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    created by Ravi Sankar Venna on Sep 10, 2013 10:40 AM, last modified by Ravi Sankar Venna on Sep 10, 2013 1:53 PM

    Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) is handy tool for data uploads. In most of the big projects there is aseparate development / data migration team is available. However, at times, it would be responsibility of the functionalconsultant to load the data such as vendor master, customer master and asset master etc. It would be real handy for afunctional consultant to know LSMW (at least recording method) and it would help them to successfully complete thetask. Hope this document would help many of our functional consultants, as I am seeing number of questions aroundLSMW. The simple rule is: Follow this document and practice is for number of times possible, then you will becomemaster. Go to Transaction Code "LSMW" and follow the following steps:

    Give some Unique name for Project, Subproject and Object. Click Create (Shift+F1). Now execute or pressCTRL+F8.

    Give the description for Project, Sub Project and Object and say OK. Now execute or press CTRL+F8.

    LSMW for Functional Consultants in simplestep-by-step way


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    Version 1

  • Select Maintain Object Attributes and Execute (CTRL+F8)

    Click Display / Change (it will make you to change). Select the Radio Button Batch Input Recording. Now clickon Goto Recordings Overview. Click on Create Recording (Ctrl+F1).

    Click OK

    Give Required Transaction Code (In this case it is FK01)

  • Create Vendor or Make changes for Entering Withholding tax details in the Vendor.

    Press Enter

    CPress Enter

    Click on Save Button.

  • Recording is saved now. Click on Default All Button.

    ClickCtrl+Y, a + will come. With this, you can drag and copy whatever you want. In case if any field is appearingtwice youneed to change the field name by double clicking on that. Otherwise, your uploading will get failed. Copythe fileds to an excel file.

    Remove the Blank Rows.

    Now the field name and descriptions are in one Column. I.e., A. You need tosegregate that. To do that, select Column A and Select in Excel Data Textto Column as shown in the following graph.

  • Now Select the fixed with and say Next.

    Select Fixed Width and click next.

    Keep columns wherever you want by clicking. Now say Next and then again say Finish. Now all fields and texts are divided into two Columns.

    Now copy the fields and texts as shown in the Sheet1 (Ctrl+C)

  • Goto Sheet2 Keepthe cursor in the Sheet 2 (A1) and then Edit, PasteSpecial Checkin Transpose as shown below and say OK.

    Now all your rows will become your columns as shown in the blow Screen.

    Nowfill the required details exactly as shown below. You should note that you haveto enter 0001 for payment method instead of 0001, since if you straight enter0001 it will become 1, therefore you must ensure whenever it is starting with0 should be preceded with .


  • Nowselect the whole sheet2. Removeall grids. No colors should be there in the sheet. No letter should be typed in different colors. All are in normal color only. Keep the columns to LEFT Margin. Now,Format=> Cells => Number => General as shown in the following screenshot.

    Now say OK.Now copy the whole Sheet2 and paste it in the Sheet3. Thendelete the header rows as shown below:

    Savethis file to your Hard Disk with a simple name. In this case I saved as Vendor. Nowgo to SAVE AS in Excel, and Saveas Text (Tab Delimited) as shown in the above screen shot.

    Click on OK button as shown below.

  • Click on "YES" button as shown below.

    Now, Click on "NO" button as shown below.

    Press F3 or Click on Back Button.

    Now, Click on "YES" to save.

  • You will reach the below screen.Again, press F3 or click on back Button.

    ClickF4 in the Recording Button, your structure will be populated. In this case itis VENDRECO. Now click on Save on Ctrl+S to save your recording. After saving your recording click Back button or press Ctrl+F3 to go back.

    Now you will observe that few steps have been disappeared. Only few steps are leftout. This is because of the recording mode that you have been selected. Ideallythere should not be any Idoc related steps should be visible. Now Step1 is being completed and the system automatically takes you to second step.Now press CTRL+F8 or Executed.

  • Click on Display / Change Button or press Ctrl+F1

    Now create a Structure by clicking Create Structure or Ctrl+F4.

    Give Source Structure Name and Description

    Your Source Structure Name and Description is shown. Click on Save button

    Now Press F3 or Click back button to go back. Now the second step is completed and system automatically takes you to third step.Click CTRL+F8 or Press Execute Button, which will take to maintain source fields.

    Click on Display / change as shown above OR press Ctrl+F1.

  • Now press on Table Maintenance as shown above by keeping your cursor on the SourceStructure (in blue color in the above screen shot).

    Copy those Fields from Sheet1 and copy it here. (from your excel file)

    In case if your fields are came twice in recording, none of the field should besimilar. As already advised that change the field names to different fieldnames. Whatever, field names that you have changed in the structure should alsoappear here. Meaning that in case these fields does not map with your changedfields in your Structure, uploading will fail.

    Enter the Field Type as C Characteristic and Length as 60. If you know the lengthenter the exact length. If you do not enter the maximum length 60. You shouldnot enter the length less than the actual length of the field. Say Save.

    Press "Enter". Save the results and PressF3 or Click on back button to go back.

  • Now Click Save in this screen and again press F3 to go back.

    Now system will automatically takes you to fourth screen. Click CTRL+F8 or Click on Execute Button.

    Select the Structure and click on Display / change button or press Ctrl+F1

    Click on Relationship (Ctrl+F4)

    Thoughit is customary step, you should go to this step. And say OK for the messagethat the system has issued. A source structure is already assigned to target

  • structure VENDRECO. Now press Save and PressF3 or Click on back button to go back. It will take you to the next screen automatically.

    Press CTRL+F8 or Click on Execute Button.

    In the above screen, select the structure and then click display / change or (Ctrl+F1). Again Select the Structure,

    Go select the auto filed mapping as showing above in the above screen shot.

  • Say OK with this 50 number screen. Do not make any changes.

    Keep on Pressing Accept Proposal for all the proposal as shown above.

    Your entire field mapping should appear as above. Each field should have four rows as above. Once it is being completed the system issues a statement that Auto Field Mapping is completed

    Click Save (Ctrl+S) and go back (F3).

  • Nothing to do with Maintain Field Values, Transactions, User Defined Routines

    Now Go to Specify Files Screen Manually and press Ctrl+F8 or Execute Button.

    Select the first row and click on Display / change Button.

    Now Click on Add Entry Ctrl+F2 as shown above.

  • Now Click on Add Entry Ctrl+F2 as shown above.

    Select the TEXT (Tab Delimited) file that you have already created and say Open.

    Your file has come and Enter some relevant NameSelect Tabulator Radio Button and say OK.

  • Now Save (Ctrl+S) and press F3 or Back Button to go back.

    Now the system will take you to next step i.e., Assign Files. Press Ctrl+F8 orpress Execute Button.

    Select Source Structure (as shown in blue colour above) and press Display / ChangeButton (Ctrl+F1).

    Click on Assignment (Ctrl+F2)Though it is a customary step, you need to visit this step compulsory. The system will

  • issue a message stating that A file has already been assigned to sourcestructure VENDOR_RECORDING. Say Ok. Click on Save (Ctrl+S) and Press F3 or click on back button.

    The system will take you to next step i.e., Read Data. Click on Execute or Press Ctrl+F8.

    Remove the Checks for ValueFields -> 1234.56 DateValue -> YYYYMMDD as shown above. There should not be any check in the abovetwo check boxes. NowClick on Execute (F8)

    The system will tell that total 8 records are being read. Now Click on Back Button or press F3 TWICE, which will take you to initial screen.

  • Now the system takes you to next step Display Read Data Click on Execute or Press Ctrl+F8.

    Here you give the number of lines in your text fi