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A four-part series on school funding. By Ken Levy.


  • 104 YEARS TeTon Valley news - February 7, 2013 - Page a1

    Tony Goe: Im more afraid of the peo-ple coming after our food and after our [resources] than the government coming after our guns.

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    Thursday, February 7, 2013 104Th ye ar 6Th Weekempowering the community

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    Kitchener Head: When they take the guns away from the people they turn the people into slaves.

    Attempts at confiscation will receive the death penalty, said JB (Bruce) Campbell, founder of the modern militia movement, during a pro-gun rally at the Driggs City Center Feb. 1.

    Photos & story by Ken LevyTVN Staff

    If they come for your guns without a warrant, some-bodys going to have to die.

    JB Campbell, who organized an anti-gun control rally at the Driggs Senior Center Friday night, told the full house that gun confiscation is an act of war against the people.

    With gun owners increasingly jit-tery over myriad proposed gun control laws some perceive will eventually dis-arm them, some are gearing up to fight.

    Anyone whos hoping theres a safe, legal and peaceful way to hold on to his guns is going to be disappointed. Gun control is about who is going to run this country us or the foreign gangsters, said Campbell, founder of the modern militia movement.

    Campbell said the rabid dogs in the Obama administration and the international gangsters of the United Nations, Communist China, the Israeli lobby and the Mexican drug cartels want ordinary American citi-zens disarmed.

    They mean to enslave all of us and kill some of us, he said. Were going to have to fight back sooner or later, regardless of whom it pleases or displeases. Its either fight or start

    waving the white flag and I doubt that anyone in here is ever going to wave the white flag. Nope, well fight it out and see who wins. Im pretty sure its going to be us.

    By us, Campbell meant ordinary citizens, who account for some 300 million-400 million firearms in America. That massive number of guns is the only thing standing in the way of

    a declaration of a totalitarian dictator-ship by the Obama administration.

    Should laws involving confiscation be enacted, Teton County, along with the rest of the nations citizens, should be prepared to act against them, said Campbell.

    At that point, we start making changes, he said. We, the ones who pay the bills, take over the law. Our law will become what used to be called frontier justice. Attempts at confisca-tion will receive the death penalty.

    Campbell said a standard proce-dure of immediate action must be developed in the event any county resident is attacked by gun-grabbers. This is the essence of our new neigh-borhood watch program: our readiness to defend our fellow residents from federal attackers.

    This will also apply to any attempt at police or military roadblocks in

    what will the teton School District look like in 2014?

    Anti-gun control rally Friday

    are you ready to die for your guns?

    Ken LevyTVN StaffThis is part 1 in a 4-part series that takes a look at school funding.

    Although the Teton School District is still taking baby steps in its research, the con-cept of switching from a five to a four-day school week is one of many possibilities its considering to balance next years budget.

    Regardless of whether voters March 12 renew an enlarged supplemental levy

    $3.1 million, up from $2.6 when it was renewed in 2011

    the district is looking at many alternatives to save money wherever it can.

    TSD Superintendent Monte Woolstenhulme is speaking to other districts that have made the switch to four days, to see what the financial savings potential might be, as well as instructional and calendar issues. Hell share details with the district board at its Feb. 11 meeting.

    The idea has been floating around for several years in Teton County,

    and some districts, such as Salmon, have adopted the plan.

    The Salmon School District has been on a four-day school week for about seven years, said Joey Foote, SSD superintendent. Student academic achievement has been as good or better as with a five-day week, he said, with the district meet-ing state Adequate Yearly Progress goals measured in 2011 and all requirements for high-school accreditation.

    We would have a mutiny if the district chose to return to five-day weeks, said Foote, who has been with the dis-trict about three years.

    The four-day schedule is particularly effective for the ranching community, which puts kids home for the extra day a week, he said.

    School days run 8:05 a.m.-4:15 p.m. High school runs seven periods, and Foote said there apparently are few issues with younger students on the long schedule. First graders, transition-

    Four-day week, more cuts eyed; levy vote March 12



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    Guns continued on A12


    the survey says. . .TVN StaffThe Teton Valley News, in a recent survey, asked Facebook followers how they felt about the possibility of a four-day school week.

    Here are excerpts from some of the more than 40 Facebook responses as of Jan. 31:

    I love it, said angela Hoopes, who teaches eighth grade reading and literacy at Teton Middle School. People who live in districts that operate this way say it was an adjustment at first, but would never go back. Plus, the [money] savings are for real. Definitely worth seriously considering, I think. I would love an extra 15-20 minutes of instructional time each class period to give my lesson that extra umph it needs to drive the concept home some days without having to spend half the next day when I could go on to something new.

    Survey continued on A12

    Ill tell you this, sir: your statements are frightening, and I am speechless, said Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford, during the rally.

  • 104 YEARS Page a12 - February 7, 2013 - TeTon Valley news

    Teton County, Campbell said.We now know that

    drones have been used against us here in the valley, so we encourage the shoot-ing down of these dangerous weapons at the first oppor-tunity, he said. Look up when you hear something overhead.

    According to Campbell, there is no doubt many police departments are encouraged to brutalize civilians.

    The list of American ter-rorism around the world is too long for this meeting, Campbell said. Many of us have suspected that our military men and women have been trained in Iraq and Afghanistan to brutalize civilians there, as a prelude to do the same to civilians over here.

    I have faith in the USA, said Teton County Sheriff Tony Liford, later in the meeting. Just because something is on the Internet doesnt make it true, he said, and he defends everyones right to their own opinions. But he told Campbell and the audience that he doesnt have the same cynical view as other folks about this country.

    Ill tell you this, sir, Liford said, your statements are frightening, and I am speechless.

    Tony Goe, whose career included helping develop Intelligence business processes for the Defense Intelligence Agency and working with Joint Special Operations and other agencies, said hed

    rather have those people [the military] by my side than anybody else when the feces hits the fan over this gun control thing.

    Goe said the people who will cause the most threat are the peoplewho dont have. Im more afraid of the people coming after our food and after our [resources] than the govern-ment coming after our guns.

    Goe said he believes ordi-nary citizens should have the right to carry weapons of personal and self-defense equal to that allowed to the military.

    Do not come for my guns, said Kitchener Head. When they take the guns away from the people they turn the people into slaves. If they came for my guns, and I gave them to them, I would be the biggest coward that ever lived. When I die, it will not be as a slave, and it will not be as a coward.

    Jeff Stratton told the audience gun users should promote their sports and safety and help grow the next genera-tion of responsible gun users. He said he missed the rifle range that used to be in Victor and believes residents should band together to develop a formal rifle range to show the sport side of gun use.

    A few bad eggs ruin it for all, he said.Liford, who was a New York City

    cop earlier in his career, said he doesnt require those seeking concealed-weapon permits in Teton County to take any kind of class or instruction prior to issuing

    that permit.At the meeting, Liford read the proc-

    lamation from the National Sheriffs Association, which supports the rights conferred by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

    The proclamation says, in part, that the causes of violence must be addressed on many fronts, including improving mental health treatment, media violence, drugs, gangs, breakdown of the family, strengthening the laws that prevent or reduce the access of legally-prohibited persons to firearms and vigorous enforce-ment of existing laws.

    Sheriffs strongly support our citizens protected right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, the proclamation says, and the NSA does not support any laws that deprive any citizen of the right provided under the Constitutiona