Sound. A three-day arts festival with visionary artist Alex Grey

    First Unity's service times are changing! Beginning Sunday, August 30, service times will change to 9:30 & 11:30 am.

    Why? We offer the same incredible experience twice on Sunday mornings; however, until now seating at the second

    service has been over-capacity requiring chairs in the lobby while seating at the first service has been under capacity. Our

    new service times will balance attendance at both services and allow us to open our doors wider to the community.

  • H2 | MINISter'S MeSSAge

    Rev. Temple Hayes, Senior Minister

    On behalf of myself, Rev. Russell, the Board of Trustees and staff, we are pleased to bring you an amazing fall filled with growth, abundant living, prosperity and opportunities which will impact our Tampa Bay community, thus impacting our world. We are excited about how Unity is changing our lives, opening our hearts and building dreams. We are excited about the harvest which is manifesting due to all of our individual and collective efforts. And we are confident that the journey you are choosing to take with us will yield a harvest of wonderful memories.

    From time to time, people ask me, How can I help? I am so excited about how the principles of Unity are changing my life, and I would not want to keep this information from anyone. I feel free, my life is better, my family is happier and I want others to have the opportunity to experience the same.

    The true question to ponder is, How do I move from passion to participation?

    I attended a Unity church in my youth for quite some time before I decided to move from a place of passion to actually becoming involved. Yet, the moment I stepped out and began participating, my life changed in ways beyond my personal imagination.

    There are three ways in which you can move from passion to participation:

    First is to continue to participate in your own spiritual growth.

    In Lessons in Truth, H. Emilie Cady tells us, "The law of life is a law of growth. To educate never means to force into from the outside, but always

    means to draw out from within something already existing there."

    Our seven-week Spirit Expressing series, based on Soul Currency written by Ernie Chu, is filled with mystery, growth and wonder about the possibilities for your life. This particular program is so exciting to us, because it is written by a New Thought minister who clearly understands our language, our principles and how we approach an abundant way of living.

    We are thrilled to have the author of our Spirit Expressing book with us on August 30 during our Sunday services and on October 18 for our banquet (our best one yet!)

    When participating in Spirit Expressing, you have the opportunity to deepen friendships with others in your group, as you explore principles and concepts in Unity. I still benefit from friends I made in circle groups 20+ years ago. In home study groups, you are able to explore concepts on such a deep level which not only benefit you but all those around you.

    Second is to participate in your spiritual home.

    Our five-week series entitled Living the Greater Life is a community-based program which will allow you to deepen your awareness of First Unity, our goals and values at the very heart of all of us. We will launch Living the Greater Life with the power of a shared vision. You will have the opportunity to share what matters to you and what you would like to see in the future of Unity Campus. On October 18, we will hold these ideas in prayer, write them down and then let them go at our Spirit Expressing Banquet, as we celebrate the experience of Spirit Expressing and move towards our future. What

    Three Ways to Bring Your Spirituality to Harvest

    [continued on pg 7]

    Harvest (n): the result or consequence of any act, process, or events. As in: The journey yielded a harvest of wonderful memories.

    October 25-November 22

    A Five-Week, Life-

    Changing Program

  • A3|MINISter'S MeSSAge

    As we studied Eastern religions in the class The Psychology of Religion, it occurred to me that the teaching of the seven chakras paralleled Unitys teachings of the 12 powers of man. My professors comment was, That would make an interesting term paper. (I later realized that was her answer to most everything).

    I had the opportunity that same semester to visit the Unity archives at Unity Village, Missouri, and begin research for this paper. As I began probing, I was surprised to find not a single article that compared the 12 powers and the 7 chakras. I was also surprised to find that Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore did not originate the teaching of the 12 powers as I had been taught and taught others.

    Aside from the nuts and bolts of comparing two systems of thought, I came away from the project with a deeper appreciation of the archetypal understanding found in various belief systems that there are energy centers in the body, and that through spiritual practice and mental and physical discipline they can be stimulated to produce healing and enlightenment. Acupuncture is another well-known modality that could fit into this mold.

    Although we in our Unity movement are open and receptive to a variety of teachings, not everyone in what we call the Western world is as accepting. One who offered a warning to Westerners about adopting Eastern practices was the eminent psychiatrist Carl Jung. In my term paper I reported:

    "In reading C.G. Jungs psychological analyses of Eastern religious traditions, one is immediately made aware of his profound respect for the wisdom of the East. One is also immediately made aware that Jung did not advise Westerners to attempt to apply Eastern practices to their lives. He clearly did not think that kundalini yoga and its chakras had a place

    in the West, but he did posit that a form of Western yoga would emerge. Writing in 1936 he stated, 'In the course of the centuries the West will produce its own yoga, and it will be on the basis laid down by Christianity.' (CW 11:876)."

    Charles Fillmore, an avid student of the emerging science of psychology, apparently had scant knowledge of Jung although they were contemporaries. I only found reference to Jung in the archives, a reprint of an article from another non-Unity periodical in a Unity magazine from 1916. And, as noted below, Jung had no apparent knowledge of Charles Fillmore:

    "Little did Jung know when he published the essay from which the above noted quote was taken, that in Kansas City six years earlier Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity School of Christianity, had published a book entitled The Twelve Powers of Man in which he articulated a teaching that the body had 12 ganglionic nerve centers roughly corresponding to the seven chakras of kundalini energy. Fillmores theory was based on his understanding of metaphysical Christianity."

    Can we consider the Unity teaching of the 12 powers a type of Christian Kundalini? Is such a study of value to us today? Where can I get a copy of Rev. Russells research? Join me and your Unity community for my spiritual education class 12 Powers and You! on Tuesday evenings beginning September 1 and together well answer these questions.

    Rev. Russell Heiland,Associate Minister

    12 Powers, 7 Chakras and 1 YouAs a graduate student at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, I directed much of my research to topics related to the teachings of the Unity movement.

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    Powers and You! "

  • S4 | SPIrIt exPreSSINg

    What's Your Soul Currency?About the book Soul Currency by Ernest Chu is the book we have chosen for our seven-week Spirit Expressing program beginning August 30. We will follow this book in the Sunday services and in home study groups. Purchase your copy at Wings Bookstore and receive a 10% discount. Workbooks are free and will be available at your first group meeting. For those of you not participating in the home study groups, some workbooks will be available in the Lobby beginning Sunday, September 6.

    Combining profitable strategies from the financial world with powerful insights from ancient and contemporary spiritual teachings, Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment & Abundance will lead you to greater spiritual and financial prosperity and true fulfillment.

    Spirit expreSSing bAnquetA grand celebration of our completion of Spirit Expressing!

    Join us Sunday, october 18 at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort - Palm Court Ballroom, located at 501 5th Avenue NE (entrance on 7th Ave.), for musical entertainment, a delicious catered lunch, and a cash bar.

    Tickets are $27 and will go on sale September 20. Doors open at 1 pm, lunch served at 1:30 pm.

    out of town?You can experience Spirit Expressing along with your St. Petersburg church family. Follow these simple steps:

    Visit or call Wings 1. Bookstore to order Soul Currency at